Why I Got A Honda CRF250L Dual Sport Motorcycle

I have owned countless motorcycle, dirt bikes and atv’s in my life but a dual sport it what I have always wanted. The CRF250L is by far the best and most fun of any motorcycle that i have ever owned.

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Josue says:

If only I had a garage!!! I have a Kawasaki Vulcan and love it but I really want a dual sport. Soon it will be. Great video

Larry Stuckmeyer says:

what part of Missouri are you from? I was born and raised in Lesterville MO and your video reminded me of home lol.

Byoexile says:

I’m of the same mind. Ever since I got into riding, I dreamed of a street/dirt hybrid bike and like you I’m pretty much a Honda guy 😀
Hoping in one of your how-to vids, you show how to adjust the rear shock pre-load so I’ll know how to do it once I get mine.

such is life says:

i have have had so many bikes mostly sports bikes, the last one was the hayabusa when the new one came out in 2008 .. had a drz 400 after that, but had to get rid as i needed the money….

i have two honda`s now a 750 and the crf 250l… and if i am not going too far, i always choose the crf 250l, it is great fun…. full yoshimura exhaust, k&n air filter, and other bits and bobs, i love it…. its such great feeling fun bike….

great video as always woody..

Mr. Crowley says:

Nothing more relaxing than riding the back roads or trails, or mountains on a dual sport (Enduros in my younger days) bike on a nice pleasant day;)…..thanks for sharing your ride!

Drew Macmillan says:

great vid , I enjoyed your ride on this rainy Vancouver island day .  I am a crf ower as well.  thanks

dragonrider385 says:

Nice video thanks for sharing. I just bought a crf250l last week. I fits me well. Not to tall or to short. I think it will be a good duel sport to play on.

Village Ninja says:

Thanks I’m thinking about buying one

Tankerman says:

It’s Tuesday afternoon and 95 degrees. Glad you finally figured out what is best for you, to many times people never do seem to ever find that happy place. Stay safe

Lynch S says:

and thanks to you I have CRF 250L in my garage as well =)

Creative Moto says:

what part of missouri do you live in? i live in missouri and ride a dual sport too

jim miller says:

you should have gotten the wr250r

1990 says:

”I’m going to ride my bike to church.”
Did I hear that right?

”I like to take the back ways to church.”

This is priceless.

richmoto1 says:

We’ve had almost all the same bikes EXCEPT the 500, ha! I never wanted one of those. I made my XR250 street legal and loved it. Wish I had kept it.

Trevor Jameson says:

Fun hearing about your history with all the different bikes. I’ve been through quite a few bikes too, and also raced motocross when I was younger, and prefer dual sports now (but have a sportster too just for fun) But one difference; I still do like power in a dirt bike, and that’s one reason I have a DR650. You’re right, it’s kinda heavy, but I just love all that torque it has!


cool video…hey u almost ran over that dog!!!lol

Millermacs says:

Really interesting story, I wanted to know how you found about the CRF230L though!

Cock_McStuffinz says:

Looks alot like East Tennessee roads.

TheRamblingParson says:

Thanks for your great explanation of why you have a CRF250L. Pilgrim, my KLR650 is my first dual sport motorcycle, but I have a feeling that my next will probably be a 250. Have a Blessed Week

Elwood says:

Great story, thanks for sharing.

Cochise Star says:

im feel a lot of ways the same man im older have had many bikes…now i want to return to the dirt but have to be able to do street as well. i was thinking of getting the wr250r but something draws me to the honda. can u give me any advice?

Hawk Girl says:

You’ve had as many bikes as us, lol! It’s hard to find that perfect bike for you! Can’t beat a Honda! Great stories!

Koch 40 says:

I really enjoyed listening to your Sunday morning storytelling adventure, I’m considering this same bike myself, the 2017 looks like a real dirt bike, it’s like you said, once I seen it that was pretty much it..

jeff ferguson says:


mike g says:

nice bike..i want one..this year..say a prayer for me next time in church..to get one…god bless..thanks for sharing…

jim miller says:

I have a friend who bought one and got rid of it 4 weeks later and got a 350 Kim. he said the Honda was the worse bike he ever own

oldschooldirtbiker says:

Great stories, now we know your history.Thanks for sharing woodzman. So similar to mine..

Adventures in Real Life says:

I’ve heard that about the 500, that the power band is a lot thinner than on modern 2 strokes, and it’s hard to use with all the power.

It’s funny when people go down to a smaller bike, most people have this solid idea that the only thing that matters in a bike is power. If you don’t have the most powerful bike you can get you’re just wasting your time.

Dan Hambrick says:

Great story!!!I started out on a Honda Trail 70 also,great little bike…

itsallpine says:

How would you rate this bike vs the Yamaha wr250?


great vid.  Glad I finally got time to see this vid.  Still playing catch up here.  hahaha!!!!  WOW and here I thought I had owned a lot of bikes!  You got me beat there!  hahaha!  what you were saying at 9 min 45ish seconds about riding a dual sport, I said the same thing when I did my CRF230L riding review!  ( my first ever motovlog )  😀  And still feel that same way.  The next page in my bike life is a larger dual sport OR an ADV bike.  🙂


I bought mine because of a great price. Paid 80% cash … financed 20% to build up credit history ( which I needed to do )
I’ve always been a sportbike guy, this is my first dual sport also.
But I am happy with it by all means. Pay it off soon and I’m getting a supersport.
I will keep the CRF 250 though…for sure.

The Steel Horseman says:

Mine was an XR 100.

AVJHalonen says:

12:12 That beagle wanted a ride.

DontTreadOnMe says:

Just did a 5 hr ride in the mountains a few days ago on my lil dr200. I’d missed seeing the 3 deer, 10 elk, 2 turkeys, a skunk and a lot of cattle had I been going fast. Not to forget the times I had to stop, look out and see the beauty of God’s work. Church isn’t always in a building and the ride that matters is the one that makes you happy. I really enjoyed your Dual Sport Off Road Adventure Day series keep up the good work.

jim miller says:

it like riding a sewing machine

Kansai Rider says:

My CR250L just came in last week and I already have 600 kilometers on it. It devours these small Japanese mountain roads.

Heartland Dual Sport says:

Oh no, what is wrong with momma, is she ok? Thats no fun, I need to start riding my bike to church some myself. I love mine as well. Funnest bike on earth is a dual sport.
do you remember the Honda Big Red 3 wheeler, the 200 I had one of them when i was 16. I had the Yamaha 225 3 wheeler also, it was a fun one and my favorite of all time 4 wheeler was the Yamaha Wolverine, kinda like a dual sport, sporty 350 with racks for working I loved it so much. and then The last 4 wheeler I had was the Polaris sportsman 900 it was a hoss. Sold it when we moved to town a couple of years ago, don’t need one that big in town knowing you can’t ride it anywhere in town legally.
Ii still wish i had a Africa twin in my garage, I would ride up to your house on it. Not he DRZ, I am not riding it that far. heheheh Wouldn’t make it anyhow.
Have a blessed week my friend and thanks for sharing all the bikes and fun stories, brings back some happy memories for me as well. time is slipping by so quickly..
yeah some of the guys who have won big races were on smaller bikes that could grip when grip was needed more so than spinning wheels no traction in spinning. gripping is where it is, not that i know anything about racing other than what i have read, and racing home from my girlfriends before my dad would get home. heheheh, thanks and have a blessed week my friend.

SGFAdventures says:

Just love how these bikes can take you anywhere. The versatility is why I chose this bike.

jim miller says:

and I am 64 years old

TheBoogieBots808 says:

I have enjoyed your videos. I have never owned a motorcycle, but I think this a CFR250L will be the one I get.

poisonmans says:

Thanks for sharing your history, very interesting. With all the green grass and trees,that countryside could really be in England. All the best.

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