ALL NEW 2019 Honda CRF450L (The BEST Dual Sport Money Can Buy)

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Allen R says:

Husqaverna FE 450 the best!!! Dual Sport

John Hewitt says:

I am a Yamaha man but thank you Honda for making just the bike i have dreamed of. A bit price but i would pay that for it. Reliable. quality. looks awesome. simple and effective. A magic bike to personalise.

Lost Soul says:

it will have more horse power because its fuel injected my guess is around 70 to 75

Brendan Anderson says:

why buy this when you can get new ktm dual sports for 10 grand? I don’t get it….. this bike should msrp at 7500 USD

Le Simpliciste says:

Bye Honda nc 750 x more better than this

Mitchel Zivkovic says:

Any recommendations for a beginner on what to buy?

Berta on A Budget says:

Honda is just killing it these days except in price

HeroRR says:

If you guys enjoy reading, then check out the quick article I made about the CRF450L on my website!

Chromatic Vision studio says:

Oh they increased the price a few thousand or so, are you still buying it?

Bear Morgan says:

Oil changes at 600 miles
Clean air filter at 600 miles
Valve inspection st 1800 miles
25 horsepower 23ft lbs of TQ
Honda had to water this down because of the whores at the EPA but C’mon!! Really??!??
This isnt fake news, it comes straight from Hondas website! #Joke


No fuel gauge, that is stupid In this day and age, come on Honda, I bought a brand new VTR1000 for $9,000 in 2000, need to lower the price at least 2 grand

Azdrtdog says:

I don’t know about the best dual sport, there are some orange machines for about the same money that work really well.

BikeRidinManiac says:

The  exhaust will be the 1st thing to go  pipe anyway  but with the fuel inj all the other stuff plugging it up hopefully an after market pipe will help it out who knows have to wait n see all the after market stuff there is for this bike   I just wish Yamaha would do something fast

Matthew Perez says:

I was glad to hear when Honda brought this out but i really think they missed the mark on their first shot and here is why.
1. Price. $10,300 or so is only $500 less than a KTM 500???
2. Power. No way this has 50hp on a good day. its so corked up that its likely low to mid 40s
3. Service interval. The suggested oil change interval is like 800 miles@!@!@ again much sooner than KTM 500
4. Fuel tank size. I mean what! Why wouldn’t they use a bigger tank!
5. Weight. I won’t gripe about a few pounds but this thing is almost 300lbs@ Heavier than an XR650R and just barely lighter than a drz400.

If you want a street legal honda 450x buy an SSR 450 for under $5k. Its an almost exact copy of like a 2007 crf450x.

Honda being so big has to meet really strict epa standards.

I personally think the AL frames are overrated. I wasn’t happy with my RMZ. I like the steel frame of the ktm/husky. maybe just my preference.

The weird balance here is that most of us want a better off road dual sport. If we just want a true dual sport there are plenty out there but everything is a compromise. If you are getting into gnarly off road trails you need something light(so you don’t get worn out picking it up!) and agile. If you crush a lot of pavement to get to the trails the trails you hit are likely mild cause real dot knobbies are gone in like 50miles on the road.

I want to see what this bikes future looks like but i doubt it will get any lighter, cheaper or more powerful.

Mhenn Santiago says:

If this turns into a motard its awesome!

Chris 929RR says:

Titanium tank?1? Oh what fun that will be to replace! What next? glass handlebars…..

Gronk VBS says:

The best dual-sport money can buy? You’re kidding right? Bwahahahaha. The bike isn’t even released yet.
Totally outclassed by current European bikes that are lighter and make more power. The fact that you have to specify “Japanese” and “aluminum frame” says it all.
I can’t stop laughing. 🙂

Hunter Cleveland says:

The 2020 better have a fuel gauge or else

Life Of Chris says:

I had a boner til I heard the price.

Jeff Ferguson says:

I personally would have been happier with a crf 400l . similar to the 250l but with a 4 gallon tank . and maybe around 35 -40 hp , 6spd tranny and FI

Carp Spudpicker says:

10 grand! Fuck dat

The Moto fixery says:

Why would you want an aluminum frame? Europeans have been usung steel and have been lighter with easier access to engine components like the carburetor/throttle body. Seems a little expensive for a Japanese duel sport. At this price point you might as well get a European bike with better performance. I am excited however to see the Japanese finally offering something for this market. Took long enough!

Mario Moreno says:

Duel Sports, Yes!! It’s about time. Did you check out the 2018 Husqvarnas FE 250, FE 350, FE 450 and FE 501 dual sport bikes? And now Honda, pick your flavor, the customer wins. Great video, peace brother.

Mar Faw says:

Bro ktm has always made one…

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