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Guide to help you choose between all the dual sport motorcycles.
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Jamison Gillen says:

KTM 690/Husqvarna 701 if you can handle 300lbs, if not I say your two best options are the KTM freeride 250R or the 300 six days

Johnny moehrle says:

another great vid CC!!!!! keep up the great work. and we need a new bug out moto vid soon, please!

Pennsylvania Dual Sport says:

It’s not the bike it’s the rider!

David Ryder says:

Also, DRZ-400 slightly faster than the wr250? Man, wr250 can reach only like 120km/h stock, drz can reach 160km/h stock and with mods it can reach 175 or 180km/h

SS Lew says:

Despite all of our criticism, you remain humble and continue to share your experience. You are continually improving. Tackling this challenge to learn to ride off road with an audience is commendable. Your approach is a great example because we can all learn something new about riding.

Echo Outdoors says:

1- Rock the bike when you’re stuck.
2- rip through the woods like you’re 20 on a yz450.
I shed some water outa my eyes everytine you dont jump those perfect logs.

I know this video slightly old but still lol

206dave says:

I dropped my crf250l in the woods yesterday getting some sliiide actionnn!!! Broke off my left mirror and went rolling into some bushes but it was definitely fun

SkogNaturalist says:

xt250 is more comparable to the cl250 than the wr250. I got a stock xt to 75 and a stock CRF to 78. I wouldn’t take either on the interstate. The WR is a step up in performance. Though the gas tank is wayyyyy too small. I really don’t get why anyone would buy a CRF over a Yamaha or Suzuki. The recent updates have made it better, but it is too heavy for what you get. The rally styling is pretty cool though. The price isn’t bad either.

todd merriss says:

Thanks, now I got the fever for a bike again, asshole. hahaha
Anyway, I’m interested in the husky dual sports like the klr and NC700X. I’m in Lakewood OH myself. Do you have any preferences on dealerships in this area? I know Rick Roush looks like a big dealer.

EthanKRETA says:

I don’t see the problem with carbs, get an adjustable fuel screw and you’re set. Also a Pumper carb just feels so much better than fuel injection IMO, even less throttle lag. If you don’t ride your bike, yeah carbs can be shit cause you let it gum up, but ride it and I haven’t had to take it out in the 2 years i’ve had it except to jet it ONCE

Stimpy's Garage says:

8:05 Honda CRF250L con “No adjustable suspension” .. somewhat true, but you can (and should) respring (buy new springs). I resprung my CRF250L to match my body weight and riding style, difference is night and day! It’s still not very great on power but regearing with sprocket changes will compensate for that, you just have to trade out freeway speed.

John Hartley says:

Great swamp action baby !

loopba says:

Kasich rocks a dirt bike

Natas Selur says:

By the look of your many videos on your W250r you do seem to gets lots of workout and cardio – when picking up your bike LOL. You bring a smile to my dial. Keep up the good work and stay safe – even in the mud!

Big Water Daddy Fishing Rod Repair says:

CC that is two down saplings that have taken you out now. It is all fun until you fall on one of them. Be sure to approach them at at least a 45 degree angle or you will continue to surf them to the ground. Also, when you feel your front tire sliding down that small diameter log, steer away from it and regain control. In your case, left turn Clyde. Watch the video in slo mo.


TW200 is a gawdamn minitank.

Jorge De La Rosa says:

CC, next time you get stuck and pull it out, clean the rear tire a bit, remember what happened to you at the parking, when you fell? Even if you will still be in the dirt, the tires don’t grip correctly

c0uchsl0uch says:

hey cyclecruza, i just bought my first dual sport a couple weeks ago.
a 2013 klx250S with 345 miles on it.
thanks for the videos and info. your videos certainly led me the right direction

Riding with Dave says:

we’re all waiting for you in the live stream on swarook’s channel bro.

jackalo626 says:

You keep saying the wr250r crf250l but didn’t mention the crf is less than $5k retail.

Mothman 46 says:

You’re late for swarook’s live stream

CRF Tex says:

The Honda CRF250X is a great choice for a street legal enduro/dual sport. mine has a 280cc cylinder. only weighs 240 lbs.

mtrx16 says:

what do you think of the Husqvarna 701?

kilianhzh says:

unweight the front 😉

Dean H says:

CC: Have you installed your Rekluse clutch yet on your WR 250 F*ng R yet?

MtnMoto says:

You’re late to Swarooks stream brotha!

Dan P says:

You need to watch Chris Birch on his KTM 1190 adventure. It’s pretty awesome!

Full Metal Heli says:

I still say the DRZ 400 is a better choice of the low maintenance lightweight machines and if the 20 pounds really matters I’ll just go on a diet! LOL but the power difference is Extreme! you need to ride one and you’ll see

bubba chunky says:

would like to try the new rebel with a set of off road tires

WRW9751 says:

You kill your momentum! You also need to learn how to bunny hop!

Brian Kindley says:

CycleCruza you need to trademark the word fuckery. Especially urban fuckery. I laugh every time I hear that.

Randolph Russian says:

Where you did you get your mirrows??

el dork pistolero says:

im just gonna get a Honda 1981 xl185s if I can’t get a drz 400 and only upgrade the foot pegs to longer foot pegs it’s supposed to be 90 percent person and 10 percent stock bike

martin phillip says:


RCTV says:

Let ride yo! I’m in canton!

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