12 Best Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2017 (Prices and Technical Specs Compared)

If you are worried that the zero emission trend influenced only the cars, trucks and vans, then fear no more. Many motorcycle manufacturers are trying to keep up with the demand for the quiet, fast and efficient transport by electrifying their motorcycle lineup.

While some enthusiasts deny buying motorbikes that don’t produce the iconic motor sound, there are many riders, who enjoy the instant torque that all electric motorcycles have. Who do you support?

Motorcycles reviewed in this video:

NXT One: www.nxtmotors.com/

AERO E-RACER MOTORCYCLE: www.aeromotorcycles.it/

Energica EGO: www.energicamotor.com/energica-ego-electric-motorcycle/

BRUTUS 2: brutusmotorcycle.com/brutus2.html

Lito Sora: soraelectricsuperbike.com/

Alta Motors Redshift SM: www.altamotors.co/redshiftsm/

Lightning Motorcycles LS 218: http://lightningmotorcycle.com/

Johammer J1: www.johammer.com/en/electric-motorcycle/

Victory Empulse TT: www.victorymotorcycles.com/en-

Volt Lacama: www.italianvolt.com/index_EN.html

Zero SR: www.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-s/sr.php

Zero FXS: www.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-fxs/


Ricardo Ellison says:

At 1:54 “forget about awkward shapes…” Really? and this design is “gentile” on the eyes? What clown designs these bikes anyways? A bike should not look like some Alien nightmarish vision…neither should it look like a 30s art deco…nor a rolling jukebox with colored flashing lights & chrome everywhere.

fireblade 954 says:


Nahoku Nguyen says:

Electric good for all transportation in the universe I call high tech neon gas it the best of the best the world need to change.

Grafight23 says:

I like the FXS. The price and performance are highly competitive with gas bikes. Specially “twist and go”, like the Honda automatic bikes or maxi-scooters, and in torque it smokes them all.
I have Zero dealership just 3 miles from my house. No need to pre-order some bike from Europe I’ve never tested. Batteries in the FXS are easily exchangeable, so you can have an extra full battery waiting at home, and you can ride again in 2 minutes. When I can afford it I will get one, no question.

Sly Cargo says:

I don’t think I could enjoy a silent bike. I twitch the throttle on my street triple r just to hear roar. It’s a large part of the experience

Vasiliy Sabadazh says:

11:00 “Panoramic roof” — WAT?

Kyle Osnack says:

Awesome bikes , i love electric but Lithium mining has tones of emissions so theyre not zero emissions. Still less than gas which is is great but not zero.

C001 DUDE says:

Governments need to make more incentives to make electronic vehicles attractive to consumers

Gaby says:

wtf is “Panoramic roof ” at 11:00 ?

Alex Rot says:

Johammer looks like the flying toaster from the force awakens^^

svenmega10022 says:


Cosmicice1 says:

So Here is how to improve the mileage add a “turbine” that spins while driving think electric “windmills” charging as you go 🙂 <3

pal yer says:

I hope we will see more bikes like the Ego and LS218

4pidgey says:

The Johammer is the fuckin’ ugliest thing on two wheels I’ve ever seen

Sean Caceres says:

Yeah, the “hand crafted” shit will go right out the window when it reaches mass production.

Michele says:

I think that, based on where we are right now tecnology wise, and based on the fact that bikes most of the time are used for shorter distance, elettric bikes make more sense than elettric cars, but damn I fucking want a motorcycle not a fucking iphone on wheels also fucking 2 seats because even the piaggio “ciao” had 2 seats is not that hard to make a good looking 2 seater.

Texarmageddon says:

sorry but until range/charge times are address I’m not interested… and by time does are address…. they’ll be out of reach for the common public for most.

Adam Alvarez says:

The only one worth anything is the Zero SR.

I just test rode a Zero SR and a DS, and I left with… wait for it…. ZERO complaints! I was blown away by the torque of the SR, and I will probably be buying a DSR within the next year.

Scott B says:

26k, F you.

Marc Bryant says:

that Joe johammer is so ugly it looks like a fucking carnival ride

Hareesh Kumar says:

Wow super bikes!! I want to buy one.

Dave Richards says:

These are beautiful. I think though that if people wanted something to just ride around town then the Daymak EM1 would be the way to go. They are $1999 US and look beautiful. Classified as an electric bike, no licence, plates, insurance, needed. Why pay $77,000 or even $8000 ?

darmasiri mnh says:


Declan Kelly says:

Fuck gas

Chris Parlow says:

It’s no wonder Elc Bikes will never make it, the prices are just out of hand ! Dam

Pablo Espinosa says:

the first one is ugly AF

Brandon Schmeidler says:

The Johammer is seriously the ugliest vehicle I think I’ve ever seen.

ciukcia nedurakas says:

well,here wo come to the worst bikes times…

Taz Man says:

All right for commuting, But that’s where it ends……………….

Sean Caceres says:

And the Lacama is a better representation of the E-bike. and L-218 is ‘The one.’

Axton says:

i can agree with electric cars but not with motorcycles. no wheelies no clutch kicks no real burnouts and engine sound

Mytwistedvoices says:

Electric Aprilia RS125

Jarno Saarinen says:

Johammer! What a fucken joke, it looks like Jason Poole from Orange County Choppers designed it? Yes it really is that shit looking.

Marc Bryant says:

if you park the johammer in someone’s driveway they might spray it with Raid

Anonymous 101 says:

The Johammer looks like ass!!! I noticed how they’re making these electric motorcycles in order to try and take out these gas operated motorcycles. Trying to go into the future already I see

Phúc Lưu Hoàng says:


DazzlingWhisker says:

I think Zero sr accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.something seconds

Claptrap Claptrap says:

As long as the prices are that high I will buy a gasoline bike: I only need a small one for city commute (my current bike, 125CC is more than enough for the round the clock slow traffic and dangerously bad roads) and with the the price difference I can get way more than two years worth of petrol. I can take a standard gas bike into any garage and they know how to fix it and spare parts are widely available. Ergo, electric bikes are going to be luxury vehicles for many years to come, especially as long as manufacturers don’t think people in the market for their first bike.

Pedro Rocha says:

Zero FXS
Zero Fucks

That makes sense

Federico Olivero says:

Voltu V1?

sharman rosemond says:

the johammer looks soo idiotic/stupid yuck!!!

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