#139: Zero DS Electric Motorcycle Ride Review

In a world without petrol, the electric motorbike is king. But how does it fare in a world where the gas guzzlers still rule the roost?!
I took a Zero Motorcycles ‘DS’ out for a spin to see how I felt about the Electrified silent threat from California!

See the other test ride of the SR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJTQeOV5sPU

For more info go to http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/

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Anibal Rojas Phillips says:

this IS very nice

Sasquatch says:

let’s see
7pence a mile saving
10k miles a year(my annual commuting miles)
£700 a year cheaper to run than “proper” bike
but roughly £6000 more to buy(compared to ’17 mt07 price)
9 years to save price difference in running costs, let’s make it 7 if we add oil, chains etc.
can’t go anywhere over weekend due to low range, camping trip is not a option unless you go 50 miles or less away.
worth virtually nothing after 7 years(after 5 really).
naaah I’ll go for piston propelled machine 😀

Brian Hepler says:

Good review, Andy. I enjoyed it immensely.

To answer your wonderings about the “Custom” mode: It is a user-customizable mode that enacts 4 parameters. You can set, via the mobile phone application, how much torque is applied at full throttle, the top speed, how much regen power is sent when you get off the throttle and how much regen is applied via the rear brake pedal.

On my S, I have the off-throttle regen set to 15%, which roughly slows the bike at about off-throttle compression speeds. Rear brake regen is 82% which fits my brake-in-traffic preferences. Top speed is limited to 80 mph and torque is set to 80%. That gives me enough umph to get away from cagers and keep up in highway traffic and still keep enough reserve to avoid idiots.

Brian Smith says:

I’m a gearhead. after driving a Tesla roadster I became an E-convert, unfortunately that comes right now with a steep price tag, so when they can recoup their r&d costs at a more affordable price you can count me in!

Tema2K says:

was watching your videos for sometime, couldn’t decide if i want to subscribe or not, but after the flux capacitor comment i’m subscribing 🙂

70 Ton Vegan says:

worst review ever listening to this guy piss bitch and moan about no engine noise ..wow wtf

CoifStorm says:

This is the first video of yours that I’ve come across, and I subscribed within the first 30 seconds.

F4celessArt says:

Looks good and specs are good it seems. But the ride looks pretty boring. I bet it has the same problem for me as cars with automatic gearboxes. No excitement of involvement in the motion. You just steer it.

MrAusAdventure says:

Dual Sport eh? I’m not so sure that this would go “that” well off road.
But it would be a great commuter to jam across inner city parks and garden beds etc.
No heated grips and no engine heat I am imagining as well?
I think I like the look of the other one better.

Christian Weller says:

Some things to consider here….

Engine efficiency for latest GDI petrol engines is at best 45% (ignoring refining and distributions costs). Electric motors get 90+% for efficiency. Maintenance is just tyres and brake pads….. occasional bearings. Energy density of batteries doubles every 10 years. Fast charging networks are rolling out across Europe. Then factor in how easy it is to make your own electricity (don’t try that with petrol, kiddies).

I love engines, tools, oil and all that faff but I like, riding, torque and acceleration more. Electric not only gives motorcycling a future but it also means more usable power to the back wheel (and possibly front wheel too).

Nice review.

coemenel says:

new, from Andy Man Cam! AMC rides the invisible bike.
honestly looks like you are floating along with a some handlebars for company

Anass Ghanname says:

with driving licence??

InTheNameOfJustice says:

How do you prove you are not gay? Don’t buy one of these.
In my minds eye I see lots of rich wannabe eco hippies, who also wannabe butch for a day, zooming around Soho or Brighton on one of these, dressed in pink leathers and yelling out things like, “Yoo hoo, Dennis! Back later dear. I’m just off to meet with the other Yellow Brick Angels. We are going to a homophobes house to criticize his curtains.”
No. I think I will pass on these expensive mistakes.
I am waiting for a clean-coal powered bike. A real man’s machine. Something with a firebox and a boiler that you have to stoke from a trailer towed behind. Perhaps it will come with a free northerner to do the coal shovelling. A bike that will sound northern when you give it some throttle. T’chuff, t’chuff, t’chuff.

MrSelfDef says:

Sounds pants, I’ll pass.

BearCalledDave says:

Brilliant review mate! Had me laughing out loud 🙂

02bigkev says:

Great review, but for me? nah, I like the sound and smell of burning fossil fuel. RSM8

Turbotez ! says:

couldn’t help but start an Aldi spotting game! Good review though dude

nomad27 says:

“Some kind of a server-PC stashed away in it’s innards” – brilliant! LOL.

Moto DevCam says:

“Faster than a kid with pineapple Capri-sun” is quite possibly the best analogy I’ve heard today…I just need to find a scenario at work in which to use it….but Mark my words, use it I shall!!!

Steve Kennett says:

In the sound department how about the Ching Ching of milk bottles. And yes. Like the bike. Boris should have put a couple of hundred on the streets.

MotoScotland says:

That was the best review I’ve watched in ages. Ride Safe

3emm says:

I have to admit, I think it looks great and it would be a great wee commuter bike. I agree with you that it wouldn’t be ideal as my only bike especially because of the battery range and charging time.
Another top notch review, very balanced and fair. On to the next one…

Daniel Natalotto says:

What a great review, was chuckling the whole time.
Regards Rangz Racing. Perth- Western Australia.

quicksilver40 says:

Great review man. I rode one a few months ago and WOW, the off the line rush I’d get compared to my Vulcan 500 was such a rush. I hope to buy one end of 2016. Thanks for the review. Love the channel.

metalhead18241 says:

Gotta say, the styling has come on leaps and bounds since the first ones were very futuristic looking. It’s a shame that the range is so short but until electric vehicles get a better range (insert conspiracy that they are intentionally being held back by governments/oil companies), they’ll just be a bit of a pipe dream. I agree that they need to make them louder 🙂

El Rayo X says:


Flatcap007 says:

Keep seeing a red dot on centre of screen. great review !

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