2016 Zero SR | First Time Riding | Electric Motorcycle Full Review

I thought a electric motorcycle would be stupid and lame. I was in for a surprise ..
I recommend going to a dealer and test riding one. Thanks Youngblood Power Sports for letting me Ride this bike
This is a First Time Riding Review

We Were Infinite – Inukshuk [NCS Release]


Tina and Einstein says:

They should put Natural mode on it.

G G says:

you’re review is so awesome and hearing your enjoyment throughout legit brought a smile to my face. I am so excited to add this to my dream bike list.

Austin A says:

I am definitely getting one of these for college

scorpion251970 says:

No embarrassing stalling either

Joakim Fridh says:

I need the engine sound. This is cool but no not for me.

Craig Manuel says:

With that, all you gonna do is be out and testing that torque.

Jason Norton says:

I wouldnt mind having one but, they still dont have the range of a gas bike. Would be awsome with better range and the ability to recharge in the same amount of time you’d take fueling a regular bike.

Garreth Kelly says:

You do relearn a subconscious reading on speed, it’s just not always there when there’s a lot of noise around you. It’s something pilots in the early 40’s all to way to the early 70’s had problems with. pilots going from props to jet turbines could no longer hear when they were over speeding, and we’re used to not looking at the speedometer. This killed a few pilots in excessive dives, and pilots in too sharp a turn while over speeding for such a manouver, ripping 1 or both wings off. It also caused crashes where thankfully the pilot(s) ejected from the planes seat(s).

But back to bikes, in the quiet, you know your speed (within a 10km guess) withought looking at the dash. In louder environments you learn to check more often. It seems bad, but given a week or regular computing, it’s grand.

Medic_F93 says:

I think with this bike you can use eco in the city and custom in the highway. Change the setting to have no regain and cruz at highway speeds only

Joseph Hannah says:

Ok, dude… The frontend diving under brake can be taken care of so easily with a proper suspension setup. It’s not really an issue after that.

Bruce Branstad says:

I have owned a 2015 Zero SR for more than 16 months now, I love this bike. I want to clarify a few things that I heard you comment on.

– The quick acceleration is due to the high torque. Electric motors have full torque when they begin to rotate. The motor controller on the Zero does not give to you at once. That would cause the electronics or the motor to overheat and burn up. The torque is metered and brought in at a manageable rate to prevent property damage and you losing control of the bike.
– The front end dive can be corrected by adjusting the suspension settings as described in the owners manual to alleviate this. I did and is no longer an issue.
– Switching between modes can be done at anytime, as long the bike is under 60 MPH and when the throttle is closed. If you do so over 60 MPH, the selected mode will “Flash” and will not take effect under the bike drops below 60 MPH with the throttle closed.
– Eco Mode is a you mentioned to extend the battery range. I found it to be troublesome in tight urban situations, the bike will not out accelerate a car from a traffic light. Quite dangerous when lane-splitting or filtering (I love California).
– I also have the optional PowerTank. I do not see any chances to the handling. Partially due to that I came for a big Sport Touring Bike, so it did not matter to me.
– The stock tire configuration was as you mentioned 110 front and 140 rear. The bike does better with a 150 on the rear and running the 110 on the front.
– My average charge times are about 4 hours riding 30 miles to work, the bike is charged by lunchtime. I also have the optional Quick Charger for home use, it cuts the charge time to a little over 2 hours when I plug it in at home. A flat dead battery will take 8-10 hours to charge using only the on-board charger.
– I can get 80-85 miles on a full charge averaging 75-80 MPH on the highway.

Xijin says:

Best compliment I can give is that I’ve never seriously considered riding a motorcycle but this makes me want to. Great review.

Jim France says:

Test rode on of these last night in Kalamazoo Michigan. Loved it! Amazing pick up and handling. Talked to a motorcycle cop who rides one for work, and he had nothing but praise for it. Most of my riding is just commuting to work and other short distance rides, so I’m going to be selling my 1982 Goldwing to make room. Extremely quiet with nothing much beyond road noise. I like the fact that it won’t leave you guessing if it’s road noise or something up with the engine. My wife was also impressed, which means not much flack there in purchasing one.

Mark Brand says:

mmm something tells me you would pass just fine in eco on a bike that does 0-60 in 3 sec

cinema writer says:

You are wrong you should take long trips with it. If you rode in eco-mode based on your own ride the range is more than enough. Consider this montage tribute to Rafael de Mestre’s around the world trip in his TESLA Roadster 2.5 electric two seater sports car back in 2012 with no infrastructure support and only slow charging. https://vimeo.com/130753364

Derek Hartman says:

I had the same reaction when I cranked on the throttle. My stomach tightened and I couldn’t stop laughing.

1990 says:

Horrible thing.

Bautista Prea says:

i dont see why they limit them to 95

Cory A says:

That is actually great that they added the “failsafe” feature when you were switching between modes. If you were to switch from ECO to Sport at half throttle, you might end up with a surprise with the front end popping up, and throwing you back all of a sudden ;). Might even damage the “gearing” with the sudden slap of torque as well. That is a plus to have the feature, indeed!

pol1250 says:

I love the silence….driving like this through the nature is fantastic…

Jordendog says:

My son and I has the chance to take two of these on a half hour ride this summer. Scary fast even with my 250 lbs. on board. Was great to pull up to a traffic light and talk to each other. Eco mode is good but that sport mode….

That Guy says:

Woooooooowwww, i gotta have one of these

OmegaTryce says:

awesome review thanks for taking the ride and describing everything

Killroy says:

+1 for being relaxing.

Comfortable position, no thinking about clutching, no thinking about shifting, no noise, programmable throttle and “engine braking” response, no vibration, no choppy throttle response.

I have had ZERO SR for almost a year and 11,000 miles.

marce002b says:

please share important data: autonomy on a 30minutes fast charge, kw for the bat, amperage in normal and fast charge and volts!! …very nice video

james hopkins says:

Don’t forget , No more missing gears.

Narsimha Murthy says:

what happens to the circute if its in rain ..? in case of heavy rain…
what if battery exploded like mobile battery ..? by over heating after long drive”
Hows it work in different temperatures? Like really hot and really cold. Like to know if battery drains in cold.
 bike with battery and motor nothing new in techonology thats there even in remote car…i think this cost 8lacks in india ..
advantages no vibration in bike while raiding..
smoth raiding ..
no noise pollution..
no air pollution…i think need some improvements for seafty……

Avery Hyena says:

Video starts at 1:22

Mario Charest says:

Wow, awesome review. What equipment do you use for recording, no wind noise at all.

Dony Wisnu says:

I have one, I love it….now I just gotta get those Harley and Ducati people to stop teasing me.

Sharon Makepeace says:

do u need a driver license

Doug Brown says:

Loud pipes save lives! 🙂

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