IT’S BACK AND BETTER!! (Great Starter Motorcycle!) 2018 Motorcycles

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Michael Grimes says:

too bad they didn’t go up to 400 or 450, that extra engine makes them much more fun

shorla2012 says:

yeah man, great news, great price now really depends what hp is will have…vs wr250……however for the price, guess nobody cant complain…
i wana see as well all updates of klx450…the 2018 model..hope they made a true new bike on that one..otherwise…back to ktm freeride….

Chris Garcia says:

The camo one looks sick

Anthony Perella says:

That resivor is fairly vulnerable I laid mine over I didn’t realize until a few months later that I had a pin hair crack in mine.

Ryz On says:

that thing’s a dumper! just like the honda…. Yamaha is the only option for a good 250, and it’s not being discontinued! it’s back and unchanged for 2018!

NukaMoto says:

How does a modern 250cc only have 19HP while my 1989 Honda NX250 has 28??

Raymond Simpson says:

I’m glad they are reissuing this bike

Alaskan dual sport says:

glad there’s another dual sport

Jeremy Dewar says:

I have a 2009 klx 250s and it has just enough power for the dirt as i have a fmf exhaust and my carb is jetted for the exhaust, so it makes significantly more power than stock. Also, I think that the fuel injection system will add some power to the bike as well, and dont forget its a sub 300 lb bike so super lightweight. The reservoir or the right side is the coolant overflow reservoir, and i have dropped this bike many times on the dirt, and i have never had a coolant issue. Fun bike, not great for the highway, mine has a larger sprocket on the front so the highway isn’t as bad for me, but back-roads it loves. Once you hit the trails its great. Nuf said

outbackeddie says:

I just bought one. Unfortunately, the roads are covered with snow and I won’t be able to ride it until April or May. But hey – at least I got one.

Ed Hill says:

This old dual sporter (62) is going to get one of these. The last dual sport I had was 2 years ago, a XR650L. After this I went to a cruiser, VTX1300. Nice bike, but just too boring. I want to get another dual sport before I can’t ride off road any more. So lets see, I have had many dual sports in the past. I have had the following; XL500, DRZ400S, XR650L, Super Sherpa, KLR650, XR250L.

Ryan S. says:

The reservoir on the side is for the radiator. I have a 2009 klx250sf. No problems with the “old school carb” I live in the mountains. Other than the graphics and fuel injection it’s the exact same bike as before. Oh, wait the mirrors are different. Love the bike.

William Knight says:

Is the Yamaha wr250r better than the Kawasaki ?

I help anytime says:

“Let’s go for right”
“You were watching psycho cruises along with motorcycle channel, subscribe to date”

-YouTube’s auto subtitles 2017.

h h says:

Cycle cruza. What do you think is better the, the klx 250 or wr250r? Please respond!!

Madslave55 says:

Are the front shocks adjustable like the Yamaha wr250?

Fried Mule says:

CycleCruza’ You have to see these MC commercials, they are funny and some of them are more true then we want to admit to:-)

eddie kay says:

You got mountains in Ohio ?

9Nails says:

Fuel Injection for the win!

Adam Richards says:

Canister is for windscreen wash water. No big deal if you break it.

Each Adventure says:

It’s great to see the KLX250S back in Kawasaki’s lineup. I seriously considered getting one before I bought my Honda CRF250L but ended up with the Honda because of the fuel injection. I agree on the Matrix Camo version… that is a sweet looking machine!

Mike Parry says:

SWM is worth looking at. The RS500r is 115kgs and 52HP.

The Vibe says:

i had a chinese 50cc scooter when i was in highschool. it would start up at -20 celsius at first kick

Tim Hardman says:

Thanks for the info Cyclecruza.  It sounds like the FI KLX250 that has been operating overseas is underwhelming regarding the motor….that’s too bad. I can’t imagine the engine being tuned much differently here, but I hope to be surprised.  I’d love to find a 250lb to 300lb 250cc dual sport with good lower end grunt and a 6sp tranny.  I’ve never ridden a WRR.  I’ve been told it’s great ‘except’ it has a deficit in low end power requiring a fair amount of clutch slippage in challenging situations. That’s the place I like riding the most.  I have the skill to slip the clutch to get the torque needed but I don’t like doing that on a regular basis.  After looking at the Torque Graph one can see the torque drop off between 3500 and 4500 RPM.  To me, that is bizarre engine performance.  Why does it have that drop off and can it be fixed?  From the HP and Torque graphs, the Honda and KLX look like a much smoother ride with power coming on in a more linear fashion.  It looks like the WRR pulls away from the Honda and Kawasaki at about 7,500 RPMs and up.  I don’t like riding in that rev range.  I wish the WRR would work for me but it looks like it doesn’t.  I’m leaning towards the Beta 125rrs right now…I wish they made a 250rrs.

Vector VII says:

taking your advice on wearing full gear literally saved my skin and kept me from having an “F’d up day” . another good vid. Thanks.

Fried Mule says:

Motorcycles are like beautiful women, you don’t just ride them, you have to show them some love and, and what better place to be then in the garage while you use hours to make here purrs while you show her all your affections?!:-)

Thanh Luong says:

Your awesome thanks for tips bro

MNairsofter98 says:

Dude no offense (love your videos) but you gotta quit harping on carburetors. Last winter, around the end of February (it was like 35 degrees) I was able to start my 82 magna 750 that had been sitting since November almost the same as any other cold start. Took me maybe 2 seconds longer. See, the key thing is I properly winterized it and ran seafoam through the carbs to keep them clean. Not dissing fuel injection, because yes it needs less maintenance and is more reliable, but properly maintained carbs will also work well for you 90%of the time

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