The DEATH of ALL DUAL SPORTS! Reasons for no new KLR, DR, & XR & why the WR250r is Discontinued

If you ride a dual sport, you MUST watch this video!! ***** *****
#everide The #THUMPocalypse may be upon us. The Yamaha WR250R is rumored to be discontinued, and there’s a good reason why Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Honda haven’t updated the KLR 650, DR 650, DRZ 400, or XR650L in years. While we all hope that updated models will appear soon, it may not happen… ever.

Check out Zac Kurlyk’s article at Canado Moto Guide:
Check out his interview on Adventure Rider Radio:
See WeBike for the Japanese Article about the discontinuation of the Yamaha WR250R:

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B Murphy says:

I don’t get the emissions standards how did they allow the yz250 2 stroke back into production if emissions were the excuse ?
I remember back around 1992 they stopped making all the 2 stoke atv’s because of emissions yet we have a yz250 2stroke in production now in 2018
I always want to add that i love the yz250 and very happy to see it back brapppppapppppppapppp !


what about Huskys?? they got that new 701 and 501

david Quinn says:

And there will be the “new”Honda 450 for 2019
I keep my dr650 tho…nice to have the weight on the high way.
Will be getting dr’s has long has they make them

Craig Lambert says:

Good point on places to ride

piotrektt says:

and it happened Honda announced CRF450L, so maybe dual sports won’t die 😀

Sean Paul Alejandro says:

The 2018 wr250r is on the yamaha site now … but it was not until recently.

MrSquiggy123 says:

Honda is coming out with a CRF 450 L AMEN!

Glenn Lutic says:

Sometimes a new motorcycle comes along that is unexpected, that totally floors me! I saw one today! The NEW HONDA 2019 CRF450L . The floodgates are officially being opened. Definite game changer. …with Honda quality and reliability.

Dave M says:

I think the new release from Honda (CRF450L WOW!) warrants a followup to this video.

Jay Ash says:

Hopefully the CRF450L will boost the market and encourage other manufacturers to make more up to date duel sports

BladeRicsi says:

i hope you are wrong.

MickeyMac says:

Just bought a 2018 WR250r and love it!

spoony spoonicus says:

I would rather old tried and tested technology than un tested gimmicks when in the middle of nowhere.

Edgar Daniels says:

Funny story: I’ve had an Africa Twin for a year, about two months ago I got a notice for a recall. A recall usually means go to the dealership and have some minuscule change made such as a switch or sensor that was bad from the factory. The AT recall was someone in California noticed a mistake in the handbook about the emissions of the bike. Didn’t have to go to the dealership, they just sent me an updated copy of the owners manual lol!

Santanu Bose says:

Good vid, but BMW G310 GS , single just came out smaller engine but who knows maybe they are going to come out with efficient singles.

PrimitiveJoe says:

Time marches on, save your tears for something worth while

MegaPoxie says:

If you use your logic about single big thumpers, surely a Harley Davidson has twice the issue! I bet the USA emissions
standards don’t apply to US made bikes.

Charles Huse says:

Suzuki DR’s (200, 400, & 650) are all still carbed. Honda and Kawasaki are EFI. And that’s 2018 models

mr unsane says:

Better check Hondas 2019 lineup…… Specifically the 450L

Ali Eid says:

I love dual sport and will buy one very soon I’m thinking of a wr250 please tell me what do you recommend?

Harleys Rule says:

There is nothing wrong with carbon emissions… global warming is bullshit.  And they can try to close trails, but then they have to enforce that foolishness… yea… just try it.  We just need to collect the XRs, etc, keep them in good shape, use them, and then pass them along.  Someday the dipshits in government will be pushed aside again and we can all ride in freedom and peace.  Until then… we resist.

Sociopath Mercenary says:

Love your vids but happy to say you were wrong. New CRF450… New FI KLR250… And the WR250R is back for 2018.

Mr Redcoat says:


Todd White says:

It’s good to see that Yamaha and Kawasaki have brought there 250 dual sports back and the release of the honda 450L might give us some hope. It will be intresting how Yamaha Suzuki and Kawasaki react to the 450L.

mountaineer says:

Now we know, it’s the Honda 450L. Even if you don’t think it’s worth 10k plus, you can’t have it all at the DRZ price. Financing 10k isn’t all that expensive. Especially if you put a few k down.

Scott Talasko says:

based off of the 2007 CRF450f dirt bike, you can buy an AWD christini 450ds online at it’s legal with lights and can ship to your door.

Ken Cooley says:

Thanks for your work.

Greatly enjoy.

KLR650 rider here as well as RNineT Scrambler and HD Anniversary Heritage Softail 114.

Love bikes

Ulrich Dethlef Jørgensen says:

tjek this one!

Justin SMC says:

Honda be like “I got you fam” lol CRF450L outta nowhere

John Osborne says:

Lmfao, Honda CR450L just killed your video.

DR Dan says:

And Honda released the CRF 450 L.

Masoud Rad says:

I’m from Iran and 2 years ago it became compulsory for all the motorbikes to have EFI to be able to acquire a license plate. a few days ago I went to buy a dual sport and the market was full of EFIs. apparently it didn’t die and the motorbikes were updated. (of course with an almost 15% rise in the price!)

Heather Hart says:

CRF450L, eat that clickbait video

drzstunts says:

Crf 450 L

Robert Werth says:

Buy a KTM 500 EXC or 690 Enduro R. Both are fine (if pricey) bikes

one-mans way says:

agenda 2030

Richard Bavier says:

Hopefully the CRF450L encourages new improvements in the category

Baran Zadeoğlu says:

8:18 We know now that bike is crf450l and I am happy. Honda is famous for abuse proof bikes. 250L is a big hit already and it might engage more 450s from other manufacturers. Keep in mind honda is the only brand as of this comment to consider a 450. Other brands are looking for their own new 700 adventure bikes. (ktm, guzzi, yamaha, triumph, bmw) and africa twin really tells a lot about honda. It was a big middle finger for every other so called “adventure bikes” with its off-road performance and parallel twin engine. One more point is that electric is coming babies and it is coming strong. It is coming with a bunch of torque and clutchless drive. Soon electric probably will take over the world of dirt because the old style bikes will be inferior in cost, performance and power. There is literally no reason for a electric dike bike manufacturer to make a dual sport other than possibly the fuel range. In that case, I probably am still happy since I don’t buy dual sport to go across the country. I buy it so I can drive 20 minutes to off-road terrain istead of loading the bike to a pickup or smt like that.

Creeperli HD says:


Cat S says:

If this is true I’m glad I bought a new dr650 last month. Get your fun vehicles now before everything is boring electric cars.

con georgiou says:

what about hondas new crf450l, and the potential that they will release a crf450RALLY later

Oso 11 says:

as honda just announced the new crf450l and kawasaki just brought back the klx250
this video aged well lol.

Greg Wiens says:

Nope, yesterday the announced the Honda CFR 450 L!!!!

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