10 Cheapest Electric Motorcycles on Sale in 2018 (Prices and Specs Reviewed)

If you closely follow our channel, you must have noticed that we are fans of electric vehicles and try to feature them as often as we can.

As a part of our electric section we have already reviewed the best and most capable electric motorcycles that you can buy, but the major complain that our viewers have is the agreeably high price of these two-wheelers that often cost twice as much as their internal combustion counterparts.

That is why today we are going to concentrate on the most affordable options that the electric motorcycles market can offer.

Motorcycles featured in this video:

Alta Motors SM: altamotors.co/redshiftsm#redshift-sm

Alta’s most versatile motorcycle Redshift SM is the ultimate city commuter, that has racing spirit in its DNA. It is equipped with a unique 5.8 kWh battery pack that is mile for mile the smallest and most densely packed on the market

Zero S: zeromotorcycles.com/zero-s

Zero S that also comes in a more powerful modification SR, is the latest motorcycles from this company and it is expected to become the best seller of 2018.

BCN City and Sport from Volta: voltamotorbikes.com

Volta motorbikes is a Spanish e-bikes manufacturer that currently has four two-wheelers in its garage labeled BCN City, Sport, Forest and Motorrand, and all of them are designed for a specific type of riding

KTM Freeride E series: ktm.com/e-ride/

New KTM Freeride E-XC is an 18 kW electric bike with a torque of 31 lb-ft and a price around $9,000.

Zero FXS: zeromotorcycles.com/zero-fxs/

Zero FXS is the budget motorcycle model from Zero for city driving and local tracks, that combines off-road ruggedness and on-road agility.

UBCO: ubcobikes.com/products/2×2-2017

UBCO is the first two-motor dual electric drive electric motorcycle. It has a riding range of 75 miles and is priced at 6,999 USD.

Kuberg Freerider: freerider.kuberg.com/#kuberg-promo

Kuberg Freerider is a powerful, ultralight, maintenance free European-made electric motorcycle. Weighing 79 lbs, it has 8kW power output. The bike costs $4,249 and is even sold on Amazon.

Exo: exo-bikes.eu/purchase

EXO is an Estonian-made electric bike that costs $4200 prior to shipping costs and taxes. Its power is 3.8 kW and range is 49 miles.

Rumble: rumble-motors.com/products/rumble-e-bike

The Rumble is balancing between the scooter and motorcycle categories, but according to the legal classification actually falls within the e-scooter family hence not requiring any licenses to be operated.

Daymak daymak.com/pages/scooters/em1se.php

Daymak EM1 SE lightweight electric bike is a 100% guaranteed head-turner, since it has the looks of a rather expensive two-wheeler with powerful sports styling.

Motorman: www.meijsmotorman.com

This motorcycle actually resembles a retro bicycle and would fit someone who wants to get around the city with style. It’s all-electric and with such a price tag can be considered to be both a fashion item and a convenient means of zero emission city transport.


Johny40Se7en says:

Your videos are very well researched but the only thing really wrong with them is when you show the price and power output in white text, you can’t see it sometimes, maybe give it an outline or something.

Most of these don’t look bad at all, nothing as cool as that bonkers R1 looking Lightning Ego but tidy, the only thing really wrong with them is that shockingly shit range, seriously. 1 hour or 40 – 60 miles and then it takes about 2-4 hours to fully charge, that’s just awful and pointless. I can understand why Honda recently patented the designs for a hydrogen fuel cell bike, it’ll probably have about the same weight and range as the best one of the plug in electric bikes only it’ll recharge in about 5 minutes.

This might be something for you to look into for a future video in the new year, Merry Christmas ; )

Noob noob Mr Sulu says:

Can EM1 ride passanger

flitsies says:

The styling of the daymak em1 looks good the price is right but the battery and charge time sucks.
Increase the price to around 3.5 and put in a lithium battery with a fast charger and it’s a good bike.

Nick Sellers says:

Hahaha cheapest but yet not below 4 to 5000$ dollars !!!!!! That’s not cheap!!!!!!!!????????

Shashi Bhura says:

Where is indian tork t6x


2000 watt gromit moped Is a great low priced Moped $1450.00

Madhu Sreedharan Pathirapilli says:

An Indian company lunches an e-scooter with 125 miles range, 43.75 miles max speed. Price $ 907/- 🙂

sAm Bhagat says:

plz said about TORK T6X motorcycle

Jojo Crazy Cat says:

Until they get them to run around 200 miles a charge, They will not be worth it for me.
I never ride less then that when i go riding.
I will get a bicycle if i just want to ride around my house.
Most of these you will only be able to go around 25 miles before you need to turn around.
You have to realize , you need to make it back home on half the charge.

Robin Banks says:

Electric motorcycles should be replaced with better technology – like gasoline engines that snarl and spit when you rev-em!

Snodge Snoodle says:

My laptop when new lasted 3.5 hours on a full charge. 4 years later it lasts 20 minutes. If i bought one of these bikes after a few years I bet the range would be so crippled it would be unusable. Yet my 8 year old petrol powered bike still has the same performance it had when it was new and the spare parts I have had to replace to keep it running cost nowhere near the price that a new battery would cost.

I really like the idea of electric bikes, but I just don’t have faith in the battery technology yet.

Michael Cayce says:

You are a clown.

N says:

#1 – #5 look nice but i don’t have the money. Not only that, US$ is worth 8 times here so $15K x 8 = No bike for me

Michael Xiong says:

You can have a decent and fancy looking one with 1000 dollars in China. With 1500 – 2000 dollars you can have one like #10 with a ride range of 200 kms. Top speed up to 120 km/h.

Eric Kroeff says:

still too high try some electric 2wheelers under 1000 dollars

Darrell says:

I guarantee that you’ll need a licence to use those bikes in England

drmachinewerke1 says:

Ubco makes the most sense for the wife and I . This is not saying I do not have other motorcycles. I prefer .Bsa triumph Norton first. Then the great inline 4 cylinder bikes from the 70s

Venky bathula says:

Please fast product

Bose de-Nage says:

These look great but your comments seem only applicable to the USA. In the uk any electric bike with more than 250w requires a bike licence, road tax, yearly tests and insurance – it’s not all about price.

Lazizkhodja Nuritdinov says:

Super Soco TS and TC are only 1500 USD. Nice looking cafe racers and can go up to 200 km with an additional battery. The TC model has a max speed of 75 km/h while the TS – 60 km/h

Simon L says:

some still 3x too much and range needs to more than double, hopefully the new yam boss will get the new electric bikes out quick n cheap

Rafael Stanzione says:

How long the battery lasts?

fato kh says:

I want to buy one

reezlaw says:

What accent is that?

rcfanaticdublin says:

Second last bike…hand’s down…depending on replacement battery cost.
though i am a newbie to electric vehicle’s.
i purchased my first ebike last September 2017…it cost me eu1200 and i was very pleased with what i got for that price.
As a middle aged ex addrenalin addict with a love of nature and most outdoor pursuit’s the ebike has given me a chance to experience some of the best part’s of MTB which i can no longer mannage by leg/back power alone.
some of the machine’s featured are still in the way over priced for what they claim to be capable/made of.
Also the one that need’s new gear box oil every 50hrs of rideing…KTM always overpriced.

Kirill Berezin says:

Miles in 2k18?? KYS please. Use km.

Frosty Gamer says:

Can a 13yr old ride this?

Tion Solace says:

how come these motorcycle cost even to less than an e-bicycle? hmmm :/

Pravin Dabhi says:

Please check Tork t6x bike from india

Quinzell Jones says:

How big is the daymak

Rata 4U says:

The range is absolutely pathetic. Clearly they are just throwing garbage out there to make a couple of bucks. Fuck off!

223 miles or 111 miles one way driving without any wind, cool temps, no gear, laying on the tank, and of course weight…..WTF? Oh, forget taking it to the twisties for fun high speed runs….you won’t have enough power to come back.

Satyanarayan Das says:

The future is going golden for all creatures, plants and many more

Saul Barry says:

awesome, i weally want an elekwik bike

Diwani Kamatoden says:

Very good recomendation for all users! Electric motors are noiseless and smokeless. No air and noise pollution! Environment friendly.

Kanishk Mullapudi says:

See India’s fastest electric motor cycle from TORK https://youtu.be/LBXEEZVYbQg

Jay Gurung says:

Last one is the best.

Marco Debart says:

Prices are way too high for what you get. And that for a bike with very poor range…..hmmm. No THX

dwayne marshall says:

They would be great if you lived in a city and used them just for going to and from work.. Here in the United States motorcycles are mostly used for pleasure. Now with that said i would like to ride them all but to buy one that will not happen with me unless the range were over 100 miles with constant speed of 55 mph. 15,000 dollars will not happen

Doctor Maxi says:


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