2016-12-28 – Zero Interest – Zero DSR Electric Motorbike Six Month Review

A run through my experiences of owning the Zero DSR ZF13.0 2016 electric motorbike after 6 months’ ownership.

I cover the accessories I’ve fitted (screen, top box, tracker, and even bicycle bell), comments on niggles and suggested improvements, charging strategies, EV promotion, and general conclusions.


Tibor Tatrai says:

Wish could cost a lot less.

Marc Brassé says:

If your remaining niggles are anyhting to go by this must be a great bike already and if the range you describe (100 miles at 70 m/h top) also applies to riding bendy roads in a bit of a sporty mode (wihtout overdoing it) this bike basically cracks the range nut as far as I am concerned. It would be enough for 95% of my usual fun rides and for anything commuter-like. Only a tourer would need more.
Yes it looks kinda naff still. The Empulse surely looked better. But they sold it to Victory who discontinued it, so who is the real winner here? If I’d be able to afford a Zero I’d start customizing it rightaway, which wil one day will become just as normal on electric bikes as it now is on conventional ones.
So the only remaining bottleneck seems to be: “If I could afford one”. That is still a major stumbling block. These bikes tend to be twice es expensive as comparable petrol guzzling bikes while their claims of longevity and low costs still have to be proven. Will the batteries really outlive these bike and if not: what would a new set cost, including installing?
So please keep us posted about the next 50.000 miles or so. 🙂

Collapse of ecosystems and human greed says:

435 MPGe (0.54 l/100 km) 435 MPGe (0.54 l/100 km)
Equivalent fuel economy (highway) 210 MPGe (1.12 l/100 km) 210 MPGe (1.12 l/100 km)
better mpg only for e-bicycles

BayerBear says:

Does it still have a radiator? Would the Zero fare better in a skandinavian winter with salted road and rocks shooting up from the front tire?

Zero Motorcycles says:

Thanks for the thorough review and feedback. Glad you’re extensively enjoying your Zero DSR. Cheers!

Aikirob says:

just about to buy a 2016 dsr, very interested in the idea of installing an anti theft tracker and an alarm, tell me about how you installed the tracker

Will Davis says:

I have a Zero, but no license to ride it – test is in 2 weeks. Taking the test on an ICE bike of course.

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