Adventure bikes: What to expect in 2017

2017 is looking like a great year for adventure and dual sport motorcycles, especially if you are just starting out. It looks like small displacement adventure bikes are going to rule 2017. This video will be discussing all the bikes I am looking forward to the most, as well as, some bikes still under development. Plenty of interesting options to discuss.

The bikes are as follows:
-Honda CRF250L getting updated
-Honda CRF250 Rally (all new).
-Kawasaki Versys X-300 (all new)
-KTM 390 adventure (under development)
-BMW G310GS (all new).
-Suzuki V-Strom 250 (all new)
-Suzuki V-strom 650/1000 (updated)
-Yamaha T7 concept (in development)
-KTM 800 Adventure (in development)

That is a lot of adventure bikes coming out in 2017 with most being under 400cc. It has never been a better time to start riding off road. I will note that I am very pleased that the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 is finally getting spoked wheels, something I felt was lacking from the 1000s line up.



jesus moran reatagui says:

thank you bro

manmath santhpure says:

how about um reged commondo

Slatin MotoGear says:

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galih wicaksono says:

these bikes are perfect for asian market. versys 250 and crf 250 rally are available and 250 is not objected to luxury taxes here in indonesia.


Muy buen video!!!!… Very good video!!!…. Saludos desde Queretaro, México…

Pisk Six says:

Take the Honda CRF 250 L Rally through its paces outside of the city. They are not yet available here in the USA, but I believe they will be in Europe in bigger numbers and way before they reach the States. Dual Sport bikes are not that popular here, so getting your hands on one for a test ride is not always easy.

Casper DeVanche says:

I’ll bet my ass that the Kawasaki doesn’t come with those spoked wheels.

Martoni727 says:

So what’s up with BMW and all the stupid looking bird beaks? Every time I see one I just want to take a saw to it! :/

A6K says:

The V-strom looks like a damn Minion.

shannon james says:

I would like you to expound on the three hundred segment coming our way in 17 please . Standard questions . . . at a reasonably fit but fully retarded and physically handicapped three hundred pound seventy year old I too am looking at lighter weight duel sports .  Thanks

It's Ya Boi 127 says:

That Kawasaki looks nice asf


157kg seems awfully heavy for a 250cc bike considering the 450cc bikes are 125-135kg. the crf450 needs this adventure model

DRugfree1987 says:

I really hope the T7 happens. What a combo that would be. Yamahas reliable  torquey 700 that has already proven itself, if they can keep the weight down and make if comfortable enough for long rides while still keeping it nibble enough for the dirt. ill be the first to put my money down if they can also keep the price under 10k USD

Harley RUIZ says:

amigo, this is a very cool video!!! I like it a lot!

Martin Prieto M says:

That KTM looks awful!

ADVStealth says:

Awesome video. thanks for sharing!!!

William Mason says:

Keep up the great content mate! Glad to see an Aussie content creator making my mind of content ! Subbed

The-Vanilla-Cyclist says:

Jesus Christ those v stroms fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. They look like a deformed penguin

calspeed1 says:

well done on the reviews. quick and precise. looking forward to the Yamaha T7. quite possibly my last new bike purchase.

Vasco Avila says:

what do you think abouth the honda xr250l tornado??? i know its not as good as that ones you show!

WyOutDoors says:

I wish yamaha would bring the tenere xt660z to the USA #yamaha

Bard Fosse says:

The Kawasaki seems like a great bike, With a small engine size you get really cheap carnet and it’s very likely that it’s also sold in other countries including 3. World countries. It’s plenty engine to travel roads of all sorts. Since it’s cheap to buy, cheap to run it will free up a shitload of money to travel and see the world.

Me from riding 1200gs, xr450 and many more bikes are trying out a Vespa gts300 because everyone told me that’s useless for touring and impossible to use as an adventure bike, I thought hey let me prove that’s wrong.

premiercconstruction says:

All bikes look super uncomfortable. Except the vstrom that is. Especially riding two up.

planar tube says:

Suzuki has succeeded in making the newest Vstroms prohibitively ugly. Stupid color schemes and hideous beaks. Glad I own a 2013 “standard” white DL 650….the “prettiest” Vstrom.

David Hardstaff says:

yamaha t7 come on proper job

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