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Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmets

All Dual Sport / ADV Motorcycle Helmets:

Few pieces of motorcycle gear need to be as versatile as a dual sport motorcycle helmet. On-road or off, come rain or shine, through the muck and the mire, the best dual sport motorcycle helmets are the ones that can be counted on regardless of where the tarmac or trail may lead. This list of the top performers throughout the years spans the spectrum from entry-level all the way up to the ultra-premium, pro-level choice of champions.

Best Dual Sport Helmets:

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet – 2:03

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet – 3:21

Next XD1 Helmet – 4:44

Klim Krios Helmet – 6:35

Arai XD-4 Helmet – 7:58


Anupam S1000RR says:

will you ship to India….?

Simon Schödler says:

Could you do the Alpinestars Stratos Techshell?

Steven Thompson says:

If you can’t afford the klim krios but you want the klim krios, just buy the Nishua carbon dual sport helmet which is the same helmet as the Klim, without the Klim stickers and markup.

is0explore says:

Do you guys get the X-Lite X-551 GT in the US Market? Well worth a look, most comfy helmet I’ve ever owned, it followed on the back of my AX-8 dual.

Simon L says:

manufacturers need to stop ripping of customers and get with new technology to enable 3D scanning of riders head and if required 3D milling of eps (or polypropylene foam layer – same as indy car seats)

Motard Mike says:

I really am super happy with my MX-9 (non MIPS) that I purchased from you guys. Yeah it’s a bit loud, but it’s mega comfortable, really light, vents well, looks awesome, and is dirt cheap compared to the competition. MIPS would be a nice touch.

Dulf Nordensvärd says:

XD4 <3

Hungary Invensol says:

So basically, if we cannot afford a Shoei Hornet X2, these are the ones we can choose from.
Also, AGV AX-8 DS might have been a better alternative to the Scorpion or the Klim(gon) thingy.
Otherwise good show, very informative.

marks4303 says:

NEXX fit, finish and quality is sub par and shouldn’t be on that table. Arai XD4 is an old outdated design, no speaker pockets for a com device and a less than premium feeling lining system, which wouldn’t be an issue if the thing wasn’t overpriced by about $250.00.

Can’t speak for the rest but a buddy has the Bell and loves it. With what was selected I can’t imagine the Shoei and Schubert offerings didn’t make the cut.

Chicken Lips says:

Icon Variant?

Jason Smith says:

How about the suomy mx tourer?

Mister Dick says:

Love you, but….haircut, son. You needs one.

Johnathan Sanders says:

can duel sport helmets be used for like norm

smallfry506 says:

Sometimes I think you guys read my mind….. Superadventure 1290R should be showing up any day, that means its time for a new lid!

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