Chinese Dual Sport Review After 3 Months And 1700 Miles

gy 200 163 fml storm 200cc


Erik troy says:

what benefits deleting the fuel jet pump n wat u do just disconnect the hose u pointed too?

pete Stockbauer says:

ok thanks

pete Stockbauer says:

how happy are you with it thinging of getting one just to run around town

Flavor Does It!! says:

Whats the name of this bike!?

Patricio Andres Muñoz Lopez says:

Not bad motorcycles at all, some retards take it to enduro trails wich is completely absurd and then they complain about “bad quality”

Craig Hudzinski says:

where u get rear.brakes from ?

iStoleYourToys says:

do you still have this bike? and how is it running for you now?


Whats the top speed on something like this??

Erik troy says:

+practicalAL! yo your my go to guy last question i swear lol when u took off the fuel jet pump aka smog thingy did u just disconnect the hose and done?

sam raber says:


Matt Bruce says:

Works pretty good except I had to get my drill press out?

lucca eustaquio says:

Where do you buy your oil filters ? Are parts easy to find? You should post a video of your next oil change

Jia Zhang says:

For a brand new

sambo moto says:

That is a sexy bike i have a Chinese pitbike saving up for one of these beauties all people do is talk about how awfull Chinese motorcycles are but I love them keep up the good work !!!

Robert Suber says:

Some info or a link on the rear speoket? I have a 2009 with 10k miles and I’m in need a of a sproket bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you.

abel baca says:

where can I get this bike I’m interested in a new enduro 250cc for commuting can you send me the link for the website?

C 19 says:

looking for reviews on a 250 cc dirt bike DB-R03 SOLD BY POWER SPORTS MAX.ANYONE ??

geo745don says:

what would make that remote start without a safety, wow

sam raber says:

where can i get this bike

Craig Hudzinski says:

u never changed your brakes

hunter sparks says:

what website go u get your bikes from?

Brittany Mothon says:

I just bought one of these but I need to change the sproket. What type of sproket is that and where did you get it for this bike?

ray says:

Pretty much the only problem I see is just normal ware and tear on the bike.

danhold1 Holdcroftski says:

nice info

Craig Hudzinski says:

I need to replace my brakes where u order new ones from

Alex's Bikes and Motors says:

0:50 that hose is meant to take filtered air and introduce it into the exhaust side of your engine for better emissions. You can just cap it off but don’t just leave it venting to air. It’s gonna suck dirt and dust into your engine.

Benjamin Johansen says:

What kind of oil do this engine use? and how much? 800-900ml?

pete Stockbauer says:

the elec start and alarm was that extra then you had to install

Brandon Watson says:

what color did u get this in black or white.

David Tinker says:

where did you find another rear sprocket for it I have one and I need a larger one

D Dragon says:

hey how much torke do you guys use on the bolts in this bike?
i just got mine and im trying to deside on the torque specs
any suggestions?

Gerald Scott says:

I don’t recommend changing the gearing on any bike. My 2007 Ninja 250 was really undergeared, going up one tooth on the front sprocket fixed it. This bike should probably not be ridden over 50 mph anyway if you want it to last very long. It is mainly made for off road use. Get a bigger bike for street use. I wonder if that bike was made by Lifan, because of the markings on the swingarm. I had a 2007 Lifan LF200GY-5, The engine blew at 3500 miles because the internal centrifugal oil filter came unbolted from the crankshaft and it lost oil pressure. I have a 2001 Yamaha XT225 with over 60,000 MILES on the original engine, I doubt you will get that kind of mileage out of that bike. I only paid $1500 for the Yamaha back during the 2008 recession.

Jia Zhang says:

How much it cost

funk toon says:

THIS is the “important video”… the reliability check

el malo says:

hey can i put super moto wheels on this like ktm wheels or any or supermoto and if so what size front and rear thank you

Blu Crystl says:

1700 miles, $1300 bucks …. sounds like a bargain right there ….
with routine maintenance I wonder how far you will end up pushing this 🙂

Adriano Montejo says:

hey whats the top speed im looking to buy one

Billy Lynch says:

What’s the price

chris freeman says:

did you order this off ebay?

Erik troy says:

@practicalAl !

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