HONDA CRF230L 3000 Mile Review – CRF230L VS CRF250L Dual Sport Motorcycle

This is my review of my Sons 2008 Honda CRF230L. I also compare it to my 2014 CRF250L.



Thanks for the review.  Sometime, if my uber busy life ever slows down a bit, I will do a review of mine that I have set up as a mini-adventure bike.

Chris Carpenter says:

OK, thanks just got one trying to figure things out

foxbodystang92 says:

Bought my son one, he loves it. I love riding it also. Fantastic bike!

Millermacs says:

Great video, I agree with everything you said, question though, do you have the stock mirrors on your guys’s CRF230L? I replaced the ones on mine with larger ones and they’re much better than the stock ones. Other than that I love everything else that’s stock on it.

Jason Waite says:

Yeah I’m 230lbs, 6′. Maybe this is too little? Maybe I should just do the KLR650 to tour Mexico.

Chris Carpenter says:

On the 230 is there a separate plug for the transmission, or is it all changed with the oil?

martial law says:

check out my 2017 honda crf250l on my page

stew tube says:

Thanks for another great video

Thomas Bullis says:

Awesome video, I do have one question for you though. Do you know if the 230L and 250L have the same rear shock linkages? I’m looking for a better rear shock for my 230L, and it seems like the 250L has just what I’m looking for. I just dont have a 250L to compare with my bike

Heartland Dual Sport says:

Does your son know you are out on his bike. heheheheh J/K
Thanks for the review, I think it would make a great little bike as well. Its kinda like a gun, some guns work better for different people, hence all the variance in make and model,. I am a firm believer in Honda though.
Thank you for the review sir. I appreciate you.

Chris Carpenter says:

thanks for the info

Trevor Jameson says:

Nice review and nice bike. That little crf230 is actually a Very good bike for climbing mountain trails in Colorado. I’ve seen several of them up there on some very nasty, steep trails. 1. Low seat height 2. Light weight 3. Geared low 4. Street legal (no need to haul the bike in a truck)
I have a DR650 but always liked the 230L and the older XR200.

victor Morrow says:

so as a commuter bike with a maybe some possible light trail riding how would you rate it

Jason Waite says:

You think I could tour Mexico on this thing? I see alot of adventure bikers getting KLR650’s, but they’re going to South America, & they’re also spending a tad bit more than I’m wanting to spend. This looks like an option MAYBE. Thoughts?

Steven Burger says:

When does this bike start to redline?

danodbdb says:

Excellent review. Thanks.

MotoMediZen says:

Hey Woodsman. Today I bought one of these for my son. Pretty much the exact same bike with 3000 miles. After researching all the options (including this video ;)) out there I thought this would be the perfect first bike for a 13 year old. CRF250L is a little too big. Yamaha XT250 is a little too short. And the price of this bike used was right in the sweet spot. Honda’s are bullet proof!! Love the videos! Thanks for sharing!

bassomanvfr says:

thank you! very helpful to decide between the 230 and 250 for my daughter…230 better for new rider.

another advantage of air cooled is less likely to damage in crash or trail debris – no cooling system to hole

TheFanaticalFan says:

Nice review wood. We are about the same size and your right the bike is small. Sometime I’ll make you laugh and show you what I look like on my TC 90. Ride safe

matty d says:

“Why mess with it?” Umm so it runs so much better when you uncork it.

canopydan says:

Excellent review. 2 thumbs up.

Andrew Silver says:

what bag does he have on the rear rack? I want to get one for mine. Thanks.

ripmax333 says:

is the CRF230L still in production? or still available to buy new in America? it’s a lovely little bike, i always had attention for this little machine. i admit if it was available here in my country and i had to choose between the CRF250L and 230L would be a tough choice ….maybe there would be good chances that i would buy the 230L. low seat height, much lighter, air cooled, more simpler and it’s a Honda..what the hell you need more lol. power i think it’s not that of an issue, sometimes power it’s not everything.

Buschwacker says:

Thanks for the great review! I’m 5’5″ tall. It sounds like this might be an ideal bike for me…

Jeremy S says:

Im a short guy looking to buy this

DeadlyTV says:

Great video! I’m 5’8′ 120 but am excepted to grow quite a bit more. Would I grow out of this bike?

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