Which Dual Sport Motorcycle is right for you?

For this video I developed a scientific test which will help you figure out which dual sport motorcycle is right for you. It’s called the, “Can you kick it over and not want to commit suicide” test. If your going to buy a dual sport bike, and use it like it should be used it’s going to fall over. This will help prepare you for when that happens.

Really this is about making a budget, figuring out what cost of ownership will be for your bike and making a decision about how you want to use the motorcycle. Everybody loves shiny flashy motorcycles, but buying a shiny dual sport is probably a mistake. Get something a few years old that you can beat on and not feel bad about dropping. Price will go down, and enjoyment will go way up.

Next: How to properly lift a fallen motorcycle:


southernmost homesteader says:

I can pick up my XR650l. no problem.

TheChaztor says:

lol. My KLR is dirty and scratched and bent and still ticking. No shOOts given. Apparently 167 people overspent on bikes.

phrankus2009 says:

Shiney … NEW … SOOO pretty ! … SO Cushy ! … Only $10K …. BUT, STILL …
Scared to fake it off road (much) or take it to the salty, sandy beach !
I really soulda got a used KLR or a DR650 and dispensed with all the worry.


hijo de su puta madre

Manveer Grewal says:

Hey man I did your kick test on a triumph tiger I was looking at and now the dealer has black listed me!! However I did not feel like committing suicide

tbjimcollins says:

Has that walking back technique ever worked for you! I’ve tried it on my DR650 and it didn’t work!

FerreneMachine says:

Awesome dude!

the void says:

That was really scientific, thank you.

Nate Bell says:

I would commit suicide if I couldnt pick up my bike by the handle bars. You FAILED large !

Cary Kane says:

i wana have a beer with this dude

Paul Croft says:

Thanks mate, that made me laugh when I needed to.

Tom Raider says:

First, best slogan ever!
Second, very good reason.

Bite Mee says:

Funny as hell.

MapleBalls says:

Nice Upload.

Ivan Maric says:

Watching this was most painful moment for me when he kicked his bike :D.

tangled Line says:

Nice…one of the main reasons I got rid of my KLR…very fat…BUT very very dependable. I opted for a much lighter Suzuki DR650. Funniest thing is those BMWs are heavy ass ADVs…and dropping a bike does not always happen on flat surfaces. Cool vid. 

Mad Benco says:

Screw that. I’ll take my Ktm 500 exc any day. I don’t care if it was expensive.. I can pick that one up when it falls over.

watkikel says:

You sir and anyone else who has problems picking this bike up are a fuckin weenie or Fuckin stupid pick one. Whatever side your on turn the handlebars towards yourself grab the rear rack with your other hand and lift with your legs not that fuckin hard.

Roger Medbery says:

The last part is exactly why almost all modern dual sports suck. Theyre just to damm big and heavy. Sure, great on the road but when you drop it on the trail (and you will) you have to pick it up……….and that sucks. 

YourNutz says:

Lol.. Never thought of it this way befor but, your 100% right.. Best bike advice I’ve ever gotten… Thanks

angeIoforte says:

+Jake TheGardenSnake 

motanelustelistu says:

The most stupid,destructive and idiot “test” i’ve heard and unfortunetly,seen.

thealvaco says:

Sadly, this is one of the best tips you can get.

Alfonso Rivera says:

This short son of a bitch i hate him.

jjustj says:

what??no milk  crate?

BloodstainedSinner says:

I wouldn’t care if I dumped my XR650L, but at the same time, I’m not going to kick it over for the hell of it.

Ryan Leach says:

i got a ktm exc 500 and i beat the shit out of it =D
14k $ for it =D

Meeker Extreme says:

That’s not a real KLR650…I don’t see the milk crate.

JakelaWeeze says:

Hahahahaha this is very true but also funny that his next video is how to lift a motorcycle Hahahaha Lol

Alfonso Rivera says:

This son of a bitch just fucking kicked a motorcycle!

WV4LIFE says:

I watch this vid once a month for a good laugh and remind me why I got a KLR.

iamandreja says:

Hey people, where’s HalfThrottle? He didn’t post anything for months, no activities on ADVrider, Twitter… Hope that those HD riders didn’t get him 🙂

Caramell says:


therockerof says:

What is your view on royal Enfield Himalayan as dual sport?

frogzie says:

Definitely an essential test: put it down, then get it up!


My BMW R1150GS ADV has need more drops like that than I can count, and still takes it because of decent crash bars, cylinder head and engine armor plates, and tough panniers.  I didn’t buy it to baby it.  And if you really want to enjoy your dual sport, you shouldn’t worry about the occasional crash too.  Do the maintenance when it needs it, and despite the occasional scratch and splash of mud, any dualie will serve you well.  You should treat it like you will never sell it and not sweat the scratches.

Awan Biru says:

I think every dual-sport bike review should do this test. #MCN, #MOTOCYCLEUSA, #MOTOCYCLIST, #WEBBIKEWORLD

Don't Comply says:

Take the box off of the one side you put it on (coincidence?) and do it again.

PRTEVY says:

I have a 2005 KLR650.Very sweet machine! I also sold BMW Motorbikes for three years
and put over 100,000 miles on them. But now l ride just the KLR~ADV:)

W. Harrison says:

That’s hysterical!

james l says:

people on craigslist have not responded politely to this test can you be more specific i think i did it wrong

Z Shark says:

This video made my day 🙂

Sam Broad says:

Mmmm – notice you only had a pannier on the side you were going to kick it over onto – wonder why?
But it is a valid test – ‘cos IT IS gonna happen!

Bryan Avila says:

He makes a great point . I own a 75 honda cb500t street bike, 100% original unrestored, and half the time I don’t even want to take it out due to the fact that I always run the risk of messing it up somehow.

Joshua Cormican says:

I’ve dropped my BMW a lot. Never once considered suicide.

DRugfree1987 says:

well if thats the only test. then my xr650l defiantly passes….and its a lot earlier to pick up.

GeeGee McGee says:

This vid is AWESOME.

MissKristaC says:

LMAO “…but this is a Kawasaki kkr 650 so who gives a damn?”!  LOL!

Roywuzhere says:

Went riding with my nephews. They both have 250 dirt bikes that they baby. My klr has more protection (2013) . Because of this video, I pushed my bike over on both sides. My nephews now ride dirt bikes like they should

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