Top Dual Sport: KTM 500 EXC Dominates [Full Review]

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After three years in the making, here’s the Nutnfancy review on one the world’s best dual sport motorcycles. You will see riding video in many adventures and testing protocols on the impressive KTM 500 EXC, both in dirt and ultra hooligan Motard configuration. This review will also cover its little brother the KTM 350 EXC-F. POU, components, ergos, value, speed/power, efficiency, range, cargo capacity, mods, and several other fascinating discussions ensue. Instead of some lightweight 5 min review that leaves many questions answered, this free Nutnfancy review is feature length. The 500 EXC is hands down a 5 star bike, lightweight, sassy, fun, impeccable in the dirt, totally street legal, able to embarrass most other dirt bikes (especially KLRs), and a source of envy from your riding friends. This is top rec’d motorcycle for my adventure-minded friends in TNP.

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Scott Walton says:

I would take this bike over a KLR 650 any day.

Brett Charlett says:

Love the videos Nutn! Here is my first impression of the 2017 500 exc f

Luke Keast says:

Great review, when I first looked at who the video was by I was like whaaat? this dude is a gun nut, so I had to check it out.

Michael Leone says:

another major downside to this bike is cost. it costs 10k to buy the bike, and the parts to upgrade and replacements aren’t cheap or widely available either. how do you justify speeding almost twice as much as a Japanese bike in stock configurations and call that value?

Katie Joubert says:

300 or 500 for a 14 year old that weighs 86kg

Jason Anthony says:

Fast way makes the rear racks. Nice too

Paul K says:

Yep, this one is on my list…have to get the kids through college first.

zappatx says:

Thanks for making this video! The exhaust issue is the one thing that is altering my consideration to another bike.. But I have a request!! As a Arai helmet fan that’s all I’ll ever use on the street but for enduro and off-road what helmet do you like best? Perhaps a video on your helmet thoughts, etc?? I don’t know much at all about goggle use with helmets and was wondering if you use any of those??

IRQ1Conflict says:

How many hours before you have to rebuild the motor?

Slugger84629 says:

I’m on a 2015 Yamaha YZ250F and doing way more off road riding than track and looking for a new bike. The YZ has crazy power, love it, but need something more suited to long distance and night riding. My buddy rides a 2017 Husqy 701 Enduro but I don’t love it. My YZ will kick it’s ass. Just lacks the speedo and headlight.

Garrett Mason says:

special transportation device… STD? yeah probably don’t add that one to your list of acronyms.

stephen stewart says:

are you in AZ?! first time on channel. great vid!

em Burgess says:

Are you still happy with this 500 or are you now just a 690 fan?

shwackthenoobsac says:

One of my valves needed adjustment at 30 hours.

Ibcn Things says:

Don’t kid yourself; It’s not a true dual sport. It’s a street legal out of the box off road bike. The top dual sport should be awarded to the Yamaha WR250R. Honorable mention goes to the Suzuki DRZ400. The 500exc is more like a Yamaha WR450F off road bike that can be after marketed to be street legal. Which would be a wiser choice over the KTM in the long run for your pocket and time. But yes, The KTM will dance around most bikes off road.

War Beard says:

Amazing review Nutn! You have helped so much with the insight on the 500 and 690! I absolutely love both bikes. Your thorough review and details help so much in deciding wich bike is best suited for myself. Keep it up! Thank you!

Eric says:

Nice video. I’m thinking of trading my 690 Enduro for a supermoto 500

Paul Frost says:

Hey Man your reviews are excellent thorough detailed exactly what we need Thanks Paul England

Michael Lee says:

Was looking at the KTM website, they’re saying dry weight of the 500 is only 2 kg heavier than the 350 (and 250!)…Jeez, wanting to run to my banker….

ujive turky says:

Ktm450 is lighter than 500 facts

Robson Enduro says:

so why this bike is so much better then yamaha 450f or crf450r again?

Kudu 21 says:

Where is the location?

r1deftone says:

Hey Nutn, you ever try the KTM 2 smokers?

Mike McKay says:

+nutnfancy what chain guard is that to keep the chain off the tire?

Adventure Moto Enduro QLD says:

oil on my 016 holds 1500ml ,so not a lot less

Eric says:

what’s with the bungee cord on the kickstand at 30:22?

John Fumich says:

Just a heads up. Acerbis = Ahh-chair-bees

Wild One says:

right, instrumentation is a joke at this price range. As the fuel tank capacity. As for the oil change, I have watched motomad movie and they change oil every 2k km while touring on this bike, so not that bad.

Wild One says:

hey, does that radar detector woks well on bike? is it water proof?

babur.karaoglu says:

do you have a wr250r review…

shannon james says:

Answer me this KTM retards , Why not use a gravity fed cooler like the DR ? Hell rob one off a DR for that matter .Answer , Why not just get a DR ?  Thanks

Jonathan Lachapelle says:

How’s effective is the scott damper on this? I want to put the exact same damper on the 2017 500exc.
Does it make a difference when hitting big rocks offroad?

Jerry Wilson says:

Living in central Pa, I’m torn between the 350 & 500. The 350 would be better suited to the tight trails, loaded with rocks & roots.. But the 500 would be more fun on the street.
Out west the 500 would be the obvious choice. Great video BTW! Lots of great info here.

Tim M says:

Hey nutnfancy, got a question I’m an intermediate rider for dirt and street, I’m having a tough time deciding which one to get, I’m 5’10 and 160 what would you recommend?

matty d says:

the maitnence makes it not worth it.

chalz108 says:

sherco makes some pretty bullet proof enduro and dual sport bikes. my 2005 fuel injected 450 has never failed me. the 2016 and 17 bikes are so sexy. I don’t ever see myself riding a different brand bike after the 05 being so good. ive seen a lot of positive things about sherco old and new

Craig Grissom says:

And BTW – great review!

146Griffon says:

Hey Nutnfancy do you still have the 500? I love your bike vids, any chance on an update video on the 500 or 690? I have an older 400 EXC I love it!!

Supernova12034 says:

In addition to what Cycle cruza said, you forgot the new PISTONS you have to get every 130 hours….

The Moto fixery says:

love my 2014 ktm 500 xc-w! shifting is telepathic and loads of power! just a great machine!

Nery Salguero says:

I’ve been eyeing this bike for a very long time and I finally bit the bullet and decided that in two weeks imma get it. Watching this videos about the bike make me that much more excited about getting it

Frickin Jim's Frickin Adventures says:

Reliable? Lol 😉

aseredy says:

Heh Hey nutn, if someone’s in school, chances are they can’t afford a KTM500EXC let alone the sumo conversion for it. Haha

Tony Clifton says:

what year model is bike in this video nut’n?

I77deer says:

Wonder how the Beta 500 RS compares against the KTM 500 EXC?

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