Best ADV/Dual Sport Motorcycle Jackets | 2017

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Dualsport riders are looking for an outer layer jacket that’s breathable yet waterproof and that offers all the bells and whistles for those week long adventures. Watch as we fillet out each and every one of these adventure jackets from the inside out to show you what each one brings to the table. Conquer the trails with an adventure motorcycle jacket! Be comfortable in all the elements Mother Nature throws at you! Adventure motorcycle jackets are perfect for anyone who rides a dirt bike, dual sport motorcycle and adventure bikes. Get your dual sport armor available at! #rideon

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OnRappel says:

George looks like he has killed a few people.

adamaj says:

George look’s like he’s about ready to bitch-slap somebody…or throw a left hook 7:34 lol…chill George, chill…Oh, and Chase looks like Ryan Kwanten.

Oklahoma Hank says:

George is thinking, “Where do I keep my gun?””

Nonyo Bizness says:

This guy consistently uses words incorrectly while trying to sound intelligent and professional. Just be the bike dude you are and you’ll sound less uneducated.

Section 8 Automotive says:

Yeah I saw that after I sent the message

cw127cw says:

Do you sell the Olympia Moto X 2?

anand chandran says:

Kilimanjaro vs Kathmandu which one you prefer?

Section 8 Automotive says:

You guys should put direct links to each jacket you review so we as consumers can go straight to the jacket we like the best. Yes it’s a review video but let’s be honest…. It’s a review/sales pitch for each of the products in the RM atv videos. The easier you make it the more people will stay on your site….. Right?

DatBoi says:

George looks so fed up hahahaha

Toby 750 says:

outlast from Rukka and Halvarsson are as good as gore-tex. I have a Halvasson jacket and pants and even after 9 years it still keep me drye. I have tested klim but im not a fan of the comfort,it didnt fit me well. Its absolutly a great riding gear, but I think it way to expensive and there are cheaper riding gear who dose the same job.

Jake Tyler says:

Having a staring competition with George.. I Lost..

Nicholas Ringle says:

Blink George

690 ADV says:

That was a cool video liked it a lot, keep them coming

ale gomez says:

I swear George your sister sent me the friend request!

t weber says:

I think at 11:46 I saw George ALMOST smile 🙂 he must really like the Alpenstar

michael scott says:

Dang, George is intense.

kalel33 says:

You say that you pay the extra in the Klim for the Goretex only. Ummm, I’d say that the 840D Cordura will hold up much better in a slide than 420D Cordura. I wouldn’t necessarily trust 420D Cordura in a 60mph low side slide. I would have faith in the 840D Cordura. Also, two things Klim has in it’s favor for support. If you lay down you’re bike within 5 years of purchase, they will replace the jacket for free. They also have a lifetime warranty on the jacket being waterproof. If your jacket ever leaks water then they’ll fix it or replace it…..for life.

Moto Sly says:

left guy… doesn’t get more american…..

falcn12 says:

I wish more stores carried MACNA jackets. Nice video. Durbin looks really nice!

Mike McKay says:

Kilamanjaro or Icon Riaden UX?

Raymond Butts says:

Mannequin challenge level…George.

Sacha Bernasconi says:

don’t be afraid to show the vents and features by actually opening or adjusting them. this makes the difference between a review and looking at still photos on the website which we all can already do

cw127cw says:

Can you explain why your Olympia X Moto 2 jacket was left out. It’s is the most versatile feature reach with high protection and great looks?

Calvin McLaren says:

George reporting for duty. That guy must be a guard at Buckingham Palace.

Rifleman2423 says:

Dude on the left looks like a robot

MagicAyrtonforever says:

George may well be insane!! haha, didn’t blink once!

peter norton says:

How the heck is that guy 175 pounds

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