Top 5 Best Dirt Dual Sport Motorcycles that work well on the Highway (Lightweight Dual Sport)

Top 5 Best Dirt Dual Sport Motorcycles that work well on the Highway (Lightweight Dual Sport)
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5 best dirt dual sport motorcycles that are good road capapble is not easy for the new rider, here are my 5 best options for new to experienced riders.
Buying a dirt dual sport bike can be difficult. Especially if your new to the sport or looking to upgrade. A question people ask me often is, can I use a dual sport bike on the tight technical trails? Tune in as I go over some brief differences between using a dualsport bike or an enduro bike while riding on road or trails. Maybe I can better assist you in purchasing your next bike. Either way you can’t go wrong with either bike nowadays.
Top 5 dual sport motorcycles that I feel are the best for new and experienced riders, the best dual sport enduro and 2018 best offroad motorcycle.
Best Dirt Dual Sport Motorcycles on the highway is that possible?
I have my 5 Best Dirt Dual Sport Motorcycles That I feel works
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Thank you guys for the support and I hope you all continue to enjoy the wonderful worl of dual sport!

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Alan Behnke says:

Your top two number ones cost half again more than any of the others. Not comparable.

Latitude says:

5. Nailed it with this pick. The WR is just more road friendly than all the others in the 250 category. It’s because of that engine.
4. I own one and can attest to this, but damn if that carburetor doesn’t drive me nuts sometimes. I would not take this for very long trips without a Seat Concepts seat.
3. Another excellent pick. If it was good enough for the US military at one point, it’s good enough for you. Love the Chug. My pick for a world tourer.
2. Yet another long standing model. I don’t see many of these, but Suzuki still makes them. That’s got to account for something. Great KLR alternative.
1. Your opinion on that one. (¯_(ツ)_/¯) Between the two, I’d take the Husky.

Mark Dillon says:

I love KTM but my pockets will never go that deep for one lol

colorado_milsurp says:

Didn’t you mean 21/18 inch on these bikes? I thought the 17″ is only on the supermoto bikes. Good video, I like the info!

Ryan Bowlin says:

Slamming on people for how they pronounce husqvarna, eh?

At least we can pronounce similar correctly. It’s not “simular” Great content, though!

miguel miranda says:

Wow great vid man!!! Agreed with everything, have ridden all of those bikes except the 690. Will take your word for it, thats why Hopig to buy the 701 or the 690 very soon. Thanks man. and will be asking fo a sticker.

Woodland Tactical says:

I’m amazed. As soon as I saw your KTM I thought for sure this would be a list of 5 KTMs. I’ve always been a KLR and DRZ guy myself but I think my next dual sport will be either the CRF450L or a KTM 350EXC-F. I’m also interested in the Africa Twin. Thing looks like a huge dual sport

RockTheSix says:

I had a ’92 KLR 650, It was a great bike. It did everything i asked of it. Its down point was being very top heavy. Full tank of gas with gear on trails really sucked!!! The stock gearing was too high for any slow manuvers in tight situations. Great vid. Im almost 50 and looking into the CRF250L, But now the KLX is back on the scene. I dont need a big CC bike, just a bigger fuel tank for either bike i decide to get.

Science Militia1 says:

I have a 1985 Honda XR600R. XR600R dominated baja 1000 for a decade. Scott Summers dominated GNCC on one for like 12 years. I ride mine hard core off road, and I also ride it 60 miles every day on highways and a little interstate. I put modern forks and shock on it, and it handles really well off road as well as on road. Mine is 270Lbs wet with no gas. Stone reliable and easy to work on too! I put a modern FCR carb on it and she rips! Big bore and aftermarket camshaft too. I’ll never sell it but I will probably buy a crf450l in a few years.

Bullet Ben says:

dr650 is number huan jalalala jalalala. Haha I own one. Good list man.

BellsRides says:

Love the top 5

Josh Smith says:

Well you got me to watch this video until you said XR didnt make the cut. What a shame. So I stopped watching bc KLR and Dr’s are gutless

mld says:

ktm 690 , ktm 1090 , ktm 640prior to the 690 , ktm 620 prior to the 640 , and . . . . does anyone else really make a modern true dual sport motorcycle from the factory ?? i have owned several of other brands prior to KTM’s and even had several street kitted off roaders ect and they all suck on the road and usually rather low performance by comparison on or off , and you did say “highway” right ? sorry but a WR250 or even a DRZ400 & most single cyl = pure torture on the highway

J P says:

WR250R? Come on! Plenty of power? Not at elevation. That bike will NOT do highway, WITH gear, in ANY headwind, at elevation. Even at sea level, load that thing down with 30 lbs of gear and I don’t believe you’d want to do 200 miles on it. Prove me wrong with a video.

Steve Podraza says:

What do you think about the Honda crf250l for my wife? She wants to get into dual sporting. I’m getting the new Honda 450l

mld says:

I had a couple of XR650L’s and then a DR650 and have to agree its a hidden gem


Damn. I never even thought a second about the DRZ400 when I was mini-adv bike shopping, but you are coorect-o! I see several around here at the Land Between the Lake area, there is a ‘zuki dealership not too far at all from here. Like……….less than an hour away. Yet I went 3-1/2 hours to go get my G310GS! LOL

690 ADV says:

The top 5 bikes I list are I feel the best for new riders and old riders. What do you think I missed or did I get it right? Watch to the end for Free decal info..

Story Moto ADV says:

best vid yet. excellent work man

efrey614 says:

My crf250l has been loaded up and did 800 miles in a day going and 800 miles returning with the stock seat! My bike is set up now with bigger tank, better tires, seat saddle bags, and whatever other bags, plus a good bit more power than stock. At 150lbs I can adventure the Crf250l no problem. On the highway I would stay under a few hundred miles for sure but with a gps and 60 mph roads it will do it pretty well.

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