Slow vs Fast Dual Sport Motorcycle? | MotoVlog

MotoVlog: Slow vs Fast Dual Sport Motorcycle, which is better?
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Og maco Sheesh says:

could that thing get out of a hairy situation when going 70 or is that max

PoultergeistMedia says:

I’m going to be getting the WR250R. Your videos were a factor in my decision, especially the one about seat height as I’m only 5’10”. Love your videos and enthusiasm.

austin cutty says:

anyone else realize the music is the same as loudwire

jtaylorls1 says:

i have a xr650r and love that bike. yeah its heavy,and still has a carb. just ask yourself what bike has won baja more then any other. HONDA XR650. every day i ride is like a mini baja in my mind. my friend has the wr250, i like the bike. just not for me. keep having fun.

Asa Houra says:

If you keep riding in the center of the lane, sooner or later, you’ll drop and slide from road debris or oil slicks. You need to practice riding to the left of the lane. Your visibility to passing drivers would be enhanced, also

Jacob Peal says:

The only problem with dual sports on the trails is the tires it sucks when its in the mud.

Nadab Yisrael says:

KLR650. Will take you anywhere. 6.1 gallon fuel tank and a seat your butt will thank you. Nice videos bro keep them coming.

Elias Rodriguez says:

I can’t wait to buy my own brand new yamaha wr250r great pick cc can’t wait to follow in your lead

Ed Hill says:

You are exactly right. This coming from a guy who has had a KLR650, XR650L. I also had a Super Sherpa and a XR250L, and just so much easier on the trails. Bigger bike, more HP, equal heavy. The worst enemy in off road riding.


why do you keep riding in the centre of your lane? that’s like riding 101…dude, ride in the left tire track!!

Randy Marsh says:

I have a crf250l and don’t think I could ever ride anything else, the wr maybe. its awesome to ride a light bike that goes everywhere

CycleCruza says:

FYI – My wr250r 2.0 fully modded bike unveiling video:

John Rogers says:

Nice bike but not all big bikes are heavy, your 250 is 298 pounds? pretty much the exact same weight as my 94′ xr628r give or take 10 pounds.

I just finished a full custom “restore” on it along with a new top end. Im still in the break in stage too so I know how you felt. it’s a freakin beast of a bike tho an it’s nice always having more than enough power than not enough out on the road an even the trail in certain circumstances unless your a moron but that’s a given.
I’m not even that big of a guy tho at only 170 pounds I can pick it up an man handle it like my previous cr250 an i don’t mind the extra weight at all. my only gripe is the suspension but that’ll be done by a professional soon an it’ll be ready to go.

Do you still feel the same way about the 250 after having it a while and getting better?

CycleCruza says:

FYI – Watch my first ride and review on my newly modded WR250r :

Oleg Krastev says:

I have Sxv 450 which is about 60hp ,plenty enough for my sunday shenanigans.

Tim Allen says:

For the price of a new WR , other options would be a new or good used DRZ400S, or a  KLX250 with a big bore kit on it, but the WR is a good choice too. The 650s are more for exploring easier trails and cruising like 80 on the highway, though the Honda XR650L is a pretty decent off-roader. The big multi-cylinder adv bikes are really just rough road bikes, not something you would want to be dodging trees on…lol.

Twinhit says:

I just bought an old mid-70s Honda 250cc Enduro. Parts may not be as easy to find as new bikes, but… it’s a nice bike.
I will say this, the Honda XR650L will provide plenty of speed for the interstates, parts a plenty. If you’re too short for the bike
there ARE ways to tweaking it until it comes down to a manageable height. Or else, look at a Suzuki DR650
The Yamaha 250cc is a bit tall for me, but I’ve heard good things about it.

The Honda CRF250L is a VERY nice dual sport for it’s $5000 (USD) price.

IMHO, dual sports are a GREAT first bike.

Fabio Zanin says:

Are there fast dual sports ?

Vi Et Animo says:

If any cagers are causing you problems out there on your dual sport, just cut across the grass middle of that divided highway and peel out in the opposite direction.

Jeff says:

kawasaki klx250s, i guess its considered the slower dual sport, especially since we lowered the gearing. great offroad, and i ride it on the street to get to all my spots. sweet shit.


I just subed

MrYungGunn says:

god damn it i really am fat your bike is lighter than me lol

Retro Moto says:

Totally in agreement! If you want to go real fast…get a crotch rocket! The purpose of a Dual Sport is enjoy trails and be able to travel with traffic on the road. Nice review!

ManOnMachine says:

“Lets go for a ride!” Vrooooom!! (almost loses control) lmao. That shit cracks me up everytime.

James Whittington says:

I missed this video. I live in Western MD. For tight and steep off road I wouldn’t want a big adventure bike. The 250 and 450 dual sports do just fine here. If I lived on flat land, then yes maybe a Ktm Duke or such would be more usable

super117knight says:

hey guys im 5,3 and maybe i want a dual sport as my first bike (i dont know yet) are there even dual sport for my height that are able to go on the highway?

Ralph Livingston says:

someone is always FUCKIN with me on the highway

Snake Bite says:

its so expensive

Greencrayon says:

I just went from a crf250l to a ktm 690 enduro r. It was definitely worth the price. Muchh more power and a list of other big advantages. I loved the 250 it was great but the bigger bike always wins.

northcacalacka545 says:

I don’t think you would like a big bore for what your using it for.  I just picked up a 09 KLR 650 and it is a BEAST.  I’m 5’10” with a 30 inch inseam and I cannot throw my leg over easily.  In fact, I use the peg to get up on it, then it will compress, but, no flat footing that thing.  You would not roll it up a ramp without sending a nut through your stomach, LOL!

cadwarrior says:

i had a 2008 wr 250r, great bike, but i personnaly found this bike underpowered, and heavy (over 300 lbs). I prefer the xr400r that have much more torque, but the downside of the xr, it isnt street legal. Now i have the ktm 500 exc, that have close to twice the power of my 400 and weight only 250 lbs. It is verry far from my old wr250. But you have to pay the price, more expensive to buy and closer maintenance schedules, but it worth it!! Have fun with your Yamaha, its a verry good machine! my 2 cents!

E2Moto says:

The WR250R has always been a wonder for me. What makes this 250cc dual sport so fast compared to the other 250 dual sports, i.e. CRF250L and the KLX250? Though, I’m going for the DRZ400SM, the WR250X isn’t that much slower either.

Freddy Troche says:

please help me choose between 2015 klr 650 or a 2015 honda Crf250L

Neil Kee says:

It doesn’t matter if you have a fast dual sport or a slow dual sport. If you suck riding in the dirt, power isn’t your problem.

goodride2004 says:

my xr650r weighs about 325 with fuel, and has 55hp and over 40lbs of torque. you can get a faster more powerful bike that weighs near the same. highway cruising is about gearing, either eat revs on the hwy and have the torque off road or the other way around. either way if you plan on doing any significant amount of highway riding you need more power then a 250.

thelaughingman79 says:

my xr650l only weighs another 40lbs over that wr and only 20lb more than a crf250l i believe. its the only 2 wheeler i have ever owned some people say its to big but it feels small and nimble to me…it is to tall though i’m 5″6 and if the ground isn’t level where i stop it can be a scary experience. it’ll cruise at highway speeds for hours and reasonably low rpm in 5th i like the dirt bike feel more than a street bike..its nice to go ride around the offroad areas but i am neither strong nor tall so i don’t get into any serious trail riding but feel i have definitely made the right choice.

Flat Jimmy says:

i have a klr 650… and since i commute on it i like having that little extra power, although my max comfortable cruise speed is about 75mph @ 5k rpm.. she will go faster but its too vibratory.

Riding Gravity says:

how is there so little traffic?!!?!?! u are so F$*%*$( lucky!!

Ibcn Things says:

I’ve rode several different 250 and 450/500 D.S.’s. Yeah the 500’s gave you more power and a little better feel on a major highway, but when you’re off road (and that includes still on the streets but popping a curb or the like) then I felt the 250 was better. But I ain’t gonna kid myself and say I wouldn’t take a WR450/500R over the 250. But like my man C.C. say’s about the WR250R; “I’m as happy as shitting on a pig”.

Chase says:

So what should i get, i would be going to school and a couple highways with a bike, so what should i get

Jake Fehr says:

KTM 525 exc makes a great dual sport

mikewags 14 says:

what dirtbike is that

Stephen Abner says:

Just got my girl a klr250, it’s slow as shit but I love that damn thing. It climbed a steep ass dirt hill with ease with both of us on it.

Joe says:

i dont see why you would need more than that yamaha.

Enigma 7seven says:

i can tell u first hand from riding a 2001 bmw 650 dakar that weight is ur enemy off road, like going up steep hills with not enough traction and the weight lags u down and then when u fall over its not fun beleive me epeclly when trying to pick it up. also big bikes suck in the sand and ive gotten stuck so many times, so now i have a play bike, a tw200 and its like the ulimate bike for barging thou most any terain u can throw at it, its not gonna take jumps or go fast like a motocross bike, but let me tell u its like effortly going up the steepest hill or in sand or practically anything u throw at it, peaple allways say nah go with the bigger bike but i know for a fact the smaller bike for serious offroad is by far tons better and more controlible, but for any long distance riding like over 100 miles i’ll take the bmw any day, and love the big ktm’s! thats my 20cents good luck.

Steven Denny says:

I’m 6’3” 240 lbs, would a 250 be enough for me on the highway to go 75-ish or 80 mph?

Yianni Soumilas says:

i have a kawasaki klx250s and i belive the smaller dual sports are better than bigger ones.

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