Brutally Honest Cons of Dual Sport ADV (WATCH PAST 4:20! THIS IS SATIRE!) o#o

PLEASE WATCH PAST 4:20 to see my true opinion! The first part of this video is SATIRE to prove a point!
Face it guys, there are things about dual sport adventuring that can really suck. Wind, rain, snow, discomfort, cold, heat, etc etc etc. Is it really worth it? Stick around until the end to get my honest opinion. Before you get angry, make sure to watch past 4:20 !!! That’s the whole point of the video. Through the good, bad, and ugly, it’s the contrast that makes adventure amazing! 🙂

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Anandhukesav says:

And that my mate is why it’s all about the perspective..I’m so glad I didn’t stop half way with your video..haha love your videos buddy,cheers to more miles of adventures and ride safe

György Rabenschwartz says:

Einstein never made a such a motorcycle trip; you are more than one step ahead.

Dan Hiatt says:

I’m so glad I paid attention and watched past 4:20, as I was mentally preparing myself for the comments I was going to leave;)
It’s the journey:)!!!

Kelly Lloyd says:

I think the down voters didn’t make it past the 4:30 mark. AWESOME video! My dual sport hunt is on!

Anthony Nguyen says:

You don’t deserve a back rub you left your family on an adventure.

ramiretz says:

cool video…… i would say you did everything absolutely right !!!! 🙂

tank2449 says:

does your bike not have a fuel reserve on the petcock? it is ment for situations just like yours.

Rick Schulte says:

Sure appreciate your fresh approach on rides, with the good and bad. I found this inspiring, thank you

mixflip says:

Dammit….I need an adventure bike!!!

690 KTM Adventure rides SOUTH AUSTRALIA says:

Next trip don’t forget to carry an extra can of FUEL. Comes in handy, NO more pushing in case you run out & helps get camp fires happening in seconds especially in damp & wet conditions.
Oh & Don’t forget some OIL. A little bit of oil with the petrol too start your camp fires HELPS BIG TIME. Plus is good in your engine on long trips.

Paul Lenarczyk says:

Never go alone for a trip like that. Also, you need better gear. Cold and rain should not be a problem with good quality gear.

JojoRealLifeShow says:

I rode a lot of motorcycles and big scooters from Honda goldwing to Bmw 650gt scooter but I’m definitely getting a adventure bike one day and go camping some where but I think it would be better in a group outing.

scott Wheeler says:

great video real world life, trying the hawk 250 after haveing the Dl 650 an 1000 ,an never took a ride that long got to try this bike that seems to be fun ,ya rain is no fun ,i know guys who ride all over the country ,an one guy does like 17000 miles each year ,going to all the bike week ralleys ,i am 50 bit to much for me i would rather go the 1000 miles in a nice car myself an bring the bike in or on trailer ,but he does it on his hog at like 64 years young with alot of serenity ,it looks alot like nevada

InspiredCreation says:

Who left the video when u said gave the option lol!!! I did…. :/

Charles Kunneke says:

I have a Yamaha XT660R, which I use to ride everywhere, as well as daily commute. Me and my best buddy did one “longer” daytrip of just over 400 miles in the mountains of a South African province of Mpumulanga. I thought that I would be dead tired at the end of the day, but not more tired than in a car. We also got stuck in pouring rain, and was forced to stop for over an hour at a gas station. After a long while, we decided to push on in the rain and darkness. Only got home at around 8pm. It was a 15 hr day in the saddle, but will do it again anyday. At some stage, want to do more touring like this. Enjoy your riding. Safe travels

SupraBdub says:

I am looking at getting a drz400, do you recommend a certain set of tires for ds?

You Tuber says:

Who cares… buy a bigger bike

Nick Maskal says:

The only difference between adventure and ordeal is attitude!

Boom Dawg says:

I have asked myself 1000 times in dozens of different states why I put myself through the punishment that a long ride can give. I have a nice truck with heat/AC, don’t have to wear a helmet, don’t have to worry about the 3 teenagers in a ford focus running me over at an intersection while they play with their phones instead of watching the road. Why do I do it? Then after a night like tonight, the wife was out shopping, the kids are all safe at home or work, I took off and went for a short ride, 20 minutes, half hour tops. I head out and it is springtime in the mountains of central PA, first on the list was honeysuckle, then someone splitting a red oak. Then the freshly plowed fields as I came out of the mountains. Changes in temperatures as I climbed the mountains, getting cooler as I crossed bottoms with a stream running through. The people that wanted to talk motorcycles when I stopped for a coffee, then 2 hours later I was back at home, unstressed, feeling better than I had all day. That is why I ride, I would have missed all that in my truck.

Mike Lyons says:

What’s your whining you sound like your kid.

Pedro pepe says:

That sounded like truth. I enjoyed it.

Rick Brannigan says:

Great story man

Chandev Abhayaratne says:

Enjoyed your story. Well said. I agree, although we dont have such long journeys in tiny Sri Lanka, the landscape changes every hour from coast to scrub jungle to lush mountains!

Carlos Simoes says:

I see the sunset my friend. Stay safe.Greetings from Portugal

kimbercolt95 says:

Just wait until you can ride with your son on an adventure.

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