Five Reasons You Might Want a Chinese Motorcycle – CSC TT250 – Dual Sport Sunset Ride

Have you ever thought about getting a Chinese motorcycle? After all, the prices are intriguing and the quality has gotten a lot better since the China bikes of the past. But why would you want to get one? Join me on my CSC TT250 as I ride through the Cleveland National Forest and talk about the top five reasons you might want to get a Chinese motorcycle!

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The CSC TT250 is a perfect example of a Chinese motorcycle done right. It’s combination of quality, price and parts availability make it worth a good look to a beginner, a casual rider or someone just curious as to what these bikes are actually capable of. Sure, it’s no Honda or KTM… but Chinese bikes like the TT250 provide an extremely good value for those that are willing to forgive the shortcomings.

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Paul Guy says:

I’ve got a TT250, buying Chinese is a great way for people to get into riding, as it’s cheap and reasonably reliable. I’ve taken it through the sand-filled ditches in Gorman with the stock tires, crashed it a couple times, it’s cheap and easy to fix and still running well.

ted a says:

Great vid, I have all the major brands in equipment and a kawi klr 650. I bought a Canadian tire baja 250 atv back in 2008 and it still runs like a charm. Great lil utility atv around the cabin. Not saying the big brands are over priced but they might want to look over their shoulder.

Crf230Rider says:

I’m still a bit skeptical about buying one in the future, I will definitely think about it tho. Great video man!!


I have been following your “Chinese Bikes” vids. 1) In 2014 I bought a “WILL” 200cc dual sport ( A Bashan bs200gy-18 with different plastic) new, went through the proper set up myself (immediate oil change, lock-tite *everything* not directly in the engine, dielectric grease on all connectors followed by heat shrinking or wrapping in electrical tape, USA Gates fuel line, etc.) and in the 500 miles I owned it, it never once left me stranded. It *DID* however eat expensive headlight bulbs at the rate of about 1 every 3 days. Replaced stator, voltage regulator, battery……….still done it when I traded it for a CB300F Honda. LOL
2) Now that my “main bike” is a Vstar and I have a Helix touring scooter, I been thinking hard about a Hawk or a TT250 as a throw around woods bike.
*BUT* there is one thing holding me back………………… wife’s trike. We spent nearly $5000 on a IceBear Zodiac in 2015. And that thing has been a mega absolute turd from day one! (again with proper set up just as I had done on my bike) I am a certified STIHL Tech, and have been in ag equipment and Lawn & Garden equipment business for over 20 years now. I know how stuff works! hahahahaha!
I don’t want to spend money on something, just to spend MORE money on it all over again. 😛

Hippo-Drones says:

Awesome video, and awesome view… really shows you don’t need the top-tier kit to go have fun and explore! 🙂

Matt M says:

What hand guards are those?

702Truee says:

I recommend the Bashan Enforcer 250cc check out my channel I made a short video got it plated and everything came with vin and the right certificates

noyopacific says:

Hey Josh, are you thinking about getting one of the Royal Enfield ADV motorcycles that are made in India? That might make a big hit. 😀

tonyz2897 says:

Looks like CSC has got the 2018’s in stock now. I was seriously considering one before I narrowed selection down to the Honda and Kawasaki and ended up with the KLX. The TT250 seems like a great bike, especially with CSC’s reputation for customer service and the low price point.

TheBenderover69 says:

Do you think a tt250 would make it to panama and back?

UTSB says:

Good for you man I’m a litter picker upper too.

Each Adventure says:

Have you ever thought about getting a Chinese motorcycle? Here are my top five reasons why getting a Chinese motorcycle might be a good idea! Enjoy the video and don’t forget to like, subscribe and share!

Mr. M says:

Very Popular in my country Haiti, they’re good too..

Another Agnostic says:

Going to buy a TT, just hope i can find people to ride with in my small town.

DesertDenizen says:

I think the CSC TT250 is the only inexpensive Chinese motorcycle that can be registered and insured in California. It has
been granted the California and Canadian smog certifications.

whalesong999 says:

I just assembled an RPS Hawk 250 for my daughter a couple months back. It’s a modest motorcycle and she’s quite happy with it. I was surprised at the features it has; there were only a few downsides with it’s quality I could see (I’m a retired motorcycle tech). One hangup I sensed early on is that the support and parts pricing are sketchy and seem like gouging in some respects. These are wacky times in the motorcycle world, beware.

rexeverything says:

I own a 125 Chinese bike bought it from new to use for daily commute and to get into riding had it year it’s done 6000 miles I live in the UK they salt the road’s here in winter so rust is beginning to be a problem lol but it’s ok I can deal with it, with owning one I’ve learnt you have to be prepared to put in the maintenance or it will vibrate to pieces as you ride it, other than that it’s great…

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