2017 Energica Ego Review

Can an electric motorcycle be fun? Absolutely! The Energica Ego is an electric sport bike that works like any other sport bike, but with no gearshift and the tremendous torque that only an electric motor can provide. The noises seem all wrong, but make no mistake – this is a serious performance motorcycle. Its capabilities are far above my own as a rider, so please go easy on me for not wringing it out to its limits!

Huge thanks to Rocket Moto Sport for letting me try their Energica Ego!

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Outback Paddy says:

That is an impressive piece of kit but the price is ambitious!

OcTaNe Moto says:

That thing is very cool, but I hate the NO sound part!!

thurmeez says:

If I rode this I would probably make motorcycle noises with my mouth

Dungeons Heroes says:

addictive but you havent even tried out the sport mode! CHICKEN! 😛 😛

thewhingnut says:

Id love to try that bike out!

ROD9569 says:

have you looked at the zero motorcycle.

Meme Master says:

lol @ massive copyright infringing intro

blipco5 says:

Haha, I clicked because I saw Masshole, of which I’m one. I’ll throw in a like and a subscription to boot.

Kevin Phillips says:

You and others have pointed out that electric bikes are very quiet. And they are, when you’re just sitting there. But under high acceleration, they seem LOUDER than conventional bikes. VERY noisy.

Joel Sweatman says:

Thats a cool bike but for that price it would need to recharge the battery itself as you rode it . Awesome video as always………………

Stephanie G says:

I can’t say that I like that milk float whine.

Sportcock Actionshit says:

i would love to get my hands on one of those bad boys for a test, however the no clutch gears thing kinda throws me a little.

thewhingnut says:

tron lightcycle audio experience!

TheBraps says:

Its crazy how far electric bikes have come in the last few years.

Deep South says:

144 ft lbs of torque instantly?? man, that is impressive.

Zap Brannigan says:

are you auditioning for the new dr who?

HighVisSquid says:

I’m excited for electric bikes. Wheelies for days!

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