Beta 480RR Dual Sport Motorcycle First Impressions – Spoilers: IT’S GOOD! #everide

The Beta 480rr is light, it’s powerful, and it’s undeniably sexy… but is this Italian Princess worth $10,000?

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Clickmaster5k says:

The price is not on par with high end dual sports. Its on par with modern dual sports. The new honda cr450l will be in the same price range. If you want something light with larger displacement FI and USD forks you are going to pay 10k its just the way it is now.

Immoral Immortal says:

newer does NOT mean faster, just look at the old 250 two strokes.

I'm Travelin channel says:

Good bikes, I’ve got an 09 525 rs…excellent machine, heavy…but a damn nice ride

ebmstudios says:

The more used a dirt bike gets the sexier it is!

Rod Z says:

Nice review for sure but I’d like to add my opinion to the mix. As dual sport bikes have their place, they do not excell at either the street or dirt and about the only advantage is getting you to trails if you happen to live halfway close to them. Where I live, I’d be wore out riding on the street before I’d make it to the trail head. What I’m saying is, it’s hard to beat a truck and a motocross bike set-up. Get to the trail ready to ride and ride till you’re tired then load up and head home.

John Doe says:

3:07 how can I build that camera holder? 🙂

DaveKublersVideos says:

Being used to the bike is the key.

You Toober says:

Beautiful locales! I’m jealous, beautiful bikes, beautiful locations to ride! Wow!

If only the Beta bikes weren’t so high maintenance….

Robert Pabst says:

Came across this video at random…but once I started watching…took about 5 seconds and I knew this was an Everide video. DRZ400, best bang for the buck, even a great adv bike. Just road mine from,Salt Lake to north if Seattle. Would love to see ya review a Christini AWD dual sport.

crazyrebl says:

Its a bit faster then a 250 wow lol not impressed.

Road Toad says:

I bet it sounds great. Guess we will never know.

Eduard Avas says:

Great bike, but doesn’t really belong in the dual sport range… Oil plus filter and valve adjustment every 30 hours, piston and other related change every 90 hours. The reliability is by far not of a dual sport, but of a race bike, because that’s what it is. Loved watching the video, though! 🙂

Unstoppable120s Bernardo says:

It’s funny to read people’s opinion of Beta when the have never owned or been on them. Beta makes a very, very good product. I have ridden Honda for many years since 1986. I bought a 17 beta 300 Race. Hands down the closest to a factory race bike I’ve ever been on. No regrets. Excellent machine

Hugh Mongus says:

What’s the point in making a 480rr and a 500rr? Isn’t it stupid to make bikes that are only 20cc difference?

Misha Zaitsevsky says:

Considering how much you talk about it’s beuty and how rare it is, we sure didn’t get to much of it aside from the dash.

Mark Gunnison says:

I’m surprised it does so well on the highway. I’m also surprised the DRZ was so much faster. I had expected you would be faster on the DRZ, just because you are use to it, but not by that much. Great video.

Alien Hunter says:

Super professional video production!

Fast Farmer says:

I’ve never been able to ride any cc faster than a 250. Smaller is often better… just ask Shane Watts

The MX Guru says:

I would love to try one of these out. Really scared though.

Space Ninja says:

As always thank you for your videos. I follow you and Barry the most out of all YouTube. One thing I would like to ad to the unfortunate detail about Beta is there are no Beta shops. I can buy a Beta here in Seattle and it does come with a one year warranty but no one to fix the bike. My buddy is having some electrical issues with his brand new Italian princess and having to pay for it to get fixed by a KTM dealership. Just a small detail but kind of sucks cuz I really want to buy a Beta but not sure what to do if mine had a little bug in the beginning of it’s break in

brandtagone says:

Would love a bike with more power than the DRZ however the main concern I have with these high tech bikes are the fuel mileage and how far can it go without putting one of those oversized tanks on. The DRZ and DR can go 140miles plus which for me who likes to ride from a coastal area to the mountains and hit the alpine trails is huge. Another concern can it ride 12 plus hours a day, day after day with minimal maintenance? Bikes like the 690, 701 and AJP have very wide turn radius’ and are a challenge for the tight mountain switchback. The DRZ and DR are awesome machines and fills all my needs I just wish they had that awesome power I crave for the street. Weight is not much of an issue for me so spending the 10k plus for these high tech bikes is too much knowing that I will have to give up some of the awesomeness that is provided by the DR and DRZ.

Karel Kraus says:

Think its time to try out some 300cc 2 strokes as well 😉

mld says:

ohh i bet thats a nice machine !! i want ! i think anyway ? i have heard nothing but great things about the BETA 300 two stroke but not much on this , this beta is no doubt a hell of a lot faster than your older customized dr-z the fact that you have a ton of hours on the other bike and thus are intimately familiar with it already is the difference , id sure like to ride one and find out if the 300 beta and or this one are better than the comparable KTM’s respectively ?

Mostly Harmless says:

“Like the piston is going to come through the seat” is exactly how i’ve been describing “lugging” for a long time and people always told me “it’s not like that…”

LOL so glad to hear someone else say that 😀

A M says:

6000 rpms really? Thats awful at 70

Jon Smith says:

Great review

Homefront says:

I’d rather have an Africa

Avid Enduro says:

10k huh?? I’ll keep my WR and keep riding 🙂 nice bike though

Michael Lisle says:

Awesome place to ride

Brandon Mayhew says:

Got my firs ever dual sport today its a 2004 drz400s I’m ready to start my own adventure…thank you everRide for the great tips and tricks…I also purchased the battle born gear that you wear and it is amazing like you said,keep doing what your doing I’m a huge fan…and hope to ride with you one day have an awesome year and a great ride!!

Brian Brugger says:

Great video! I’ve been looking at Betas and this was a great perspective.

Mike Owens says:

Love the video but pricey bike

Howard Smith says:

Got a 430RR Race great bikes!

Jeff Potts says:

That Beta was totally hobbled by those tires. They are marginally better than a street tire. I’ve used those tires on a DRZsm for about a year and were fine for getting me off the pavement but weren’t to be pushed. You got a lot right about the bike and the video was excellent as always, but there waa so much you missed out on because of the tires.

nora vargas says:

Review the lxr 250f front pister pro cheap bike under 3500 thanks

Hadrian Haine says:

I love your videos man! but for us international fellows Can you please start including kg. Measurements… Yes your a proud American and good on you… But more than half the world has gone metric. Even just put it in a caption I have no idea what 232 pounds is

Jesse E. says:

Thumbs up for the Ferris Bueller quote! Great review.

Travis Foreman says:

Absolutely awesome writing! Love the video! Great job!

Each Adventure says:

A buddy of mine has a Beta and in the limited amount of time that I have spent riding it, I have to agree with the majority of what you said in the video. The power is amazing but to me it feels a bit bouncy and unstable. Lack of experience could definitely be a contributing factor though. Well done!

Todd Kurtz says:

The beta isn’t 59 pounds lighter, not even close. The actual ready to ride weights are within 30 pounds.

Rene says:

Its not dual sport… its a pure enduro. Exactly the same as my 250RR 2 stroke that has lights, whistles and 100% road legal. 480RR oil change ~5-10 hours at offroad conditions like any other 4T enduro bike. Never compare to KTM 690/ Husqvarna701/DRZ, KLR or any other dual sport. 480RR category = KTM 450/500EXC. KTM EXC vs LC4(dual sport) are like night and day.

George Oldenbuttel says:

I’ve sold my soul to own new KTMs, to include a 2016 350 EXC and a 2017 250 XC-W, but not after spending the same amount of money to own, break and rebuild used KTMs. It’s not just the $10k to 12K of the purchase price of a new bike, but the extremely short maintenance intervals of these amazing european bikes. A steering stabilizer and the right tires for what you’re riding can change everything along with getting the suspension revalved for your weight and riding style.

kal says:

Great review. Love the footage to. Always so beautiful down there.

David Kuhn says:

Comfort and familiarity with a bike are HUGE when it comes to riding fast… and the DRZ is no slouch. As for sex appeal… the only folks drooling over any dual sport are other dual sport fans, nobody else looks twice even when the bike looks sexy as hell to us.

Jason Herrlich says:

I’d let you ride my Beta if I ever made it out there. I’ve got a ’17 500RR-S with a 480RR Race Edition map. It’s got Tubliss and GT216s for traction. 😀

chris barg says:

Totally off topic, but have you ever tried the Ducati desert sled? I had never heard about it until today, Expensive, but cool?

Chris Weatherspoon says:

You might really want to look at the MSRP on all the other bikes out there to re align your thought on what is expensive. New Honda 450L: $10399. Beta 480 RR race: $9999.

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