Middleweight Enduro Shootout

Full stats and story: http://bit.ly/IfwJsa We thrash-test three hardcore, street-legal enduros: The Beta 350 RS, Husqvarna TE310 and KTM 350 EXC-F. Find out which dual-sport come out on top of the comparison.


Barney B rebel says:

hey is this bike powerful?


The way he pronounces Husqvarna is hilarious

Franz K says:

All the American pros call it that…ok if you are American…let us know what language you are speaking and it will make sense…..actually they affectionately call it the HUSKY…..now for the KTM it should be pronounced KahTehEmm ….but we’ll have to wait a while for someone to use the original name…..well…since it is by far the best bike..KTM ….maybe somebody will at least TRY.

Cherles Saunders says:

2doollar topsoilioliolgoodfòetfreiotzzzzcazzz


beta power

Hawaiidirtrider says:

Ok.. for enduro.. next time find some woods…roots… find some mud.. find some big steep hills..up and down..find some tight technical too.. not only this wide open shit. I mean most of this vid shows roads..

kyle rowland says:

its 11,000 for a wr by the way

mrbasic86 says:

I have the 2012 350 Exc. with an EU remap and FMF slip on it’s a really awesome bike

orange70383 says:

Of course the KTM is going to be the best but you pay a premium for it.

Maro Vok says:

Glad to hear pro opinions.

plaid13 says:

Ok we know they are all good in the dirt since they are all dirt bikes with plates slapped on but what about on the road? Hows it feel at 70mph on the highway? are the headlights good enough to feel comfortable riding at night? can you plant your ass on the seat for a few hours on a road trip without pain?

KTMEXCFclaude says:

I have the same KTM350excf very good machine !

borat15151 says:

coz they weigh less

Poul Hansen says:

Look`s more like a dual sport shootout.

man tron says:

finally a ril dirt rider on crf250 whew it took a long time to search for this vids,.i just wanted to see if crf250l will perform well im goin to buy 1 nxt week..tnx guys..

Franz K says:

Always the Austrian is the best…but I can see why…after spending my youth there…never thinking we are the best but always striving.

Adam Alvarez says:

I’d like to see how these bikes handle on the street. I’m more of a dirt guy myself, but have been considering upgrading my ’99 WR400f dual sport for something a little more streetable, so I can save gas as a daily driver. Might just get a WR250r and keep the 400.

Duje Cvitković says:

DRZ400 and WR250R are not enduros but dual sports. That is why they are cheaper, beacause they are less capable

NoBull60 says:

They better consider shipping them with larger fuel tanks than the motocross bikes come with!
Dinky little tanks are a P.I.T.A. You have to carry a spare fuel cell, why not make the main tank larger to begin with.

J says:

te310 tranny sucks

josh - says:

No it’s not fuck face. Learn your facts right before you try to act smart.

Carry Smith says:

all those bikes are great,till they break down,here in miami you can find parts,dealer or service shop for them.

ChuddleBuggy says:

Amazing how nobody comments on this guy’s day old stubble.. in the last video i watched everybody was giving the presenter hell for his mullet. fashionistas, lol.

amryamaha says:

chuck Norris’s son

GraymanTactics says:

Cock in your ass, not in your mouth?

אופיר לראון says:


Jamin Mathis says:

I have always loved the big fours dirt bikes but they have all but given up on the duel sport/enduro market. They just don’t make bike that even come close to a TE510, KTM500, FE570, KTM200 or a Husky WR300. It’s also sad to see KTM buy up Husky & Husaberg just to make blue & yellow KTMs.

Henry Bonini says:

How much do they cost?

Jrmcmlln says:

But who wants to pay $10,000 for an enduro. Ridiculous. Il stick with drz400, or wr250r for have the price.

cityfisherman89 says:

best bike is the one u as a rider can afford!!

waderedsox says:

Beta, an itallian company, has developed their own engine for the first time, its also the only carburated engine here……..RUN AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY NOWWWWWWWWWWW

Ho Lee Phuk says:

These are more lightweight as far as dual sports. Love to see the KTM690 vs the F800GS vs. new Husqvarna TR650.

Franz K says:

KTM again and can carry a licence….must be the Austrian heritage?

Eekhoornstaartlolly says:

and half the capabilities… Everyone pays for what they want, if you want less then pay less for something that’s worth less

Marco V says:


carolcheny says:

no japanese bikes? come on!

Michael Tilley says:

Awesome trails!

Zak Raja says:

Why use a husky and ktm

Zak Raja says:

Better off using Yamaha, Honda and ktm

Daniel H says:

EXC x3

idriwzrd says:

Gotta wonder about a guy who pronounces it ‘chazzy’.

Grafer90 APB says:

Please learn to say husqvarna right….


This is “mid weight” ??! “Dualsport” ????? I’d like to see what a “light weight” dualsport is… What the fuck is this video?

josh - says:

h ttp:// gyazo.com /0a0248341c784cf5b7eddc46854ae39b

Hawaiidirtrider says:


victor fabian says:


David deapras says:


kristof herme says:

i own a 310te and very pleased with it,just has 5 gears,thats the only minus for me,but overal fantastic bike

Darth Ezwan Isa says:

demak dtm ftw!

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