Yamaha WR250R vs Suzuki DRZ 400 DUAL SPORT DEATHMATCH! o#o

The Suzuki DRZ 400 and Yamaha WR250R are two of the best Street Legal Enduro Motorcycles, but which one is right for you? This Dual Sport Deathmatch reflects the average rider’s perspective. No professionals or journalists, just a raw review of the pros and cons of these bikes.

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sergio chavez says:

What u think about the ktm lc4 400 97 would it be a good adventure dual sport bike?

Tage Lorder says:

It would be different if u had wr250r… Baised video pls dnt make this kinda video again…

Donald Newman says:

I want to ride those trails

Paladin84125 says:

Thank you for the scenery of Southern Utah, and the Piute Trail. I have spent much of my life there, and felt like I was there again.  I plan on spending much of my spare time there after my retirement on both my KLR 650 and Yamaha 700.  Sitting here watching your video’s  is giving me a case of screaming purple…….!

ByWayofComanche says:

Amazing video for someone like me who has YouTube attention deficit disorder. Love the videos!!

Chuck Diego says:

Great job on the video.

Henry Higgins says:

stupid comparison when Yamaha has a WR450 and Suzuki has a DRZ250 .

Tim Allen says:

The WR needs geared down a bit, but I noticed it started on the back row for the drag race….not saying it could beat a 400 S, but CW magazine test results show the 250 is less than a second behind in the quarter mile, and just a few mph slower in their half mile top speed test. Anyway, out west the bigger bikes rule, but in the majority of the country, where off road riding means dodging trees at 25 mph, the smaller 250 is the better bike.

myrandomlife says:

Ride the beta 390 today it seems perfect. Part of me wants the 500 tho lol.

Kevin Coulombe says:

Great video critique I could do with it, is the music overpowers your voice so it’s kind of hard to listen to you with the music blaring other than that it was a very good well put together video

John R says:

not really fair compairing a 250 to a 400, by rights the 400 should overwelm the 250 completely and it does not,
you might aswell compaire the 400 to a xr650 or something

exRhodie says:

Hi Tyler. What communications system do you use between bikes? Thanks, Laurence

FunkySpunky91 says:

this convinced me to get a Suzuki DRZ 400. Subscribed! thanks!

DR Dan says:

Neither, get a DR 650 and mod the hell out of it for your needs.  The larger motor will give the power for the interstate while still nimble enough for the Colorado jeep trails.  The little 250 just lacks power to tow my ass and gear up the 13K passes.

Tanasi Tim says:

LOL Buckle Up on a motorcycle.

Tage Lorder says:

Ha3,,,, u dnt knw anything bout bikes,, efi adjusts to altitudes, not only that air temperature,humidity, etc

Zelatur says:

400 will sound better i think

690 ADV says:

That was a cool video liked it a lot, keep them coming

foraging seeker says:

A phenomenal Review! Thank you. i am sold. Not just on your words but after a long journey of looking at bike class capabilities, and narrowing down what is exactly i need from bike, my chief aims are high MPG, lite-body, cheap. Use will be as sole motor vehicle while living from a basecamp in a hobo (etc) town near the Salton Sea. Somewhere among the collective of Slab City. Earning a living in Winter selling craft to Tourists and Snowbirds. Ranging out for wild-food foraging trips come spring through fall. Much of daily diet gleaned from nature, some surplus brought back to basecamp at conclusion of each trip. That is all that i ask of motorized transportation at this time. With my circumstance i think the WR250R may be my best choice. What think you? i am about to begin the hunt to acquire so that i may practice with new Pony before putting rubber to road for real.

stormperformance says:

Still a master piece! And relevant! Good Job EverRide! Ran into a fellow at the bike shop wondering which one to buy, I pointed him to this video… as it is very well done. I have owned several bikes, still love the DRZ400s. Grrr, Grr up we go. I told him unless your are doing mostly off road, if you buy the WR you’ll always be look at the DRZ. If you buy the DRZ you won’t be looking at the WR! I look up, 690 ect. One day they will build a light “twin!, 6 speed, 650 DRZ!” Till then DRZ400s it is.

L M says:

Couldnt hear seemingly important observations over the soundtrack

Logic Seeker says:

KTM EXC 300 Two Stroke
KTM EXC 450 Four Stroke
Great bikes

Tage Lorder says:

Everybody knows wr250r is best small dual purpose bike…

Donald Newman says:

Very informative I decide between the two about a month ago and I’m glad I got the drz 400s

Engir says:

I am new to dual sports thinking the DRZ400 is the way to go for me if I can find one where I am living now 🙁

Robert Prueitt says:

I have been looking and looking for a cheap used 400s in my area I can’t find one

guloguloguy says:

What is the QUIETEST bike that you’re aware of?!

Laurie Why says:

Thanks very much yours is in the small group of video’s i watched when choosing my first ADV bike and my first bike after a six year break from riding . Your comments about picking up your bike with a minor injury especially resonated . Thanks . Living in Oz i chose an early WR450f .

김김상진 says:

우린니친구아니네~라고 이나이에이자석아너거하고노는관계냐 동창이게[ㅆ지80년도가전성기겠네 일본이나일본오토바이나 전우주에서인간만이부처가되든말든 내밥벌이하는데무슨상관이있노 너거하고같이안탄다 너거하고와같이타 좋은것못보게해야된다고~빙신들 너거가왕따된다 얼마나잘되는지두고보자고 남을우예알아가 그런ㄴ놈잘안되더라 우리가너거존마니상대하는사람아니다 너거어미한테해라 안보람 왕선택 이루라 김나라 김비치라 강나루 강소라 김치국 나물국 배나라 ㅎㅎㅎ 같이먹고살자는데~라고 같이못먹고산다 니일해야지 그런것도한다는말이지~라고 싸우면위험하다고~빈시들 아휴~빈시들 나도니선생아니네~라고 지나가는개가웃겠다 값싸다너거인생 놓아주기는시바노건방지게개아들들

Logic Seeker says:

*KTM EXC 250/300 Two Stroke
*KTM EXC 450 Four Stroke
Great bikes, amazing power, lightest in the market, great enduros under 3k used.

Kevin Coulombe says:

I live out in the East Coast I’m jealous you guys out there in the West Coast got great riding area

güvenç terzierol says:

I really like to watch your video. I like to ride DualSport but maybe a couple year later. so why do I watch your video? Because your speaking is really understandble for who learn to speak english 😀 Not fast, not rounded, very clean and grains.
and ofcoruce ı learned many thinks about adv riding style and about bikes.
Tanks a lot 🙂

Branden Townsend says:

Video is wrong about the bikes horsepower. DRZ400 has 33 and WR250R has 29, not 23.

Taras Kompaniyets says:

DRZ is good, but older generation bike including the way it looks. I vote for younger and more advanced WR without hesitation.

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