Airhawk Dual Sport Seat Pad Review at

Airhawk Dual Sport Seat Pad Review

Long hours in the saddle and many miles to go. That is where you will find the AirHawk Dual Sport Seat Pad at its best. Designed for the more narrow seat styles common of Dual Sport motorcycles, the AirHawk DS Seat Pad provides increased comfort and circulation through a durable air bladder encased in a sleek outer shell that connects to your stock or aftermarket motorcycle seat. Dimensions are 11.5” Deep x 11” Wide.


Luciano Raus says:

Would this be a good fit for the Indian Scout?

Ivan B says:

help help! I can’t find anywhere, (not even in the Airhawk website) , the correct Airhawk model that will fit a ducati scrambler full throttle stock seat. Not being able to find this product in any local shop I need to rely on precise online buying! please help!

ZioN DannY says:

Nice review of the construction, materials and fitting, but not much about how the thing actually feels and what a difference it makes, if any.

ecirprman says:

Pie Eyed Lemmy. 😉

Rahul Mane says:

Hey guys, which one of the Air Hawks would you recommend for the RC390? Height and weight wise I’m 6″ and 80kgs.
I get this one Ride-on-Air product locally which is essentially the same tech, but I’m looking for something that’ll last for a good long time. Thanks.


Hello friends, I’m from Argentina, I’m costumer of revzilla, I have a Kawasaki versys 650 2014 and I want to buy this Airhawk for me and my partner, I want to know what you recommend for me, pilot and passenger. Thank you very much.

JMan240 says:

I really like what you guys do here. I realize this might make me sound a bit pompous (or maybe the word pompous does that on its own), but just a tip from someone with a degree in the English language and communications: If you need to explain the acronym every time, just drop it. Better yet, nudge that scale graphic down because it’s normally over dead space in a shot and put BSD over it. Then just say Beard Scale of Difficulty. Less of a mouthful, and less annoying to hear repeated over multiple videos.

Speaking of multiple videos, maybe space them out more so they don’t just get dumped on people and the channel doesn’t have massive stacks of dead air. You make interesting videos, even if they’re short and niche, but you also want people coming back.

Anyways, keep up the good work guys.

Frank Zappa says:

Lemmy my kiester is probably your sizeish im’ 270pds and riding a new Africa Twin… would you suggest this dual sport airhawk or the airhawk r …small medium large etc.? Or a gel pad and possibly which one ? Thx

Facts Matter says:

Hi Revzilla, which Air hawk would you recommend for my new Kymco people GTI 300. It’s a scooter with a “killer” seat! Thanks in advance

Jade says:

i wish it had a slip on cover so it couldnt be stolen so easily

Dimi Kog says:

I am seeking for a seat and I ordered a lot of stuff from Revzilla in the past, but since I am not a native english speaker I didn’t catch a word. I prefer the previous speaker by far….

Dave Wilson says:

I guess they are assuming people with beards are not that clever. Strange when most of the presenters have beards !!. Why not just give a difficulty rating 1 to 10 ??

Dave Wilson says:

That’s cool. Will think of it as a beer scale from now on !! Thanks for the reply

Infinite Loop says:

Hi, what are the differences between this model (with the red line) and the original airhawk DS (neoprene)? Is the new polyurethane material as strong as the neoprene? Cheers.

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