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Get comfortable and stay comfortable regardless of what Mother Nature throws your way! When you love to play in the nastiest weather, trust in an Adventure Motorcycle Pant for comfort and protection against the elements. Dualsport pants offer a breathable weatherproof shell, over the boot design, spacious pockets, adjustable zippered vents, zippered boot cuffs, and genuine leather leg panels. All features you’ll appreciate when you’re surprised by bad weather. Your next adventure awaits! Get Ready with!

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Dan Braden says:

PRICE????? Never tells us….

Auto Genome says:

COMMENTS & CRITICISM (Which I hope you guys read)-
Please heed my suggestion about your dialogue / verbiage. I don’t know where this trend came from for online reviews (especially in the outdoor scene *ahem RevZilla ahem*) of using phrases like “this pant IS GONNA HAVE 5 pockets.. this pant is gonna have bottom zippers..”
The pants DO have 5 pockets! I’m not just being a critical troll here. I spend a lot of time watching online reviews and following motorcycle / adventure vlogs and reviews. When you allow your reviewer to use these phrases, it seems so much like time filler or an attempt to somehow gain validity, it has the OPPOSITE effect. Just using straight-forward phrases and factual sentences about a product or feature saves valuable time and keeps the viewer watching these reviews that (as you know) need to be whittled down to 10 minutes or so and still provide the valuable content.
Just my two cents guys but this is HUGE input. Keep up the good work.
SLC Utah

Rudyas Pogo says:

I hate the voice

AGZ 913 says:

I will never order anything from RMATV again. I ordered 22in rim and tires for my quad and instead I got 20in and when I called them I got no answer. They did the same thing to my friend so never again. Don’t trust these people all they want is your money.

James M says:

Wondering if I should give rocky mounyain another chance. Tried the ARC battlebourne and Im 6ft tall. In the sitting position the knee pads were sitting on my foot! No thanks…..

Larry Hancock says:


LittleLebowski says:

Im 5 11″ 185lbs, size 34 tall Fly Terra pants fit perfectly,t he regular size 34 was a little short , especially when you are sitting on the bike.

Jolly Green Biker says:

Badlands Pro pants did not make the cut for 2018? Much better than the Badlands and only $100 more.

Kendu says:

Annoying hands

Tank says:

i wish they would do reviews of stuff for us big guys

Jay Bee says:

Are these PU coated? If so they should be overpants. PU (polyurethane) can melt in a slide and burn your skin. Not mentioning this info, or worse, listing PU coated pants as pants and not over-pants, is a pet peave of mine. This is important info. Not everyone wants to tour in over-pants.

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