HONDA CRF250L 10,000 MILE REVIEW 10K Dual Sport Motorcycle FMF CRF 250L

Hello YouTube ! Im WOODZMAN and this is my 10,000 Mile review of my 2014 Honda CRF250L. This bike is by far the best dual sport that i have owned. It is light nimble and great on fuel.
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hillbillydualsport says:

Nice reveiw

azdesertdog says:

Wow 10,000 miles. This is should be a test project for Honda. Most of the CRF’s out there won’t see that kind of miles. Too bad because they are great bikes. My CRF went to a great guy who will ride it and enjoy it. I bet these bikes will go 50,000 miles or more.

adams_moto_time says:

sub & liked thanks thinking of buying this 2016 version. I’m a bit bigger guy but I think it will haul my fat ass around town at least. Thanks!

SteveSeiwald says:

Have you had to do much touch up woodzman? I sure looks nice. It bugs me each time I put the kickstand down that there is no toe catch and I’m sure I’m going to put a wear spot on the paint.

Jarret Hamilton says:

Can you take the FMF sticker off that exhaust?

Rustic Thumper says:

Already a subscriber. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your bike. I have to agree with you on all you said. I have just clocked up 10,000km on my 250l and getting new tkc80’s this coming Thursday. I wish I could come over and explore your part of the world.  Maybe fit in some hunting too. Take care out there

p36jet says:

Where’s the bike your talking about? This is showroom.

fukthegoog says:

Watching this inspired me to put some more miles on my new KLX 250. And I got a flat rear tire and had to push the thing home :'(

douglas graves says:

awesome and very detailed information on this bike. …awesome work

AndrewO_o says:

How many miles will the engine go for? +WOODZMAN Dual Sport Adventures

Heartland Dual Sport says:

Thats pretty awesome, everyday for 10 thousand miles, great job buddy. I love it. That bike is holding up good then.

Ross D says:

did you have to pay for the valve adjustment or dose warranty cover it?

Ross D says:

other then that love the vids your the reason i ordered my 2016 crf250l

Jason Allgood says:

Thanks again for your great reviews . I have 23.000 miles on mine and she is just fine. Brilliant little bike

jjustj says:

My stock speedometer and odometer are off a bit…..

Tristan Rutland says:

What kind of seat do you have. Just bought a 2016 250l.

Vman1313 Adventures says:

Good Review! Im only 3,000 miles behind you…GOTTA CATCH UP! hehehe

Wayne Wildman says:

tough that bike up a bit dude. 10,000 miles…any bike should show some wear. Take it off road and make sure to ride hard enough to crash and break some stuff, scratch it up and shit. I’ve hot the predecessor of this bike (XR250L) with over 30,000 miles on it. It is still mechanically flawless and looks good but there is no mistaking the fact that it’s been mostly hard trail riding and lots of launching it for fun. Hit it hard for us. We want to know how it holds up to abuse not how it holds up to being babied.

Daniel Badenhorst says:

Nice vid. Check you back brake fluid level though, seems like it’s on the low mark.

Mkewl2006 says:

Did you ever get that new spark arrester? Just curious if it’s going to take some of that edge off the fmf hq.

07canuck says:

Thanks Woodzman for your 250L videos! Nice honest & no nonsense tips & advise!

Lloyd Griffin says:

Great review Woodsman. Always look forward to your videos. What mount are you using for your Garmin GPS? Thanks again.

Vermont Dualsport says:

Hey there, Frank. Does that fmf mufler plug come with the pipe? I assume it’s to keep water and mice out.

Kelly Zabriskie says:

About what is the seat height with the new Corbin seat. Also about how much was the new seat. I am a short rider and with the stock seat this bike was to tall for me.

RandomlyTrees says:

Nice review! I was going to ask about the spoke adjustment, but you answered my questions at the end. I’m getting around 70mpg, but more than half of my commute is stop-and-go traffic on the way out if Seattle every night. Still can’t complain. I’m loving my 250L! Best money I’ve spent for myself in a long time.

Snowshott Gaming says:

Hey WOODZMAN, what’s the name of the seat? I cant find it anywhere for some reason..

Pilot_Brooksie says:

Im from the south east Kansas area so I live in sort of the same terrain as you. You said you road a few trails. I was wondering how it handled on hills and such with power, since there isn’t as much torque as some race bike? Thanks so much!

6Speed Noda says:

is this better than XT250?

Mackenzie Ashford says:

It lacks a lot of power to me

Chris Gonzales says:

ok so off topic. i noticed the background noise at the beginninf of the vid is from Arma..just sayin

MR. MOTO505 says:

Good review, how does the bike do with a passenger on the back? Can the bike keep up in traffic? Also, did you notice a power decrease? Thanks for the detailed review!

ripmax333 says:

stupid question….do you turn the spanner counterclockwise to tighten the spokes? silly me i thought it was the usual way …clockwise.

Tankerman says:

Good review. I have a 2008 Honda XR650L and it is a blast to ride. The only problem with the bike is it isn’t very nimble on tight trails. I hate to break it to you but I will be subbing you and commenting on your videos so get ready to be annoyed just ask anyone haha. Stay safe

Mehran Mahdi says:

great video….but a point to make out is, you cannot just turn those spoke nipples like that to tighten the spokes, you will miss the alignment. You need to check the alignment before you do that

A. Sanaie says:

Nice video. I have one of these babies too 🙂
Do you mind sharing how you mounted the GPS on your bike?

Edward Cullen says:

What’s the top speed of this bike? The 230 is winding at 60.

allen Henry says:

how much the new seat cost ya?

postmann1000 says:

i had 980km on one day, on my crf250l. damn, this thing will last forever!

Josh Partain says:

Your soooo cool

Jerry Coon says:

10000 miles! woo hoo! I have about 5000 on mine so far. I agree with your review 100%. I love mine and it is so much fun to ride. Dirt or street. I get compliments on mine in parking lots all the time. I’m convinced this bike is by far the best value for the money. I can’t imagine ever selling mine. Unless of course they come out with a 350… LOL

Stephen Arseneau says:

IMHO those are the best tires you can put on that bike. I had them and loved them. I regret not getting them again. I sure will next time.

jjustj says:

were your mpg figures with the stock odometer or gps?

ThaTurminator says:

That was a very helpful tip at the end with the spokes you just threw in. I had no idea. Thank you!

darksky says:

hey woodz a question, which handle bar is best for crf you think ?

neil briggs says:

Love your videos! Makes me miss the ozarks. My parents still live in reeds spring. I was wondering if you had anymore input on your new seat. It looks great! Just wondering if it’s worth the extra over the seat concepts one.

Damon Seely says:

These little bikes do get good mileage. I have been getting about 77 mpg. if I don’t ride to hard, Generally 55-60 mph. or less. When I have to do some freeway riding I get about 65 mpg. at 65-70 mph. Last Saturday I did 110 miles with a lot of hills and about half highway miles and got 73 mpg. I may do the exhaust next but not much else . Nice bikes at a good price.

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