The Difference between Enduro and Dual sport Motorcycles

What are The main Differences between an Enduro and a Dual sport Motorcycle? Find Out.
ktm 300 2 stroke vs drz400s , klr650, dr650, wr250r.


CanzZz says:

dualsport – travel and go wherever you want

ron perl says:

have you considered beta 4stroke 300rr as enduro or dual sport???

uldarico Vl ramirez says:

I love the music men,is it Rob zombie?

nuked nuked says:

Always great vids Jon !!

DRS0823 says:

3:34 Well almost all the supermotard guys change the oil after about 10 hrs

Jeff Ferguson says:

Like you said , enduros are off road only race bikes. They are not road legal from the factory

Hal Jarvis says:

Back in the early 1970’s, most winners of enduros were riding a Husqvarna or a Penton. But you could see all kinds of bikes there, and the Japanese manufacturers called their “dual sport” bikes “enduros”. I don’t think the dual sport moniker had even been coined at the time. Bikes did have to have the minimum amount of lights etc to be street legal, as many sections of the trails were connected by stints of pavement on county roads, etc. From the AMA website:
Enduros are one of the oldest forms of motorcycle competition. Run on a challenging route that includes wooded and desert terrain, more difficult “test” sections are connected with roads, fire roads or easy two-track trail. Enduros can vary greatly across the country, but one thing is certain everywhere: They are one of the most enjoyable, thrilling and fulfilling forms of motorsports competition.

Small rows of riders — generally three to five a row — are flagged off in one-minute intervals. Aided by a route sheet that includes mileage, turn and time information, riders follow a marked course. Scores are collected at checkpoints along the way. Once all riders have finished, scores are compiled and results are posted.

In general, there are two types of scoring methods for enduros. Traditional enduros penalize riders for arriving early or late to a check. Start-control enduros only penalize riders for arriving late to a check.

Hundreds of AMA-sanctioned enduros are held across the country every year. They include local events, regional series and nationals. The discipline’s top riders compete in the AMA National Enduro Championship Series.

Hutch's Motovlog says:

Your bike would make my wallet cry….

upshift93 says:

Do you ever miss street riding on your old gsxr?

Jeff Ferguson says:

The confusion all started in the 70’s when Yamaha started putting enduro right on the side of their dt series bikes. dt’s were on/ off road (dual sports) bikes not enduros. people have been calling dual sports enduros ever since.

Ron C says:

I just always assumed that “enduro” was a street/trail bike, a dirt bike with lights and turn signals. I don’t remember any super moto, dual sports from my younger says….of course, we’re talking 70’s-80’s too….lol!

J0mama1 says:

Bottom line, one is manufactured with predominately road use in mind, with some gravel roads and single track from time to time. The other is a motorcross bike with a headlight, for lazy people like me who will carry an extra 40 lbs so we don’t have to kick our bike. LOL

LizardMane says:

my dad has the ktm enduro 690 r its street legal 4stroke

Brian Fisher says:

Dual sport is different on weight and power is different endro is a fourstroke dual has fourstroke and dirt bike also has 2 or 4 stroke

Joz Sports says:

A Dual purpose is street legal with signals, mirrors, and street legal tires and a longer range transmission, Enduro is lighter, even with a head and tail light, but not street legal, weight is a big difference, and enduro has a long range transmission also but has more of dirt tires and more for the track or trail, I’ve owned a Honda XL350R which is dual purpose, my yz125 yam is a track bike, now I’m getting a KTM EXC or SXF not sure what cc I want yet but those are more enduro for trail or track

Brian Fisher says:

Enduro is way different than dirt bike

Hal Jarvis says:

Jon, you summed this up pretty well in 20 seconds, from the 4:44 to 5:04 time stamps.

faith biker says:

One of these days I may be in a position to buy a two stroke Enduro. I love watching this channel because you feel like your on the trails. Take care.

Jim O'Rourke says:

Maybe talk about differences between enduro and motocross race bikes. They look similar, but different styles.

Madis Lumiste says:


Some dude says:

Thats crazy all they get is 200 miles. Why is there such a yuge difference ?

OcTaNe Moto says:

I dig the trail you were on man!! :))))

ADVsquared says:

Never really understood until I owned both types of bikes.  Now it is crystal clear.

Leaky's Bike-It says:

I wouldn’t have known the difference either

MotoGorazd says:

Nice video! I have a 50ccm enduro for a start haha but still woud you be that nice and check out my chanell 🙂

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