2015 Energica EGO

You may recall we had a chance to throw a leg over the Ego prototype last year in Italy, and we were impressed by how production-ready the Italian e-sportbike performed. The transition from prototype to production has seen several changes and updates to the Ego.

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Joseph Quīnque says:

Combustion engine bikes vibrate and make girls wet, does this bike do the same?

Jeremy Park says:

No sound, No bike.

Jose Hermosillo says:

No way the model 3 is 35k

ronny goris says:

high end bikes are cheaper, you got to be crazy to buy that for that amound of money

Diesel Doctor says:

can get the new Ducati DiavelX Carbon cheaper than this

Ronan Rogers says:

Can you get an Adventure bike with an electric engine yet?

I’m riding from Morocco down to South Africa in 2017 and I wonder if I should be trading my KTM in on an electric Adventure bike…any thoughts?

Evan Hasson says:

Wow one hundred miles!!! Yeah fuck this bike.

I Heart EOD Techs says:

35K for 100 mile range in creeper mode, no thank you. I’ll stick with my MV

Jason Miller says:

got my wrecked racetrack prepped 2010 BMW 1000S for $8,500, did some minor repairs to race fairings, bought a new Brembo brake lever, Sato footpeg, and reshaped the crushed Kyle racing exhaust can for a mere $200 at most in repairs,and it puts out 202hp with no engine work just mapped. Yes I got a killer deal since it has 3k in OZ magnesium wheels and front and rear Ohlins, Brembo calipers, master and rotors. But if I had 37k to spend on a electric bike it would be the Lightning, I popped in to their shop in San Carlos, CA only 1/2 hour from me to take a peak at their bike , the owner gave me a tour of the shop and the 5-8 bikes that were in different stages of production, let me say I do believe it blows this Energica bike away ( you guys got some work to do to compete with the Lightning), comes standard with carbon fiber bodywork and is so beautiful you would park it in your living room as a showpiece when your not riding it with its 220+ hp, glad I didnt have money when I popped in there , but it is on my list to buy if I can grow my business enough to spend $37k on a bike.

Eduardo Bolado says:

I hope this bike is going available in Philippines

Impractic4l says:

“energy juice”



Veranda Tales says:

Ebike shootout coming your way, can’t wait…

IngeniousFirefly says:

2:28 Hell yea, a Suzuki V-Strom.

Harumi Haomaru says:

why does mostly evrything fast must looks like a Japs bike?

Abensberg says:

i miss that engine sound… its just something that needs to come with a bike

horrible future 🙁

Marcelo Moreira says:

i dont have Money ,but i know that is the perfect motocicle in the world,if you have Money ,go fast and buy,that machine gona make you fly in suavity sunrround.belissima.

Vilni_ says:

so which is faster lightning ls218 or this?

Lochlan Hughes says:

need to do a video on the mission rs

KokaKolaKan says:

this is by far better than the zero and Victory, I believe the most important part in developing an electric motorcycle is the charge time. unlike taking an electric car on the road, you dont have the option of taking shelter inside a motorcycle. The ego by far has this on lock with its 30 minute 80% chargetime.

T Naveen says:

Did this bike have gear

mestry ray says:

how can i buy one and price plzz

Shirlinda Jim says:

That sound is atrocious

Iguodala Tom says:

obviously,ls218 is better than this,and much cheaper

Nice Guy says:

price is retarded. why so much? Zero sr will dominate this segment for now

dreamvai44 says:

this bike is amazing and sounds just like those pods racing in the star wars movie

Phil Smith says:

Well, when they will come with a version under $25k with 150 miles range, equivalent to 200hp and under 400lbs, then it will be ready for people to switch to electric, because it will be pretty much just as good as any of the top superbikes out there (Ducati, BMW, Aprilia, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, etc…). Personally, I can’t wait to get there… until then, I’ll prefer gas bikes.

CrazyNoob TV says:

How much watt?

Corentin OGER says:

Based on my own experience (riding a Zero to work everyday and loving it), I tend to say that currently the optimal application for electric bikes is commuting : you charge at night when charge time doesn’t matter at all, and you rarely do a single trip of more than 100km, so range is transparent.
This Energica tries to conquer a new market, let’s see how they do…

yu says:

It’s a direct drive, right? Then where does that whine come from? I thought it’s the straight cut gears

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