2014 Lito Sora Review

Like any proud papa, Jean-Pierre Legris, Lito Green Machine’s founder and president, enjoys talking about his kids. The name Lito is, in fact, a combination of the names of his children, Eli and Teo. In this case, however, we’re discussing the Sora (Japanese for “sky”), Lito’s first production motorcycle from the company’s industrial park address across the St. Lawrence River from Montreal in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada.

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vassilios says:

I think they were selling them in toys r us for $399

BetamaxBooty says:

70 miles?  hell no!

pinoy skeptic says:

so single, no pillion?

Daniel Vieau says:

Electric cars and motorcycles will always be stupid unless they can fix the charging issues and bring the price down a whole lot.  Plus they are boring.

EvendimataE says:

why do they need to retain that gasoline tank look?

BT Boy says:

$45k is seriously way too much money for a motorcycle like this.

CapeVoice says:

45 grand for this piece of shit? Zero bashes this out of the park for a quarter of what this costs or less, plus more range. Soon they’ll be in bankruptcy.

swapsaraf3 says:

This bike is all show no practicality. Energica is better. BTW even the $1800 Tork T6x charges 80% in 1 hour

Respati Brawijaya says:


Dose Of Lyrics says:

How many cc is that

George196207 says:

 9 hours on a charge to ride one hour, might as well get a HD if it’s just to sit around all day and not be rode. Not a bikers bike but a hipster poser convertion pieace. .

Carlonepapa says:

Ugly as hell.

CanadaGilles says:

These guys are real pioneers. It take a lots of guts to try and develop an alternative to fossil fuel vehicles, just like Tesla did and look what they have achieved. I sincerely wish the company the very best for the future.



doncarlo5 says:

Let me ask you a simple question: are you willing to sell these e-bikes ? I guess so … then it’s imperative that they look not just cool or different, they have to be beautiful … otherwise they won’t sell …. 
What do I think about this one particular e-bike ? UGLY … sorry guys, back to the drawing board, oh …. you’ve designed it by CAD, fully freaky-deeky digitalized ? Well it doesn’t matter …. still ugly …. period !

NunoRacing74 says:


Sheldon Smith says:

9 hours is too long. Tesla’s charge faster than that and they have a bigger battery

Andy Casbo says:

battery is much cheaper now, no more excuse , stop with these nonsense price tag

Vicentiu Radu says:

great second hand 2010 pilot powers on a 50k bike ! :)) 

Night Rider says:

*LOL so dumb and ugly*

Sean M says:

Carbon look is old school now…. overall looks very very boxy. Seems like they have two wheels, a seat and a handle bar attached to a big rectangular box. Not a great design for 50 big ones.

BuhLakeh says:

it’s a very cool step into the realm of completely electric bikes. The thing that is gonna make these bikes cheaper is competition and better range. The problem is there’s only like 4 companies making completely electric bikes, and they’re all for completely different types of riding. So until there is a bigger market, the prices are going to stay high. However, the demand and interest is growing, and since the economy is doing better than 4 years ago, hopefully we might see a spike in development too. Even at the drawbacks of range, the increase in tech for these bikes in the past 3 years alone is AMAZING!

Bryan Hallman says:

Ok, clearly NONE of you have developed anything from the ground up. There’s endless searches for backers, whose first in line to receive ANY profits, to say nothing of developing the packaging, the power pack, testing, clearing all of the bureaucratic red tape, making sure your test mule complies with several international d.o.t. requirements, paying for engineering, sourcing a supply of unobtainium (F1 term), dyno time, test riders, and last but least, any catastrophic failures along the way. When you want to be on the cutting edge as an independent, your products will be highly expensive, with next to no profits to show for it. So, unless you’re an engineer working for a major manufacturer, good luck getting it done for a reasonable cost. To go from sketch to finished product ready for sale, takes a lot of bucks, a lot blood, sweat and tears, and time. If you can do better, AND keep the cost around $17000USD, put up or shut up.

zermomia says:

45k for 70 miles per 9 hours of charge, the numbers are in opposite directions,what sould be higher is really low 70 and what should be low is high for 9 and really high for 45k.
This bike is the dumbest ever designed,people who think about ecology don’t give a shit about fancy or picture my fibercarbon finish.

lxwvandenberg says:

$45k for an electric seat? fuq dat, ill take my panni r and a diavel.

Creator says:

How many horsepower does this bike have ? Thanks 🙂

Chris Cope says:

The music in this made me think of a 1980s sci-fi film. Like They Live. “I came here to ride electric motorcycles and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

I dig the look of this bike and really support the electric movement, but like everyone else commenting I can’t get over the fact that it costs $30,000 too much.

Nishant Sood says:

$45k , I’ll build mine, myself! (working one currently!)

Paul Marshall says:

Its pretty sore on the eyes.

Frank Gutschank says:

I saw the Bike in Germany! The onley in Europe. The owner says he payed 83000,- Euro for it !!
He says the
Range in fast Ride is 80 km, slow Ride 120 km.

boarder989 says:

Wow just another electric/rc/trendy toy.  Make a real motorcycle!

Steven Zettel says:

Oh god, nothing behind the seat always unnerves me, I feel like I would just fall off.

Mike V says:

that range sucks 127 around town or 70 freeway

Viktor Skarlatov says:

With stock S1000RR blinkers.

MRC Lauretana says:

$45 grand to buy that show characteristic? Not for me

GSA says:

What an ugly shitbox ! 

1990 says:

Horrendous-looking bike.

Electric bikes are NOT motorcycles.

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