Honda CRF250L 8000 Mile Review Dual Sport Adventure Bike MotoVlog

This the review of my 2014 Honda CRF250L at 8000 Miles. Its a great bike.


crf max says:

i have done 3100miles on my crf 250l and love it but sometimes i get a few drops of antifreeze from the right hand side of the engine on to the frame its very rare it happens but i have been led to believe that its normal on this bike wots your thoughts on this ?

BACK40ADV says:

I’m glad there was no smell o meter on this channel. Those chicken coups smell bad. Thanks for the review. Looking at getting one

ineed2wheels chevy says:

hey woodzman I hit the street for first time yesterday and once I hit 45 to 50 all I can hear is wind. I can’t hear my rpms. how do you know when to shift other than feel?

Vermont Dualsport says:

would you advise against a full stage 1 kit (plus airbox mods) ? Do you think stock set up runs hot from being too lean? I was thinking I’d just have the Honda shop shoot the works before I take delivery. I have the Flatland skid (new version) and Rad guard, shorty levers, Bajaworkz windshield, Wolfman tail bag, enduro tank bag, fender tool bag, Wolfman rear rack and 1 gallon Rotopax ready to install.Very excited for spring! I respect your opinions on such maters. I’ve never heard of anyone so deticated to consistent , unwavering use of there bike as yourself. I’m surprised you don’t have heated grips. Do you think the CRFL’s stator would support a set of them? And lastly, based on your explanation of why the 13t isn’t such a great idea, I’ve decided against it. Has your 42t been a worth while. mod? sorry for all the questions but it’s coming down to the wire for my purchase and it’s your own fault for being such a great resource on this stuff! Lol. Thank you, Frank. Your awesome!

TheFanaticalFan says:

Good review wood. Gotta get mine soon. Ride safe

CivilCycle says:

does it keep up with cars on the highway

ColeKam says:

I am considering a KTM 350 excf.

Heartland Dual Sport says:

I have my eye on one, its lightly used, been for sale for a while at a dealer up in edmond, I would like to have one, might have to wait for a while though. But Man I really like the looks and sounds of this bike. great choice my friend.

danodbdb says:

Would you recommend this bike over the DR650 for back roads & trail riding?

Anonymous user says:

I am considering this bike myself. Thanks your your review. It seems like that front brake hose is in your line of sight to view the speedo. Is there a way to re-route the front brake hose? Thanks.

azdesertdog says:

Great job. I have been wondering how it will do in higher mileage. I only have 4000 on mine. Our friend to the north had some cam chain issues. I haven’t heard it was wide spread though. I think you hit it on the head the bike is an awesome value it’s not a MX’er its a trail bike.

Ride AMAP says:

That’s how I am. I’m riding every day to work as well. 6 degrees is my record, but I think you win because you don’t have a windshield.
You still using the original battery? Are you glad you have the 250 instead of the DR650?

cwalter24 says:

Great review. Are you still running the same chain? I have same bike and year.

ColeKam says:

I am considering a KTM 350 excf.

CivilCycle says:

what is the top speed?

Robson Enduro says:

Hi, you’re saying suspension is not that bad, may I ask how much you weigh? I’m thinking about getting this bike also for trail riding but at 230lb I am a bit concerned. thanks

ineed2wheels chevy says:

hey woodzman I hit the street for first time yesterday and once I hit 45 to 50 all I can hear is wind. I can’t hear my rpms. how do you know when to shift other than feel?


Hi Woodzman, I appreciate your knowledge on dirt bikes and duel purpose bikes. Are you familiar with the Yamaha TW200? And If You Are Do You think its a very reliable bike for mostly riding in the city on paved roads and maybe a light trail or two. I Ridden both The Crf250L And theTw200 and my opinion the Honda Was the
better bike by far and the most comfortable and easiest to ride. but My Passion Is More For The Two 200 Because of my height and the wide tires especially riding two up on roads with a lot of bumps and creases due to uneven asphalt. The Tw200 Is Loud As heck muffler wise.But I’m Just wanting a short sturdy fun bike for everyday commute. Could You Please Share Your Opinion Please?

danodbdb says:

You should try the new CRF450L. I’d love to see you do a review on that one.

NoNamezorz says:

I’m almost dead set on this bike now. It’s wintery and snowy now so I can’t ride anyway but I’ve been on google earth searching my area for country paths and I’ve found so many. Can’t wait to get one and start exploring.

Dirt Hammers Off-Road Media says:

yeah.. those are awesome bikes for sure.

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