Review of Kawasaki klx250s Dual Sport / Enduro / Motorcycle

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I purchase this 2009 Kawasaki KLx250s and wanted to give a review on the bike, Here is some pro’s and Con’s and a test drive on the bike.


Shaylin Trotman says:

Is that good for the bike to be riding the clutch like that???

1stPionPaul says:

Thanks for a very detailed review!

Mr. Tangent says:

PS: Your audio is fine. These people complaining about low audio are complaining over nothing.

Mr. Tangent says:

Fantastic review. Thank you.

fifthward1983 says:

i sat on the bike with full knobbies and my inseam is 30 . i could just about get my toes on the blacktop.i think with boots on and 50/50 tires ill be fine .

Math Sauve says:

what is the RPM of the engine at 60mpr? does it rev too much to be a higheay bike?

Jesus Chil says:

like a drill sergeant “IIIII CAAAAANT HEEEEEAR UUUUUUU” 
PS i love my 09 klx250s

Bakersworld says:

I’m thinking about buying the klx250s dual sport. I have to travel about 30 miles on the highway 5 days a week to work. The min is 40 on the highway. Was thinking I could do 55-60. Would that wined the motor to much for that long. The road then leads into a 55 mph zone for another 50 miles. Would this bike be ok with that?

Felix Diaz says:

quick question. im about to buy a 250cc dual sport and the klx250 is my favorite, but im 6’4 tall and that might be a problem. Idk if will I look silly on this bike or should I look for other ones??Yamaha wr is a good option bu I still prefer this kawa.  im worried for being to tall for this bike. what ya’ll think. any advice

C3HENRYS says:

I have the same bike with full knobbies. I am 6 feet tall and I can flat foot with bare feet. If I am at a light and sitting a bit my feet are flat and my legs are bent so I think it is up to your inseam.

bluelipbeaver says:

I drove my 2012 KLX 250s from Nashua NH to West Palm Beach logging 1650 miles taking four days.   The little bike preformed very well however I got tossed around quite a bit when the big rigs passed me on I-95.  I averaged about 68 mph most of the trip.  Fueled up every 120 miles.  It was a great trip and now it will be here for winter adventures out to the keys.

Review Outlaw says:

Thanks I love to ride it, Around 75mph to 80mph

diego castellano says:

Nice bike!

Carry Smith says:

awesome bike buddy,,what is the top speed on it?

Ronnie 1stinfield says:

I can hardly hear you

bluelipbeaver says:

Thanks Review Outlaw!  It was my second trip down I-95 in the past two years.  The first one was in the winter of 2012.  Lucked out with dry roads except for a snow shower for twenty miles from Worcester to Sturbridge, Ma.  Going across that Tampanzee Bridge with a 50 mph cross wind coming down the Hudson made me real nervous.  Southbound tractor trailers pushed me around, but when I’m heading south, I’m happy.

seanchriscraft says:

Just checked, the 2014 model is still has a carb, the european version has FI

Jack Kempf says:

I’m 16 and living in illinois where I can’t get a motorcycle license on a motorcycle over 150cc’s until Im 18. That being said I was wondering if this is a good bike for just offroading. Im a beginner in addition so I don’t think it will matter that much the bike I use but I just want to buy a bike that I can license when I turn 18 and will have for fun up until then. Do you suggest the klx250s?

TheSuperNESman says:

I’m 5’10 so i’ll probably be completely on my tippy toes but if you can adjust the height than that shouldn’t be too much of a problem really.

Alex KG says:

I’ve had my 2012 klx250s for about 3 years now and I’m 5’10 and I sit pretty well on it. the only thing that bothers me is the boring ass sound and the fact its not easy to lift the front wheel without going into 2nd (because its sorta heavy)

Review Outlaw says:

Really not me and i’m also 6 feet, I find it interesting you ride Bare Foot? doesn’t it hurt to switch gears? Also do you modify your inseam or is it stock? I have trouble when i’m going down a path and it’s block by a tree so i need to turn around often i need to get off the bike because i’m on my tippy toes, i’m thinking of having it lowered a inch or two. I do like it tall when i’m on the highway so i’m conflicted on what to do.

Jack Wagner says:

What do you think would be a good price for a 2009 Kawasaki KLx250s with about 1800 miles on it?

Geoff /// M Nelson says:

would 3k for a 2012 with 150 miles on it be a good deal?

Jonathen Burton says:

Bike is really nice btw if you are familiar with coil over springs that’s all the bike uses use a wrench to turn the spin plate on top of the shock rubbing the spring to change the height. Unscrew to lower the bike which soften suspension and tighten to raise and stiffen suspension. If only a few inches just adjust the rear shock the front is in good position unless your dropping more than three inches

Agostino Bordignon says:

How does it go whit two passengers?

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