Dual Sport Shootout pt.1 – KLR650 DRZ400S WR250R

This week we take it back a few months. Hermit and I went down to visit eveRide and while we were there we decided to make our own version of a Dual Sport Shootout! This will be a short series that hopefully will help new riders decide on what bike is right for them. Since the three of us are on three of the most popular dual sport models, the KLR650 DRZ400S and WR250R what better time to talk bikes and even trade bikes to give our thoughts.

eveRide AVD – https://www.youtube.com/user/eveRideorg

HermitDaVlog – https://www.youtube.com/user/hermitdavlog

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/ColoradoDualSport

My Bike : 2013 Suzuki DRZ 400s

Mods so far :

IMS 4 Gallon Fuel Tank
D606 Front & Rear
3×3 mod and jetting
Chopped ugly rear fender
DeVol Extreme Radiator Guards
DeVol Skid Plate
Wolfman E12 Saddle Bags
Thumper Talk Case Savers
Immix Racing Rear Rack
RotoPax 3Gal + Lox Mount
Tusk D-Flex Brush Guards
Trail Tech Voyager

♫ ‘Crocs’ by Walldahl
Walldahl YouTube: http://youtube.com/walldahlofficial
Walldahl SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/walldahl


Samurai H says:

Very nice video

Thumbs up

Tankerman says:

Looking forward to seeing what yall think of each others bike. With all that eye candy to look at I applaud yall for being able to stay on topic. Stay safe

163AZJ& says:

поездка старых пердунов на дачу

ju wok says:

Where is this place if you dont mind me asking??

starsunderer says:

16:02 review begins.

Dayill says:

Cool vid. How are you recording all of the audio at once?  I use a Sena with a buddy of mine but am very interested in being able to record the audio for both parties.

country academy says:

Just recently picked up a klr 650 my first dual sport. I’ve been riding dirt since I was a kid a picked up my first rocket at 17. I’m 5’7″ 175lbs. The ability to ride anything is based more on a combination of mental over physical ability. people laugh seeing me mob around town on my grom and klr knowing I have a stroke bussa and a cbr 1000 at home lol

Matthew Frederick says:

So…you guys talked about yourselves for 16mins and never really talked about the abilities of the bikes, waste of time.

TWiGs ADV - Keep Off The Pavement says:

I know a whole lot about all 3 bikes, but I wouldn’t miss any of you three doing a review on each others bikes. Can’t wait for the next bit!

Shawn Deaver says:

You really need to throw the DR650 in this conversation. They are probably the most widely used bike of choice for the TAT trails and all purpose dual sporting. A pipe, suspension and larger carb make these bikes very capable and powerful enough for most challenges. Just sayin. Keep up the good videos fellas.

Franks Ride On says:

your all editing is the best. love watching your vids. And Hermit I completely understand the binge drinking. I am a mtn. dewer

Minimalist Moto Life says:

Just from watching his videos I thought for sure +Hermit DaVlog was a more seasoned rider, not just the riding but also the wrenching videos….. Hmm must have been an experience packed 4 years.

Matthew Frederick says:

also how can we feel this vid has any value at all with all the mods you did to your bikes? They are so far from stock they will not compare to someone with new. Again waste of time

Curtis Spivey says:

I didn’t realize you guys were all novice riders. I’ve been riding over 40 years and you guys a doing just fine. I can’t imagine starting out on such big bikes. Growing up, I used to think a 250 was a huge bike.

Bob Durrant says:

Great video guys!  I appreciate the fact that this is coming from “normal” riders…like the rest of us!  This was very informative and helpful.  You guys  mentioned issues with the KLR transmission….would that stop you from buying one?  If I bought one I’d use it ON-road 80% of the time.

Raul Valdez says:

Really enjoyed the video, was like I was out riding with my buddies. Wish I had more roads like this near San Francisco.

Dale Poulette says:

I am uploading a video of the bridgestone battle cross X40 tires, I must say of all the tires I used, BC.X40 is the way to go for all you trail riders or people getting ready for zombies or ww3 martial law

NessedUpProductions says:

You guys and your mainstream bikes 😛 Haha, good stuff and all good bikes. I would really like a KLR 650 to add to my collection. My biggest complaints on the KLR are the clunky transmission and crappy suspension.

xbeefedgex says:

Link to the lights you were talking about on the KLR?

MrAdventure says:

Hey Everide, if you can get your hands on a 2014 New Edition you should do a review on the KLR650 New Edition. I have ridden the 2nd gen KLR650 and compared to the 2014 New Edition it is a big difference on suspension. Love the videos

Rise4justice says:

I want the Yamaha wr but with a bit more power is the 450 f good for road crusing and off-road????

ChaoticDetour says:

I can’t wait for the continuation, This will end up being a reference video review for years to come.  But hopefully there won’t be guys riding trails in 2020 saying “in 2015 there was a really great prof. DS roundup but nothing since…”

Von Michael says:

Good info guys. looking forward to you guys trading bikes and giving an honest opinion of each others bike…. kind of like Everide’s “Brutally honest review” of the KLR. I’m interested in hearing everyones perspective.

babur.karaoglu says:

love it…

BloodstainedSinner says:

Where’s the XR650L in this shootout!?

Ride AMAP says:

Great Round up. I’m glad I waited to watch this and the next one back to back.

Tomasz Dabrowski says:

I just want to know which one accelerates the fastest

Chaindrive Sumner says:

ya’all made me feel short at 5’5” and fat 185lbs.

J says:

the KLR650 a grunt machine, (thats a funny ,a bad joke because its not maybe with a pumper carb) i’m 45yrs first bike was 1979 zy80 9yrs about 10 others bikes and last bike was a 2006 klr 650 and there a fat boring under powered hog, forks bad,rear sub bad, the thing here is your new to riding as in time and bikes you rode, the klr is not even in the same d.s category klr xr650 and bigger non-ktm bikes like cb-500 or honda Africa Twin ect, a drz and wr is able to be a single track bike, and i know klr650 sucks at than. but the thing is you dont know its a bad bike 80 on road- 20 off road then its great for a 60yr man

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