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When I started fan-funding, one of the goals I never thought I’d meet promised Gentleducers they could choose which motorcycles I buy, review, mod, and resell. Well, they very generously met that goal, and the Zongshen CSC RX3 Cyclone, a 250cc Dual Sport Adventure Motorcycle, is the first they’ve chosen!

I’ll hold off on giving much of a review until I can put some serious miles on it, thrash it a bit in the dirt, and rev it above 5000 rpms (the break-in). For now, I suggest holding on to your money.

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+AFX FX 39 Dual Sport Helmet $110
+Fox Titan CLONE Body Armor $40
+Decade Armored Gauntlet Gloves
+Over-the-knee Articulating Shin Guards $25
+Oneal MX Boots $120

+Helmet Camera – Sony as100v
+Sena SMH10 In-helmet Bluetooth Communicators
+In-helmet Motovlogging Mic
+RAM Phone Holder

+18w LED Flood/Spot Light Bar $15
+Trailtech X2 Universal Halogen Headlight $100
+LED Flush-mount Blinkers $10
+Dual Sport Kit

+Seat Concepts Comfort Seat $160
+Sheepskin Seat Cover $50
+Progrip 714 Grips $15
+Cramp Buster Throttle Assist $10
+Trackside Heated Grips

+Green Chile Modular Luggage System (use coupon code everide)
+Nomad Rider Tank Bag
+Nomad Rider Venture Bag
+Tusk Rear Fender Tool Bag
+Tusk Front Fender Tool Bag with Tire Spoons
+Tactical MOLLE Backpack

+JB Weld Steel Stik
+Slime Tire Inflator
+12v Adapter
+First Aid Kit
+Ride On Tire Sealant & Balancer

+Dual Fuel Camp Stove
+Anker USB Solar Charger
+Anker USB Battery
+SOG Multitool
+Gerber LMF 2 Survival Knife
+Sawyer Mini Filtration System $16

+Kenda K760 Trakmaster 20% Road – 80% Dirt Dual Sport Tire
+Kenda K270 50% Road – 50% Dirt Dual Sport Tire
+Shinko 705 80% Road – 20% Dirt Dual Sport Tire

+Trackside Handguards
+Devol Skidplate

+IRC Heavy Duty Tubes
+Spare Metric Bolts http://everide/org/buy/tusksparebolts
+Tusk Brake Lever
+Tusk Clutch Lever

+Battle Born Pants
+Battle Born Jacket
+ARC Padded Shorts


Alvaro Ochoa says:

other than the parts concern, im very pleased, that for the first time,
somebody cares who could it be able to ride it.
that’s an inclusive thought.
so, even senior fellas shouldn’t be concerned about the weight of the bike. women and short people.
plus a 250CC engine it’s a good idea saving gas.
i used to think wrong about 250cc until i bought one.
then i bought another one,
kymco brand name.
taiwanese.( Chinese with top quality mentality.)
kymco. thousands of these bikes selling in Italy, israel, asia, usa, canada etc.
i use mine in the freeway 2 or 3 times a week for 3 hours whole trip no problem at all. and im planning a trip from LA to Washington in this 250cc all confident.
so problem if its chinenese.
and finally it’s a beatiful bike. buy it if you like no hesitate for this video.
there’s a video recorded. here in yutube of a teenager and his dad crossing the usbin 50cc’s i think from san francisco to new yok.and one of them in a chine scooter…..

M MJ says:


AverageJoe DirtBikes says:

EFI I’m impressed

Anthony Gilham says:

i love mine

The Empress says:

Weak, and slightly paranoid. Look up any reviews for any bike and there are pro’s and con’s. Just ride it and give your opinion. Then look back at the Jap bike reviews from the 60’s and you might see they are the same. China is learning and changing models and parts faster than you can rack up the miles. you never know that little bike there might be the RD350 everybody is looking for. Then again, it’s half the price of anything out there so you have to put that in perspective.

Margaret Wouters says:

chinese junk

Alex Abey says:

please test the cfmoto 650mt i test rode one and oved it but not sure how it would go offroad

lenarama1066 says:

This video answers the question “When is a Review NOT a Review?”

Noel gordo says:

what is the gas mileage or miles per gallon? 🙂

Charles Blanc says:

Auto beg solar maufkip

TS50ER says:

I’d rather take the bus!

Miss Kitty says:

Was this supposed to be a review? Or a cheap self-advertisement for the channel and a waste of viewers time… thumbs. down for me

woohunter1 says:

Does the bike come shipped with a title, so you can get it road legal in the us?

Jason Ko says:

Said so much .. without actually saying anything.

D. Paul Riderman says:

I don’t know if it was a mistake when you said break in? Really a used bike should have a break in!

didier banegas says:

it looks like the buell blast 500 , only taller and with more gears .

pete Stockbauer says:

who did you get the bike from

Cherokeeman says:

You yammered on for seven minutes and four seconds to tell us…absolutely nothing. WTF!?! Why did you waste the memory in your camera, your breath, space on YouTube servers,…and my time?

Al Castillo says:

I Still think Japanese machinery is junk compared to European

jack schitt says:

there is a huge void of a 300 -500cc D/S bike.  Why compete with so many 250cc manufacturers? if CSC want to crack the D/S market go to a 300 – 500 cc D/S bike.

Margaret Wouters says:

the chinese bike is a piece of crap

Greg Drozd says:

Where is this located? SO pretty

Muhammad arslanbutt says:

if you want tu compare conpare it with price

Anthony Gilham says:

mine seems to work fine and its probably the best bike for the price i have the 2016 model and I ride the shit out of it and its amazing. all the japanese companies are making 250cc adventure bikes. the down side is power and travel but its only a down side if you are buying it thinking you are gonna ride it like a hardcore dirt bike its not no adventure bike is close to a dirtbike except a exc so if you think its not a good bike you dont know what you are talking about you could get a klr or a drz i guess but you cannot compare those bikes

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