Chinese Junk?! – A Different Perspective on Chinese Dual Sport and ADV Motorcycles – CSC TT250 & RX3

Are Chinese Dual Sport and ADV (Adventure) Motorcycles like the CSC TT250 and the CSC RX3 worth the money? Is it better to buy a used brand name bike? Join me and a few friends on CSC Motorcycles as we make our way through the California High Desert (Mojave Desert) and I offer up my thoughts on these new Chinese dual sport and ADV motorcycles.

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If you follow the channel, you should know by now that I am a big fan of my CSC TT250, and also of CSC Motorcycles in general. In an age where modern motorcycles can cost more than buying a new car, I think their approach of offering quality motorcycles at relatively affordable prices is just what the motorcycle industry needs.

Full CSC TT250 Review:

Coming from an area where motocross and enduro style bikes are a way of life, I have a slightly different perspective when it comes to CSC Motorcycles and the bikes that they offer. I have seen first hand what they are capable of, and I continue to be surprised at what these little bikes can do when used for their intended purpose. To me they offer the capability and the affordability that the motorcycle industry has been lacking for some time. I have made it an objective of mine to push my CSC TT250 as far as it will go, and offer up my fair and unbiased opinions regarding its capability and reliability. I hope you will join me on this journey!

If you like this video, please check out my other videos featuring the CSC TT250 and the CSC RX3. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys next time!


BeardedRancher says:

isn’t the csc tt basically a hawk 250?

TripleThreatKris says:

I own an RC3. ride it everywhere. CSC is an amazing brand.

Black Dragonrider says:

I’m new to your channel i have seen two of your videos, i like to buy a bike new as i don’t trust second hand bike as no one know what the owner of the bike done to it they will buy cheap parts and leave you with the expensive one, I’m from the uk i own a Chinese Supermoto called Sinnis Apache 125 one of the best selling biker’s in the uk and it is reliable bike if you look after it, get me A to B and going off road Adventure to 🙂 some people don’t like the bike becomes it a Chinese bike and some of my mate say i have made a mistake i prove them wrong, i got the bike new and my mate got a second hand bike he made a mistake getting second hand bike becomes he have to pay for the replacement parts for it he got the bike for £300 for the bike now with all the replacement parts that he have to spend he could have got a brand new one :/ but anyway good video man 🙂

Gerald Scott says:

With one exception I’ve always gone used Japanese, and had good luck. Right now I’m still riding a used Japanese bike that I bought back in 2008 for $1500 during the recession. It was easily worth twice that. It had 1800 miles on it. Shortly after I bought it, I dumped close to $2000 more into it, some minor repairs but mostly upgrades. Around $1000 of that went into suspension alone. So I wound up with a $4500 bike, but it fit me perfectly, and worked just the way I wanted. I now have over 30,000 hard miles on it. Still running fine. A few years later I picked up a parts bike for $300. It had pretty much everything but the seat, tank, plastics, and turn signals. Tires were shot. All the other parts were good, including a 2400 mile engine that runs like new.
My one experience with a Chinese bike was a 2007 Lifan, which lasted 3500 miles before the engine seized. I understand there are differences in quality between Chinese bikes, and Zongshen seems to b e one of the best. But there are exceptions to everything. I know a guy on that has 50,000 miles on the exact same type of Lifan I had, with very few repairs and mods. You can have good luck or bad luck no matter what you buy. That sure looks like a fun ride. I live in AZ, and also ride mostly in the desert.

motosofmichigan says:

Awesome stuff Josh. You’re nailing it perfectly with your perspective and attitude. Good Job!

D'z nutz says:

I’d buy one as a secondary looking to get a klr 250 or a klx 250 . I’ve got a ke 100 right now it’s a fun lil bike but I’d like something I can ride for a longer amount of time.

stevey500 says:

So sad how much youtube’s compression is destroying these videos. Unless it was uploaded in a low bit rate? The details when off road are just lost.

Anthony Gilham says:

great bike here is some vid offroad

TheBikerScout says:

I have an RX3, and after 49,000 miles the shifter broke internally. It was a little return spring. The whole mechanism only cost $16 to replace.


Long term test is really needed to do it justice. If it doesn’t rust, chassis welds crack & is proven to be reliable & not miss a beat, then it’s not junk. If it fails to deliver, then yes it is. big difference between budget low quality chinese made or high quality chinese made. It’s a question of the manufacturer quality control.

Grande 213 says:

new sub
went over my buddies house he bought a halk 250… first time I rode a bike… and now I’m hooked! Looking forward to picking up a csc tt 250… great channel!

Poul Hansen says:

You compressed the video to much. It sometimes looks like 240p.

Hugo Mora says:

why are are you not mentioning the hawk 250 almost identical to the tt 250

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