First Impressions, Chinese Hawk 250 Dual Sport Test Ride from The Three Amigos!

A friend of ours that came to March Moto Madness with us recently bought these 2 Chinese Hawks for him and his wife. He has already done a few mods on the green one, which is his, so the red one is still completely stock. Its always fun to test ride new bikes and I confess neither Jay nor I actually rode it long enough to give nothing but our first impressions. I totally admit to being completely bias when it comes to my XT but the Chinese hawk has a Honda clone engine in it, which is hard to beat and its a fun dual sport. You also cant beat that price of $1,400.00 new! Thanks Jeff for letting us ride your Hawks!
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The Steel Horseman says:

Who makes it??


Great vid!!!!  Yall are so funny!  hahaha!!!   I like the Hawk. I have been following this bike over at the chinariders forum for over a year now.  Although a far cry from being a “good” bike right out of the crate, with about $500 worth of easy mods, those things are genuinely reliable and very capable thumpers!  Granted, one can buy a USED Jap dual sport for about the same price (after the $500 in mods).  This is why I got my little CRF230L back in 2015.  😉   STILLLLLL miss that little bike.

Gus Two Wheeling says:

Great review, seems like a great bike. Thanks for sharing, be safe.

Hawk 250 says:

That’s so cool, I had one of these since 2015 and I love my hawk. For the price you can’t beat it.

LunaTech says:

I was wondering if you all got any footage of the Hawks. I should have let you ride my green one. I’ve got it setup fairly different from the red one. The red one is my wife’s and I’ve kept it a little more tame (like the throttle adjustment) since she is a new rider and I don’t want it to get away from her. I do have to get some longer shift levers so it will be easier to get a boot under it. Also I got them for $1150 each when I ordered them. Man I had a great time that weekend. Can’t wait till we get to ride together again and definitively can’t wait for MMM next year.


That motor may be a Honda copy but it is no way near Honda Quality ! I bought a China atv for Kevin when he was little, big waist of money, I went and bought a Honda and it was worth every penny.

Alaskan dual sport says:

Hey Hawk Girl
awesome chinese bike ,,can’t believe they are so cheap
great video and ride,,,ride safe guys ,,,LIKED ( thumbs up )

Vegas Gurl says:

So…if you had $1500 to waste, and wanted a beater bike, would you buy one? Agree with the fork oil, better tires & tuning ideas.

Moto - Jimbo says:

I sold my XT and I still regret it. I’ve been thinking of a hawk to replace it but I don’t know.

Triumphrider says:

Nice trails, weird bikes.  “Chinese Hawk” just sounds wrong; Hawk has always been associated with Honda in my experience (going back to the Super Hawk when I was a kid, I know that dates me but so what?)  Were I in the market I’d likely just look for a clean used XT or something, as Jay pointed out.  (But to tell the truth I’d kind of like something like the old 500 thumper Yamaha used to have, the dirt-only model, but then I’d need the bigger garage, and a truck, and…)

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