CSC TT250 Review – A Chinese Dual Sport Enduro Motorcycle – Bedford Road & Main Divide

An off road review of my CSC TT250 – Motovlog Style!
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Not every Chinese motorcycle is created equal. Join me on my epic commute through the Cleveland National Forest in Southern California as I review and share my thoughts about the (Zongshen) CSC TT250 Dual Sport Enduro Motorcycle!

This review is based off my experience with the china bike after owning it for a little over 6 months, and riding it both on and off road. I also include why I bought the bike, what I like and dislike about it, and any issues that I have encountered along the way.

Filmed on Bedford Road (Bedford Motorway – Cleveland National Forest Route 4S03) and Main Divide Road (Cleveland National Forest Route 3S04) in Southern California.

Please enjoy and thanks for watching!


Michael Brown says:

Nice video. Enjoying my TT 250. Had the same speedo issues. It’s great for blasting down dirt roads.

Rebel Armory says:

lol that’s in corona right? Lol

Sullybiker says:

This is awesome. I have a TT250 too and absolutely love mine.

Hippo-Drones says:

cool vid bro 🙂 not a fan of the sound effects on the intro but the content is ace mate! 🙂

JSIK says:

im shopping for my first bike first i was going to go with the honda rebel 300 but i got to sit on it and it was comfortable but it felt nice then i seen the yamaha xt250 it sits a bit higher but it feels much lighter than the rebel but both. just ran across this csc today while browsing for other dual sport bikes not looking for anything big i just want a go to work go home and maybe an occasional errand bike but also reliable. i commute 20 miles to work and 20 miles back should i consider this bike in your opinion or should i give it a go

Sveno Mick says:

good review I have a little china bike it has been good so far.

homer stokes says:

bla bla bla

Raf says:

This video is great. What is your recording gear?

BigDirtyBastard says:

When you ordered this, did you assemble it, or did you take it to a shop?

Peeohtrek says:

What a great route. I’m hooked. Sub’d.

Danny Quinn says:

Can you finance this bike?

NoCo ADV says:

Nice video and review! Seriously considered this bike, but ended up with a used CRF250L mostly due to the fuel injection and living at 7700ft. I think the TT250 is a great bike and will last a long time for ya.

matty d says:

man that was by far the most scenic review Ive ever seen on any bike! Really good vid bro.

Gerald Scott says:

I’ve only had one Chinese motorcycle, an ’07 American Lifan LF200GY-5, that I ordered online and had drop shipped to me. I only paid 1400 for it including shipping. The quality was nowhere near Japanese levels, but it seemed to run and ride ok. Unfortunately it didn’t last long. At around 3500 miles, the centrifugal oil filter came loose from the crankshaft, it lost oil pressure, destroying the engine. Apparently there was a missing lock washer, an assembly mistake. Before that I found another fairly serious issue. The placement of the countershaft sprocket and swing arm pivot ware way off, causing the chain to tighten considerably just from sitting on it. You had to adjust the chain so loose that it was falling off so it wouldn’t be too loose while riding. Apparently this was an issue the designers did not take into account.

spymaine89 says:

very nice thanks

Bandito says:

hey man i know im a year late to the video but are they street legal here? I live in Orange County and just wanted a cheap dual sport to go ride in Santiago Canyon

702Truee says:

thanks man , your video helped out alot I think I’m gonna order one in November

emacemacii says:

The bike is pretty rad for $2000-ish new. But are these dirt road policed? Is there cell phone reception?

Levi Maltba says:

I’ve started saving for a bike and I am heavily leaning towards the CSC TT250. it just looks like such a great bike for its price. I plan on taking a motor cycle course just before getting my own, as I plan on using it as a work commuter primarily, but also have the capability to play on it. would this be recommendable? Also, does anyone know if the TT250 will be available next year? I checked it out on their website and it said they were out of stock currently. I’m gonna be really bummed if I missed out on it.
edit: very enjoyable video by the way, very relaxed and fun to watch. will definitely be looking for more of your content ☺

Emmi San says:

cool bro! I’ve got one too in the Irvine area.

jacky li says:

i got the same bike and i wanted to know what sprocket size Tooth they have in the front? is is 15tooth or 17? and also what mods do you think will help with offroading? i use this to go dirt biking all the time

goofyfoot2001 says:

Yeah I have to figure out the pant thing for work. I can work in dickie jeans that aren’t blue but really need more lower protection.

MJ Cristal says:

Where abouts is this? Looks sort of like Chino Hills State Park/Carbon Canyon…

Renan ruhtra says:

great bike! she is a clone of original project honda nxr 150 bros 2014 on brasil

ahmonde boxley says:

How is the gear pattern is 1 down and the rest up or is it jus 5 up or 5 down

Midnite Rider says:

Please let me know where you got the top box .

RC flight Seeker says:

that looks exactly like the hawk 250 which is another Chinese bike just your bike the “CSC” looks like it has a better gas cap and paint job. the hawk 250 you can get for a little bit over a $1000. I would love to see a comparison video between the two what the difference is our if there are any

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