o#o Suzuki DRZ 400 Quick Review: Best Dual Sport Motorcycle in the World

Is the DRZ 400 the best Dual Sport/ Light Adventure Motorcycle in the world **for the money**? Yes. Yes it is. Here’s why.

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tmckague says:

Bottom line though…there’s a reason the DRZ400 has remained unchanged for so many years. It’s a little on the heavy side, but then again, it’s like dancing with a fat, elegant woman. So smooth and comforting. I ride the SM version and it’s downright scary on the freeway. I have a feeling of “I have no business out here” every time I ride on the highway. For mountains with twisties, zipping around town…few can compare.

Finnoctane says:

Now that’s a review 🙂 I wish they had you on Motor Trend or similar!

PistnRods says:

My next bike is definitely going to be a dual sport. 🙂

Rafael Soares says:

Too bad it isn’t street legal in Brazil. Otherwise I’d certainly look into having one.

Hunter - says:

“You can score a decent used DRZ with low miles in good condition for under $2000”
Umm…..  Where?  I’ve never seen a good condition DRZ for less than like $2500

clint S says:

well said video on the drz

norincobro capri says:

All you say is totally true!
… i should know, i have owned one for 10 years.

13nobody13 says:

I did the mod a year ago, yes, it works unbelievably. Why manufacturers don’t offer this is also unbelievable. I used a heavier gauge plastic and I also screwed it to my number plate.  Made me feel better. Here’s a video.  Suzuki DR650SE

Rick Thompson says:

What is Suzuki’s excuse for not having fuel injection and a six-speed transmission on their DRZ400? Whatever the answer, it is lame and a shame! Add these two items and there would be one in my garage. Best dual sport for the money? Saving money is not the best option if the bike can’t keep the owner happy and he just ends up selling it after one summer!

norincobro capri says:

… during this time i owned an xr 650 r. They are not nice bikes. I sold mine after 6 months. The xr400, like the 650 r, has no electric start. This gets very irritating in the real world. Die-hard Honda lovers are a strange breed.

billieguitar says:

“bar none” nah dude, the Honda XR400 is way lighter (125kg wet), is still cheap and is way more capable off road. It’s simpler too – no watercooling, so no radiator to break; it’s not so highly tuned engine means less maintenance. Overall a significantly cooler experience, look it up, ppls!

Jack Daniel says:

I’m looking to get my 1st bike, so as a beginner you would get the DRZ 400 instead of the KLR 650?

Sputnik says:

How long could you ride at 60-65 mph on this thing? i need one that can handle the freeway abuse to get to the trails.

mike Bones says:

Shut up and take my money!

AkDeluxeRider says:

Well said, just wish they were actually that cheap up here. $3,500 is pretty much the going rate despite year/miles. But that speaks volumes as there’s tons of awesome trails here in the Ak. Great video, amigo.

Gary Price says:

Love mine

Dracati Ducati says:

Suzuki should pay you for this !!!
Well Done

Kearl Hat says:

What’s the highway cruising speed for the DRZ? I’m looking for at bike that can do sand dunes, forest service roads & mountain passes. Is it still comfy @ 60-70mph? Thanks!

Patrick Henry says:

Glad that’s finally settled 😉

norincobro capri says:

There are 5 speed, wide ratio gear kits available for DRZ .
These give the bike a very low 1st and a taller 5th, making it a true dual-sport.

Mad Benco says:

Ktm 500 exc is by far the best dual sport I’ve owned.

DRfURYOS says:

Why in the F does no one speak of the DRZ’s closest cousin the Suzuki DR650? It’s been in production far longer than the DRZ and is a much closer competitor than the Kawi KLR650. The DR is also cheaper than both FFS!

Norsefalconer says:

The problem with DRZ pricing is videos like this, and that’s not derision. The DRZ was a pretty well kept secret, but now the secret is out and folks seek them out. We all know what happens when demand goes up.

Tyler Labriola says:


Momma Everide says:

I don’t appreciate these controversial topics. When you get home its spanking time!!!

CivilCycle says:

Drz under 2000? what year

noah melton says:

the rear tire?

Pro355Street says:

Great video. Picking up a used rebuilt drz400S this weekend for the trails!! Keep posting bud!

Rodger Hurlburt says:

so true I love mine

MrDuhfactor says:

Excellent machine if I do say so myself!!

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