My Top 5 Dual Sport / Enduro Motorcycles | MotoVlog #22

So here it is, my top 5 (actually its like 7) dual sport motorcycles. The bikes on this list are the XT250, DR-Z 400s, Crf250L, Crf230L, XR650r, FE501, WR250r, and the Kawasaki… Just kidding, there are no Kawasakis on my list. I do check out some trails in this video.
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Gary Sherwood says:

First, you need to learn how to ride… Second, a 300 pound bike is NOT light! You can get a 400-500cc Beta or KTM which have 2 to 3 times the hp and about 50 pounds lighter! The DR’s, the CRF’s, etc are dependable, cheap but HEAVY and underpowered!

Foul Hazards says:

Just get a damn Beta Jesus Enduro riding Christ

SXV FiveFifty says:

This video can be summed up w the old saying: “cheap, fast or reliable… pick two”

DeeKay says:

KLR 650 for life though <3 I'll thump around all day on it 😀

Poor Man 1 says:

hay hay  hay  had KLR  650   PUT  86,000  MILES  on it in  14 years  love hell out of it  2003

Gary C says:

KLX250″S” not “L” and ,,,, for a cool $500 you can make it a 351cc which will out perform the DRZ400 every day of the week. Just a heads up!!

Max Maruszewski says:

Broke the shit out of the frame on my TTR-125, guess the 230 is beefy enough? Idunno I mean I went fairly fast on trails but none of the crash and bash you showed, I noticed the huge cracks in the frame after the bike soft siezed and started making all kinds of valve noise, never tore into it but it was pretty spectacularly depressing when it all kinda happened at once. for tight stuff I could just fly, so maneuverable and light, put dominos on it too 🙁

Alexi Thunderbird says:

hey. I’m curious about riding. but I just noticed most riders put their cameras on the side of their helmets. Is that just because on top looks silly?

Daniel Young says:

where is that ?? cool dirt roads

David Murchie says:

KTM 450 EXC-F, weight 233 lbs, 42 hp/37 ft lbs, So why not ride the best.

Taylor St. Pierre says:

The poor unlucky bustard that subs next I’m 665

Im in cause you’re funny, and you ride the same bike as me with similar mods.

madmaxxmad2 says:

wish my DRZ was fuel injected…. I did 3×3 worked great

souris verte says:

i havee the xr best bike ever ,,,never breaks down

Michael Aites says:

sub’d because of the end card… lalalalaalalaala

No Name says:

700th subscriber

danodbdb says:

Lol…that poor TTR took a beating.

Pablo Morales says:

What bike do you ride?

shannon james says:

Comment , comment comment on this video . Test , testing . when is your girlfriend home a loan ?  Just kidding but no kidding .  Thanks

Harry Brown says:

Idiots…pay $10k for a maintenance nightmare…

Shaun Timberlake says:

Husky 701 man!!!

idahoron says:

I am surprised that the DR 650 didn’t make it.

Alexander Calle says:

Curious: Why is it that te KLX250 is “trash”?
(On my country it was discontinued after only about two years of being in the market)
There still are some pretty good looking ones for sale, but I can’t make up my mind.
Thanks for your help.

Allan Byrne says:

Foul mouthed moron.

ElJefe45acp says:

Looks like Florida?

Daniel Provost says:


madmaxxmad2 says:

love my 400s, but not made for long street rides… you need an @ss transplant if you did a 600 mile day.   That is what the vstrom or the dr650 are for.

foooooooooood says:

5. XT250 Crf230L
4. Crf250L
3. XR650L
2. DR-Z 400s
1. FE501

and the WR250r rocks.

Darren Malone says:

had a drz400 before, cool but tall. 23yrs later back to my 2nd dr650. 325lbs dry 43hp! comfy seat and subframe for passenger or long range gear. Air cooled n bulletproof.

64maxpower says:

you probably should get someone that can ride off road to make judgements on the bikes

Me R says:

where are you driving? looks cool!

Let's make somethingPL says:

In my opinion fe 501 isn’t dual sport, it’s enduro

Scott Wiler says:

06 Yamaha xt 225 enduro with over 19 thousand miles on it still runs good

Skinnermann says:

i think we hqve the same gloves, red bilt gloves

mindblenderify says:

I miss my ttr all the sudden lol

one-mans way says:

yo Im the 700th subscriber

Brian Trend says:

nice bikes thanks dude I like the big boobies chick serving beers music at the end

Jerry Bowman says:

good vid

Roy Poud says:

i got a 1972 suzuki ts250 that makes the same power as the honda crf250l. 44 years and the ole zook can hold her own..

Benjamin BLACKWELL says:

More than a semantic determination here. But these aren’t “dual sport” bikes, these are road registerable dirt bikes. Dual Sport implies off road capabilities with distance touring capabilities, if the the industry is to be believed. I wouldn’t throw weight greater than my armoured body with a backpack over the top of any of these suggested, maybe the Honda 600. All good suggestions for doing exactly what you are doing, paddock bashing, trail running etc.

SFR SanFranciscoRider says:

cool video man, i wanna get a dual sport, can you recommend me one

Paul Van Eede says:

Wow you made riding that track look & sound so awkward & painful. Doesn’t look like your DRZ handles well at all on a basic dirt track.

Devo Dar says:

I didn’t know the WR 250 Yamaha weighed that much, damn. I liked your vid. I almost bought the 500 EXC, then looked at the maintenance and the fact that it has clumsy ways about it. Like if it falls over to the left the shifter goes into the casing and breaks it. Try to find a casing and they’re all on back order, lol.

stephen stewart says:


Skoolblow says:

get a wr250 and put the competition kit on it. your welcome

a moto Guiomar says:

You missed a Kawasaki! Not the KLX250L but the KLX300 with 230lbs and 30 hp 🙂

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