Carducci Dual-Sport – MotoGeo Review

After testing the Carducci Dual-Sport out in the desert, MotoGeo’s Jamie Robinson gives you the specs and low-down on this custom Harley Davidson.

Moto + Adventure = MotoGeo

Gear used in this video:

► Jacket:
► Pants:
► Boots:
► Gloves:
► Backpack:
► Helmet:
► Googles:
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SC3 Gera Baja


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joseph domingue says:

I wish Harley would do this…!!!

Burak Gulcan says:

love what you do man!!. Really cool videos. Appriciate it!. Cheers buddy.

tosgem says:

omg, harley offroad, what a fucken joke. WHy bother, worst platform you could start with, when you do so much work to basically build a dual sport yourself, why start with a piece of fucking shit Harley frame and motor?

diegoalejandro64 says:

really nice vid.

Theofanis Tsantilis says:

amazing V Twin sound with a proper exhaust not the stupid pipes that they put in the most cruisers

California Dual Sport Riders says:

This bike looks like a lot of fun!

1AmericanInAsia says:

You will never, ever see HD produce this bike or even their own duel sport or anything other than cruisers unless the current owners sale the entire company to a group of visionaries. Tank the live wire. It will never see production.

Luis Fernandes says:


deffectx Colors says:

nice ad

Barbara Swankhouse says:

people must smoke crack through their asses to pay 70k for a dual sport

JR Brumby says:

A review without cons is called an ad.

Noodles Flawed says:

A bog stock HD Sporty will go anywhere. Anything you add after that is a bonus. The Sperty has a 19 inch front rim so even a BMW GSA off road front tyre would fit. The rear is 16″. So knobbly tyres, revalve front fork by brazing fork internal damper holes and re drilling slightly smaller holes to tighten up the handling a bit. A fork brace would help as would a steering damper. Otherwise you won’t find a better V twin engine for all types of off road work outside of a KTM. The next best bike to convert to a bush bike would have to be a BMW and boxer engine.

feelnrite says:

With the price and the weight I don’t see how he would sell any of these.

mystic1754 says:

I WANT THE GAS TANK NOOOOW … i dont need anything else ..just the tank …there aint another like it on the planet ..i can buy a XR1200X with 90+ hp stock used with low miles for 6K ..  bolt on the long travel suspension from the vance & hines road race kit + the Carducci tank  ..and i am on the trail

Matthew de Paula says:

Wonderful video, wonderful bike. Terrible, unnecessary and headache-inducing background music.

plaid13 says:

I huge heavy V twin harley engine is fine in a big cruiser… but a dual sport? Honestly what the hell? why? For what a bike like this would cost buy 3-4 honda africa twins and let your friends ride them so you could all go out together. Most likely have enough money left over to fund a hell of a road trip on them.

threepot says:

nice. why didn’t Harley have the balls to do it?

UpgradeTheEvil says:

Why can’t Harley pull their heads out of their asses and build this themselves?

Kr Tong says:

I’ve seen this at Alice’s a million times, at the motorcycle show a couple times. Carducci’s a great guy and everything he’s custom built on that bike is amazing. That alloy tank is stunning. THANK YOU SO MUCH for convincing him to let you film it off road. It’s been a dream of mine to see what it can do.

J.J. Fraga P. says:

Bonita moto.

Radioactiveslime says:

Beautiful bike Mr. Carducci has cobbled together and what a treat it looks to be able to ride. Even with some adventure touring tires on it would be great for any semi-urban environments. But Jamie, really, you’re not going to get that wonderful machine past the phalanx of HOG members that protect their hallowed dealership from anything that doesn’t look them, getting in for service. ; ) Keep up the great work!

C Dykhuizen says:

I didn’t notice the music, until all you fuckers mentioned it… So thanks for that, yeh bastards

Jack Petracci says:

Wow that rear suspension looks like it wants to kill you. Intresting bike but needs a real suspension.

Ari Lehtiniemi says:

So…let me get this right…now you can ride with the Harley folks and the adventure folks? Hell yeah!

TheMTrider16 says:

I’ve been following this build on Advrider. Cool to see a review on you-tube.

Smiling Dead says:

I loved seeing and learning about the bike at the long beach ims. Great video as always

1990 says:

The blasted music ruined this video.

Chusspi says:

let see in the DAKAR


Seeing this bike in person really blew me away – Jim is a champ and I will support this concept for life!

Sandro says:

Soooo sweeeeeeeeet

cschilli68 says:

so being a Harley it broke down 3 maybe 4 times?

West Coast Wanderers says:

wow , what a stunning bike ! 🙂 I love the idea of the hardley davidson dual sport and thinking of doing a goldwing off roader next year .. I have been riding my triumph speed triple “dirt triple” all over north america for a year now on and off road and seeing some other concepts out there is awesome ! – @westcoastwanderer_ or #dirttriple on IG for more pics of it.

P-M Meiners says:

Great looking bike. Unfortunately it’s over the top expensive but besides that it is WOW…

RidemotoEveryday says:

Looks awesome! Whats the weight?

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