Best Adventure & Dual Sport Helmets of 2018

Adventure helmets are a tough nut to crack. They have to be strong yet light, quiet yet well vented. Capable on the road, off it and everywhere in between. We do the research for you and bring you our picks for the best adventure helmets for 2018.

Gear list:
0:30 – Klim Krios Adventure Helmet –
1:30 – Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS –
4:29 – Schuberth E-1 Adventure Helmet –
5:29 – Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet –
8:23 – Arai XD-4 Adventure Helmet –

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Peter Harrey says:

Your videos are so great. No matter what you do, you have an unreal creative talent that is very rare

scyra99 says:

Cool! Can u make a naked bike helmet video?

Mr Wobbleknocker says:

Great Video!

Manitou says:

nexx x.wed2

Loved the XD4, but xwed is definitely my new preference. especially at 200 cheaper

Binh Quach says:

Totally agree with the Arai’s nick name King’s ass kicker, but unfortunately i’m running out of kidney to sell and the KTM agraphic on Arai is out of stock too :'(

Gary Dickerson says:

Rush to video, get shutdown in first 30 seconds. Yay me, already have the XD4. Boo, came looking for some confirmation to buy new gear and now I have no reason. 🙁

Michael Lachica says:

I hate how moto vloggers, share their thoughts while riding, I just clicked here just to know some wisdom about bikes but, the bike sound is so annoying and also you guys always gets sidetracked and pauses for a moment before stating some necessary facts which really makes the video annoying. If you want to share your opinion just share it, don’t share it while riding. But F9 isn’t like that so salute and I really love your vids, they are very interesting and helpful.

Lifted_Above says:

Arai’s pricing in general: because they have no shame

Tracy Mendiola says:

Thank you Ryan, just bought my new Scorpion EXO-AT950 and all because of this video. 🙂

Gabriel Juarez says:

Does any one know if the joe rocket steel city jacket is good for a long slide

Mac Long says:

How about shoie hornet?

Ghetto Garage says: a german I feel mildly offended 😀
Great video as usual! Let’s see if my bank account can handle the XD-4..

Søren ONeill says:

Schuberth will not replace the visor when it becomes loose and unable to stay open whilst riding … which happened to mine within the first 4-5 months.

John Doe says:

Which full face helmets, give the best/largest field of vision?

Fred reiselust says:


ShakerGER says:

I think it is awesome that with you one ones the best helmet but also knows WHY! SO this video is also relevant in 50 years for knowledge seeking.

Koi Captain says:

What’s the safest and cheapest modular helmet I can buy?

w0ffle says:

Part of me wants this channel to grow as it deserves millions of subscribers. Part of me doesn’t as it’s a well kept secret and the effort that is put in to win more subs is incredible, I worry that when it does eventually become the most popular bike channel the quality, humour and effort might slip (ala digitalrev). Just my doubting Thomas tendencies perhaps. I guess in short… this is the best review channel out there!

Adrian Litwin says:

Just Wonder why you have not incuded Shoei Hornet 2 Adv in this vid? Cheers

Antonio Lizarraga says:

Test indian Scout bobber

Sam Toshner says:

Sorry, couple of things about the XD4: it is not quieter than the Scorpion, and it absolutely will fog up with the shield down. Mine fogged terribly.

nitroxsniffers says:

Why not make a review of the Vemar Kona Explorer ???

Miras Khakimzhan says:

Can you guys please do a review of any multistrada (preferably an enduro 1200 or a 950)?

SnapBack says:

Hey man. I got the Honda grom 2018 and I have a question. When I rev the throttle I find that the headlight flickers a little bit. I can also see the front turn signals brighten up a bit when I got the throttle. Is this normal ?

southerndeth says:

Arai : $550 @ Bikebandit & Motorcycle Store : )

zepcrazyfre says:

I know my question has nothing to do with helmets but I must ask…I’m looking for a SUMO built for ALL TERRAINS (Highway, woods, dirt track, moto gp track and can do jumps) any suggestions or definitive picks?

Alp Berri Ariti says:

How is Arai on highway? Does the peak wobble?

kh Amirite says:

This dudes voice could lull me to sleep <3

scott peterson says:

Love the World Cup dig on Germany!


So much ass was kicked in this video! This channel rules!

A Hughes says:

Great, great review vid! Would be good to add Touratech Aventuro Mod and Nexx Wed 2 into the mix however. XD4 is a great helmet but who wants to be mistaken for a GS riding Starbucks adventurer?!

Streamlines says:

Nice review, but in my opinion the AX-8 Dual by AGV is the best adventure helmet…

Ian Lam says:


Tiper23 says:

Have a Caberg Tourmax. Tried a E1 last year, and that did not do a better job as a adv helmet

chris198004 says:

the 8 year old design of the Arai XD4 is the best around?? dude wake up. You talk so much shit you believe it! Heard of Shoei? Hornet X2 for example?

Adam Bower says:

Feel this would be more complete with the Showing Hornet and the Nexx or Touratech

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