The Most UNDERRATED Dual Sport / Supermoto | CRF250L First Ride & Review

Can you really have fun on a bike in this class?

Absolutely! The CRF 250L from Honda is an excellent bike for riders of all experience levels, from the perfectly engineered 250cc fuel injected engine, to the respectable full travel suspension, this bike will get you to a lot of places and leave you with a smile on your face.

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Ty 125 says:

Supermodels are only good for trail riding so what’s the purpose??

Angel Garcia says:

that 450l expected the 28 of this nonth! yeeeeeeee

Дмитрий Юдин says:

Hello! Great video. I have the same moto. Can you show in detail how to ride it not on the rear wheel !? How to lift a sweep on the rear wheel?

Nicholstop : says:

I got mine for 4K it was the best deal and it was a crate bike so it wasn’t ever sat on or anything on the showroom

Moto Madness says:

Riding the tits off it… Nice!

Out Of The Box WoodWorks says:

Keeping it and posting more content about it will bring you more subscribers, ok I subbed.I may pick up one of these soon, I like this video.

GaryLordsWayMinistry says:

I would keep it for a back up and a go to for anything I was doing, it’s a keeper in my book, and you got a great deal. I can’t wait till I have a couple grand cask available for steels like that come my way as well.

Moto4rr says:

just subscribed nice videos thinking about getting a dual sport soon and this crf250l is one on the list i’m looking at.

mld says:

i wouldnt say it was underrated theres a tonne of great reviews on it and bunches of youtubers riding them ? anyway its a great little bike for the $ thats for sure ! is it your first dual sport ? if so welcome the the light my friend !! new sub here great review

BarnStangz says:

Great deal on the 250! I like the Grom and all, but I think this is where it’s at. You’ll have WAYYYY more fun on something like this. Yeah, it’s a little under powered, but I’ve honestly had some of the most fun on small bore bikes. I would keep it, esp. for what you paid for it. Seems to be in good condition and like you said, it’s easy to maintain. I don’t like the painted bits, I agree with ya on that, maybe get them back to stock. It seems like it is reasonably quite, I’d keep it that way too. When you’re blazing some new trails or exploring, stealth is your friend. Glad to see you’re out there having fun on this thing, can’t wait to see more. Oh yeah, almost forgot. Seat Concepts makes the BEST aftermarket seats I think. Had one on my FZ09, huge improvement. They are not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Keep rippin’ bud!

SlackerStacker says:

Look’n pretty hard at picking one of these up. I enjoyed the video and opinion on it. Keep doing what ya do!

Mathieu LeBlanc says:

Amazing spot to ride. You are skilled my man!

Dublin Bikelife Ireland says:

Nice job man you got a good deal their and you should get the crf 250x next if you flip the l

John Roth says:

You are definitely putting a smile on face. 🙂 I’ve seen anybody wheelie the 250L. …. You are one crazy guy. 🙂 LOL

Mark Collins says:

I have a 2017 crf250l, great bike, a blast to ride ! Like those Wheelie’s !

GrayEagle45 says:

Keep it I was looking to get one then looked at how many trails are gone now do to houses being built on old farm land where I live so I got a gom to play with keep up the videos and will you take that on the next group grom ride.

RevMatch says:

I’m dying to know if you can swap a 450 motor in there. I’d never do it because of the maintenance schedule. But it would be cool.

FreeLance Moto says:

Came here from IG. 10/10 will watch again. Love your videos, brother!

にりんね says:

nice video

Joel lindblom says:

Ive never seen someone ride the shit out of a bike like this on a first ride! FUCK YEAH DUDE!

jason white says:

Hope that I am pretty much liking everything u post helps u to be seen more so maybe you end up with more subscribers

Slywolf75 Adventurer says:

Love the bike! Keep it if your having fun on it! I had a set of those tires on my first dual sport bike which was a Yamaha XT350. They were great on both pave and dirt! 3 bikes I would like to have in my garage depending what kinda riding I wanna do. 1) GROM setup as a dual sport just for riding on road and on my local trails. Also to throw in my camper for our summer music festivals. Gotta get out on some adventuring while in new places. 2) light dual sport 250, first choice WR, second CRF and third KLX for local riding and some offroad weekend camping trips. 3) Adventure touring bike for those longer saddle rides cross country. Load up camping gear and take off for a week or a month adventure across North America. Anything from a Ralley Raid Honda CB500X to a KTM 1090 Adventure. bike.

OG GROM says:

where can I find a seat like that but for a grom?

jahen vazquez says:

What’s the top speed

Chris Billings says:

I’ve been waiting for this video! Good stuff man. Keep up the good work

Stewart Ware says:

Great video buddy!!! I was looking at the 250l a while back.. honestly do you think I am to big for this bike?

Maxwell Rundle says:

Great video man cool bike seems really nice and fun cant wait for the next one

Benjamin says:

Top speed? And best cruising speed?

The Diamond Company says:

I’m 13 about 5’8” and I’m getting one for Christmas.

KBM Racing says:

I bought one for the shop to mess around on, and like everything else around here it got modded, … Supermoto trim, 2nd pick are the Power MADD mirrors AD you can buy them for 20 bucks on amazon, you can’t really see shit, but it’s legal LOL

Ladarius Carter says:

Keep it!

Underdog Moto Mania says:

It was fun watching you ride it, it’s no 701 enduro 😉 but I’d say keep it. Looks like with your wheelie skill you can get a lot out of it. Also the tune on that bike seems to give it descent power.

Nick arpino says:

I have a 2015,My favorite bike. I say keep her. They a a blast!

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