5 Reasons Why Dual Sport Motorcycles are the Best #everide

What are your reasons for loving your dual sport motorcycle? Let us know in the comments below! Here are my top 5 reasons why dual sport motorcycles are the best:
1. Dual Sport Motorcycles are extremely versatile
2. They Make for EPIC Road Trips, without sacrificing off-road capability
3. Dual Sports mean TRUE Freedom to go where you want
4. Dual Sports are built for function, without additional BS.
5. The dual sport motorcycle community is the best in the world.

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Vic Wiseman says:

Hmm…cheap you say. Well, sure, that is if you don’t upgrade them. Most dual sports receive a lot of mods to make them awesome machines. A KLR650 can easily and quickly double its price after proper retrofitting for adventure riding (suspension, tires, brake lines/brakes, crash protection, luggage systems, seats cushions, lighting, etc).
Unless you plan to travel internationally, I say spend the extra money on a bike you will really enjoy or buy a dual sport with all the mods done already. If you plan to travel internationally, then yeah, keep it stock so you can replace parts easily.

Trần Tuấn Anh says:

completely agree with you

beachamboys11 says:

I’ve been watching for a few years. I have yet to get a dual sport, but I really want to get one some day.

RichieTheGuru says:

Yeah, ima get one soon.

Shawn Lalonde says:

Great vid!! Thanks

Exotic Gamerz says:

Ur content is good

Ian Bassett says:


J says:

just a great mind set and great vid , thanks T

dangerprone911 says:

Love your videos eveRide!
I need your opinion, I had to sell my old 82 550xt when I moved, looking to get another dual sport, in the near future, what would you recommend for lots of off road use and occasional 1 hr commutes on the highway to work, I like the Suzuki drz 400 and the KLR 650.
What do you think would be best ? I’m 5,9 200 lbs
I figured you would be the best person to ask since you have owned both and have done lots of on and off road riding !
(And make awesome videos)

d123abcd says:


idayvueltaenmoto says:

That’s right! excellent video!

William Knight says:

I could come up with more reasons for dual sport

ballsaglory says:

great video

Braden Harvey says:


Muhammed Arslan says:

This video is really nice. Thank you

huyked says:

Okay, you’ve convinced me. Time to save up some $$$.

Brett Dickens says:

What’s the bike at 7:20

Gone Kiffen says:

Very nice video.

Travis Grandstaff says:

Just picked up an old ts400 and am anxious to get it off the pavement. I know it doesn’t have the handling of modern bikes but I’m truly inspired, great video.

Jared Smith says:

Couldn’t hear you over the music.

K. CHAN says:

I was looking at one at teh stealership….

all in due time

Archon Legion says:

if any one of you is thinking of doing dual sporting don’t think just do it. When I decided to
get into it I bought a near new Dr650 that had only been used for one trip to Alice Springs. it opened up a whole new world that I never even knew existed. I always rode alone going to new
far flung places. Not because my body pong
made others avoid me.
but because I Reveled
in the isolation and solitude. Getting to places where the wild life isn’t scared of me
cause they had never
seen a human and didn’t
know what bastards we are. Having birds (the feathered kind alas) standing on my lap, shoulders, legs just waiting to snaffle some tucker. finding myself mere feet from a BIG Red. We just stood there looking at each other in surprise. I grabbed a brain averted my eyes and made myself smaller. You don’t stare down those buggers. It won’t end well. totally reliant on my self if I fucked up only I could save me. Sadly due to age and the fact i treated my body like I stole It. I can no longer do it anymore. to hard to get on and get off and impossible to Stand on the pegs.Good
memories that are Crystal clear. It brought me so much happiness.
Now it’s over and I’m just an old grey beard
riding a Harley.
If you get the chance do it !!

JeffreysWorld says:

Damn I love this channel. I don’t ride yet but I’m working on it, and watching these videos is a total motivater!

Samantha Kelly says:


Mike Parry says:

Easy to customise to your own needs. Spec it right up, get a set of 17″ supermoto wheels with 42 tooth sprocket, near slick tyres and you’ve got a street bike. Get another (used) set of 21/18″ wheels and a 45 tooth sprocket and add proper dirt tyres. Use the wheel set that came with the bike for dual sport tyres. Three wheel tyre choices. Three motorcycles in one.

Just wish the manufacturers would make 500 twin dual sports. Honda, stick the 471cc in the CRF and we’re there!

KPsixtyoneDUDE Threekc says:


Dylan Kerr says:

I’ve never had so much fun or freedom since I got my dual sport bike. Here in Thailand in Chiang Mai it’s the only bike for me.

Jim Dandy says:

nice video. I used to catch a lot of “flak” for riding a dual sport. but I Think 7up said it best “Image is Nothing, Obey your Thirst”. I liked the xr650l so much I bought 2 of them. now I got a spare for a friend..

Kirigaya Kazuto says:

most of my bikes are dual sports. XR650L and XRM125. Yep, that’s why i liked dual sports because you can go both.

vedubsums says:

Awesome vid bro, thank you. I love my ’07 KTM 525 EXC!!!! It takes me to the most amazing spots!! Would love to get a few of your stickers to represent ya here in LA. How to obtain?

Travis S says:

Uhh most of the dual sport bikes come with barely 2 gallon fuel tanks so 80 to 100 miles is about it. A 5.9 tank on my honda gives me well over 200 miles but they aren’t terribly cheap.

Each Adventure says:

I love your perspective on motorcycles and life. Next to the terrain and the scenery, I have to agree that the community is one of the most awesome things about dual sport riding!

Simon Petkov says:

Dual sports are ugly? Wtf thats one of the biggest reason im buying one bcs it looks bad ass

ConditionRed says:

Just change the front sprocket!

v rock says:

Tyler: Really enjoy your videos snd commentary. Thanks man. From a fellow dirt rider V.
PS: Perhaps someday we will be able to enjoy a some scenery on a ride.

Attaphon says:


Arizona DRZ RIDER says:

Dude,coulndnt have said it better.Great inspiring video brother.

Paul Van Eede says:

I don’t like dual sport bikes because they are neither very good on road nor off road.
I find it’s best to own 2 bikes, a great Sports touring road bike & a great proper off-road enduro bike. Only then you really have the best of both worlds.

fingerpointer1441 says:

This video, absolutely amazingly said, I am definitely getting a dual sport as my first bike

David Totten says:

hey dude where do you live?line what state? and is there ever big ADV meet ups near nevada or SoCal?

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