10 Electric Motorbikes Ranked by Affordability and Range: feat. Super Soco and Onyx Mopeds

A compact motorbike is a perfect way to get around the city or cover short distances. While Americans are still to find out about benefits of such rides and develop a love towards them, consumers in European and Asian countries don’t seem to enough of them.

With many innovations taking place in the transportation industry and Tesla slowly taking over in the auto niche, it was only the matter of time when all-electric motors will be placed inside compact mopeds and motorbikes.

Not only do these things already exist and being produced, they are getting more affordable day after day.

All of the information and media used in this video are intended to serve an educational purpose. The credits section contains information about the manufacturers and sources of facts presented in this clip.

We put together a review of the cheapest e-motorbike models that have been produced up to date and ranked these electric vehicles by their affordability, riding range and quality.


Ken Bell says:

was that a robovoice?

Datacube: awesome facts and interesting top lists says:

These electric motorbikes offer the best bang for the buck and are very likely to become even more popular in the upcoming years. We also extensively covered other electric motorcycle news in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeYSci69dx4lp9xBgbW-pLJ-1G-wphplS

Spam Sandwich says:

cheap my ars

James Copeland says:

I’m still having difficulty understanding why manufacturers are paying so much for 18650 cells. There are pouch cells in the consumer market for $200kw-hr… so manufacturers should be able to source them for no more than $150kw-hr. Most of the these bike manufacturers are cost factoring at 3 times that amount.


что за мот на превью?

Роман Владиславович says:


Harold Steele says:

This video is way too long for what’s being said, and I honestly don’t like the way this guy reads a script. I’m not sure if he didn’t practice beforehand or if he only recorded his voice once. There are also way too many pics, but not enough stats about each one.

Joseph Flowers says:

whats the website to purchase these bikes ? I got to know

DerpEye says:

Most of these make no sense. The light ones, are useless: it’s easier to get an E-Bike with Bosch/Shimano/Yamaha system: cheaper, lighter, no insurance, can still be easily modified to go faster. The real motorbikes are still too expensive, and the range is ridiculous.

Mark Job says:

*Same Old Bullshit !* Why do you present e-bikes as “Cheap,” or “Affordable,” when they’re *$3,500.00 and up ?* Except for the *$2,000.00* bike the rest are too expensive for many.

alton Davis says:

America has to go on super DIET FIRST. THAT IS NO DAMN SECRET EITHER! Lol

Tim Travasos says:

All those bikes need twice the power and range.

Frank From Upstate NY says:

In ten year’s time….internal combustion will be made illegal…and for GOOD reason. Let’s keep it rolling forward!

H10hunter says:

Is the narrator dying mid-recording?

big gun says:


alton Davis says:

Hybrid car battery replacement over $3,000 easily. Call dealer and tell you need new batteries. Price it out. Lol. I gotta friend that burns dried cow manure patties. Same result, zero emission or smell. He’ll just look around. Use your mind god gave you.

Ed Paine says:

Couldn’t get through your clickbait bullshit! Way overpriced and horrible designs. Will never watch one of your videos again

alton Davis says:

Currently I have a wood stove for heating and winter cooking inside with outside one as well. It cycles the output 2 times then goes thru simple line condensing to a container then up around and produces pure clean combustible fuel. Higher octane than gas. I bottle it and run my vehicles. Has no fume odor when cycled thru motor. I installed entire unit on small truck. It produces ready fuel To instantly burn by truck motor. Aside a fuel tank that fills when engine not running but still burning wood. No smoke or any kind of debris. Better mileage. I gather thrown away wood going to landfill, and downed trees from storms. I’m really set.

freesf ftrefv says:

My custom built scooter goes 38mph and can drive 30+ miles with no problem, has key to turn on, digital battery percentage screen, headlights, custom cooling system and lithium battery. Total cost ………about $600!

Fukuro says:

Can you not
Detatch your sentences
So that you get
The video
Over ten minutes.

rimlitube says:

Too much adds


The most efficient electric motors in the world: https://youtu.be/9cDoQD0VtG0

Ashribad Biswal says:

How can bay this e bike

alton Davis says:

Ariel vehicles cover average that but are not mass produced. They are trying intercity now. I believe they are at two hundred miles, just over.

Geonious says:

None of these bikes I would consider “affordable”. The last one shows it goes for $2000. But, if you go to the website you will see it’s priced at $2000 (without battery). The battery starts at $1000 and goes up to $1550. I bought a 2000 Suzuki Marauder VZ800 with 7k miles for $2000. That, to me, is AFFORDABLE!!

TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness says:

Unfortunately, with an average range of just 50 miles, these will remain just toys for city dwellers.

alton Davis says:

For $60.00 I built 55mph bicycle thrown away batteries. 60miles trip. Gotta find your resources in odd places.

fidel catsro says:

2000watt but 60nm of torque!

Jonny Hotrod says:


Vaughan Ellis says:

Biggest draw back with these is the limited carry weight, not everybody is built like a stick insect and somebody who is tall tends to look a little ludicrous on them.

Christopher Leamons says:

Ugh. The narration voice.

ice bread says:

They probably aren’t allowed in eu, due to lack of Tests

GhOsT FaCE says:

WTF 4000 guess im poor…..because caption says. Cheap electric bikes

Clearanceman2 says:

Have no idea why anyone would buy any new motorcycle. Used motorcycles are very inexpensive and work just fine with a little TLC. If you must have an electric motorcycle, they should be almost free used. Electric cars don’t hold value at all, motorcycles would likely be the same.

Jonny Hotrod says:

God damn Hippy mobile!

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