Best Adventure & Dual-Sport Boots

All the best adventure and dual-sport boots are packed into this one video.

Product links and video timestamps:

0:46 – Alpinestars Roam 2 Waterproof Boots:

2:19 – Gaerne G-Adventure Boots:

2:58 – Alpinestars Corozal Boots:

4:48 – Alpinestars Toucan Boots:

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ramiretz says:

bought today the Alpinestars Toucan thanks to your video it was much easyer for me to decide 🙂

David Haney says:

as paid for by alpinestars …..shakes head …

Alex Quested says:

Another selling point for the toucan which pulled me in is the fact that you can get them re-soled. This is not possible on the corozal. But walking on them does make you look a bit of a fool.

Levon Smith says:

Great review! Earned my subscription. FWIW, my Toucans are probably my favorite part of my riding gear. Comfortable all year long. They’ll definitely be replaced with another pair.

Paul Chidgey says:

Mate I love your reviews many properly the most honest around ,but your ADV boot review was  lite on , what about the Forma ADV boot ? its great to walk in and durable I owned mine for about 6 years ( before they became popular ) they are extremely comfortable as well.

Capt Sam Wilson says:

Picked up a NEW pair of Icon Patrol boots off eBay shipped in my size..(10) for $140.00

Caleb Hansen says:

3:25 “to protect your big dii…” Lol

Dulf Nordensvärd says:

Im just watching Ryans vids just for the hell of it. You rock Ryan !

Chilly Dippers says:

Synthetic leather = Vinyl aka Plastic

zRouth says:

No mention of the Sidi Adventure gore-tex boot?

AG Coarseman says:

Yep, you got this right this time. :):)
Where are the Sidi Adventure GoreTex however? Surely they are up there with the Toucans.
Some say-even better.

FortNine says:

Product links and video timestamps:
0:46 – Alpinestars Roam 2 Waterproof Boots:
2:19 – Gaerne G-Adventure Boots:
2:58 – Alpinestars Corozal Boots:
4:48 – Alpinestars Toucan Boots:

Arun Arya says:

Hi Ryan just want to ask you what do you think about the Sidi Armada? Also if you have a review on Sidi 2 Adventure kindly send me the link. Thankyou.

tankas says:

Do you think Toucan would be safe/good enough for a newbie learning riding light offroad for example 6 day tour in Marocco desert and mountains on a KTM450EXC? Thanks

Daniel Galea says:

What are your thoughts on the icon patrol 2 boots? Would love to see a review on them!

Amit Das says:

gran torino or roam 2????

Oldman Adv says:

That’s a lot of money for Chinese boots

Danaconda1988 says:

Forma Adventure Boot!

Escobar JP says:

Would you consider doing a review on the Icon Raiden DKR boots?

André Freitas says:

what do you think about the sidi adventure gtx?

Scott Bott says:

Just get a pair of Doc Martens. Wear them every day. Done! Some things don’t need to be complicated.

M says:

Is the corozal’s squeeking problem as bad as I have read in the reviews?

Husky Racer says:

honestly, I think when riding a 500 lb bike, off road [especially if rocky, think colorado] you have missed the mark, and that’s protection. None of these boots ,aside from the last pair of Alpinestars,offer much protection. if you want to go hiking, then throw a pair of hiking shoes in your backpack or panniers. If you want protection, with comfort,at the very least I would look at Forma’s adventure boots. I think protection over ‘hike-ability’ should be the objective. I would also recommend Sidi Crossfires TA or SA. With the SA you change soles between moto or Enduro. The SA’s break in is only a few hours and you can walk without feeling like robotman. The Forma’s are priced very reasonable and offer way more shin and foot protection than anything mentioned in your review. I get that these are your favs, but you probably haven’t sustained a foot injury. I have, and trust me , protection is the name of the game. And if your buying an adventure bike ranging from 12k to 25k, then a 300 to 500 dollar boot is chump change. What’s your foot worth? I enjoy your videos, just wanted to give a different opinion.

Vic Wiseman says:

I wouldn’t recommend anything “waterproof” but NOT breathable. That combination results in absolutely the most uncomfortable boots. Do just a little off reading and you will see what I mean. Shoot, even street riding in 90+ temp will cause your feet to overheat and smell like sh*t. No thank you! Your feet temp can greatly affect your body temperature. I highly recommend gortex liner with any boot that you plan to wear in anything above 80 degrees F.

PRTEVY says:

Thanks and Ride on Brother:)  Cheers;)

asish mogadala says:

But the roam 2 will do jack shit if you drop your motorcycle on your leg…thoughts?

Carlos Galvez says:

Hi.. Congratulations for you review. The Alpinestars Toucan Gore text adventure boots are top quality. But I think that you forgot to review the SIDI Adventure Gore-Tex Boots, because the SIDI boots are also top quality boots, In your opinion, which one is a better choice ?? I appreciate your review. God bless…

zatoichi101 says:

Hey brother!! Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for your review on the best boots for adventure riding. At the outset of your video you gave high praise to your trusty pair of Icon Patrol Boots. Well, as you know (and said), Icon discontinued the Patrol Boot — and the replacement isn’t as good. Well, I am very happy to say that after an exhaustive search, I found the last pair of Icon Patrol Boots in the world!! LOL!! (Found mine at an online shop in Europe.) I LOVE THESE BOOTS!!! And I wanted to send you a short note to say THANK YOU!!! This pair of boots are comfortable, strong — and are exactly what I have been looking for!! YOU ROCK!!!! Cheers!

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