HONDA CRF450X Review from a Dual Sport & ADV Perspective #everide

Everybody knows it, the Honda CRF 450X is an AMAZING dirt bike! But does it make a decent dual sport? And would it even be worth trying to make it into a light ADV platform?

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69adrummer says:

This video gave me diabeetus!

Capt Sam Wilson says:

Hmm looks like EverRide dropped this build…..

Ed Rodrigues says:

Living in California, could not even think of a project like this.
If 80% of your adventure trip will be dirt, might make sense.
If not, a DS will be more comfortable and dependable.

Jared Brokloff says:

Did the wheels fall off yet?

john w says:

450 exc learner legal in NZ but you still need the seat concepts wide seat and an extra led light

ColoradoDualSport says:

So two things. #1. How do they do the Baja 1,000 on a bike that needs an oil and filter change just past the half way mark? #2. This does make me want to get a dirt bike dirt bike. A bike that I would ride maybe once a month that I would haul to Rampart or some other gnarly but fun trail system where it would be used for what it was made to be use for. However, it’s hard to justify that when Xena can ride to those trails and conquer them with a little less style, but way way way more comfort.

tim struppi says:

why dosent honda give us a 450 rally/adventure? I think thats the kind of bike everybody is waiting for…

Nathan Moseley says:

Where are you in this Video? Looks like a blast! Keep up the great content Buddy! Thank you!

Nicholas S says:

Did you really loop a bike on a test ride? Lol

Ill Def Beats says:


Landon Hillyard says:

I know its a new bike but I want you to let us know what you think of the new ktm 300 with transfer port injection. KTM has smoothed their 2t out lately and the new TPI is supposed to fix the MPG issue. Would be interesting to hear your input from a dual sport perspective.

Pat Hemperley says:

So your video is describing a KTM. Hondas are bulletproof. I raced a 2007 CRF450X in the baja 1000. It finished, 6 guys riding it on a stock motor in 2010. The first time I went to Moab, 2008, I tore down the motor to inspect. I put a piston and rings in it. (it didn’t need it, but I had the motor apart so I did it. I had a 2005 CRF450X , I rode it to 13,000 miles off road/Dual sport, street legal, before I did the Valves. I put a few clutches in it, but I abuse clutches. I desert raced the 05 CRF450X, motod it and rode it every where, single track, 5 miles of HELL. you name it. After I did the head. I had AS racing do the vales for me. I rode it another 5,000 Miles before I had a bearing in the tranny start to go. I now have a 2016 CRF450X and have done the same mods, gearing 14/48 and it runs great, no stalling after doing a few jetting changes.

Matt Nicholson says:

I have made my two stroke KTM 300 into a hard enduro/adventure bike. Plated for the street and all. I am considering taking it on a loop of the western states on the Backcountry Discovery Routes. At least the required maintenance on it is less often and easier than the 450X

Craig Gibson says:

I’m a diehard fan of the X bikes (I’m riding a CRF250X now), but I chuckle when people talk about their bulletproof reliability. Sure, once you ditch the Ti valves and slap some kibblewhites in, I’m with ya. Also, the suspension is great for open-class desert from the factory but it’s a brick in the woods and needs some serious softening up with a revalve. Oh, and the stock rims/spokes are junk.

Fredric Mccub says:

my 1995 xr80r is still super fun and runs grate and like you im lazy when in comes to maintenance oil change 1 or 2 times a year and changed from stock sprockets and chain to new ones this year.

M2W says:

Boy howdy, I like Honda’s!

Jeremy Slade says:

Your self defecating humor is great, but your wish list to turn this 450X in to ADV unicorn is just to much of a stretch. You just can’t give it EFI, an extra gear or change a race engine maintenance schedule. I like your thinking though! Bring on the T7!

BranimalCFH says:


Timothy Thayer says:

I don’t know, man. I keep hearing how dual sports and dirt bikes are the way to go for novice riders and then I hear how this thing scares the crap out of you…I think after I get my GS850 running again, I’m gonna save up for a DR-Z400E.

OG Dally says:

She sounds fun. Awesome review!

Matt Nicholson says:

KTM 500 or 690…

Adam Batchelder says:

Hmm, tell me something that this bike does better than a ktm 500 exc, 530 exc, or 525 exc other than price.

Trent Schumann says:

My CRF450X is set up as a street legal trail monster. I did a walkaround video you may be interested in here:

Michael LaTray says:

But Noooooo

Mballer45 ! says:

Looking to sell that bike ??? I want one haha

blacklisterd says:

To bad there isn’t more men in the world. Says a lot when an ignorant puzzy with a tube channel is now a dirtbiker. Ive never herd so much bs in one video

minitwatch says:

lmao. The audio fail is the BEST part of this video!

David Cline says:

Love southern Utah riding…

Jacob Lacy says:

Video quality is absolutely great!

Jordan Ray says:

You say you have relatively poor riding skills but the footage disagrees! Nice review man!

deniaL says:

I’m curious to know why you’d prefer steel valves over titanium valves? I personally prefer titanium valves.

miguel miranda says:

What the hell happened to the build up??????

Chris Hinds says:

Two questions: First, at ~5:20, you cross the top of a waterfall… Is that John’s Canyon, near Moki Dugway? It sure looks similar if not…
Second, how about a comparo of the XR400 vs. CRF450? I’m still in love with my old XR, and haven’t found anything I like as well yet. (I’m actually looking for an XR250, which I think I might like even more…)

john martin says:

I love my 2012 CRF450X.. Awesome bike loads of power

Not Sure says:

Hahaha! The voice overs were perfect!

Paul Taylor says:

my mate rode his to work every day and a thrash on saturday over 35000 km same rings same valves but 2 stator rewinds and the drive chain even when the bike was new seemed as loud as the bike coming past my joint ever day.

Ben Provost says:

Hey man that desert trail riding in the vid looks awesome, where is that? thanks

Bongo Dave says:

I had a street legal XR650R. It was an amazing bike. Not much of a street bike, though.

Christopher Villarreal says:

wheres the link to the build progress?

zipo dipo says:

FUUUCK.. !! Doesn’t this guy shut up.. ??

MrBryantb2 says:

Very excited to see the end result of this 450!

randy higgins says:

do you hate yourself?

Natee Pun says:

is it time for the Christini AWD kit upgrade for the 450x yet? 🙂

MidnightSun ADV says:

id love to see you do a dr650 review

Tankerman says:

I purchased my 2012 450X new in 2016 and got it for 4,200 out the door, price played a big part of why I purchased it and have enjoyed the powerhouse greatly My bike was a bit touchy also but after installing a Rekluse clutch the stalling issues has now been a thing of the past. The oil change is so easy that I change the oil and clean the air filter after every ride. Stay safe

meder07 says:

Hey Tyler, do you do adv guiding in the zion/dixie area? Couldn’t find contact info for you.

Michael LaTray says:

a CRF 450 L
would be nice

Russ Paton says:

Just don’t replace the cdi/rev box based on Jims recommendations lol

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