2019 Alta Redshift EXR Review | Street Legal Electric Dirt Bike!

The 50hp electric dirt bike. What’s it like, what’s the range, is it better than gas, what about my braap? We’ll get into all that and more. Alta Motors was super rad and invited ADVMoto (https://adventuremotorcycle.com/news/alta-motors-redshift-exr-2019) to their press launch of the 2019 Redshift EXR. They sent me in to cover the story on their street legal dual sport electric bike. In this video I share my experiences with the EXR, tell you about the strong points of the bike, show you what it’s like to ride and have some fun along the way. Alta built this bike to not only compete with gas powered motorcycles but to also take over the world…..eventually……it already does if you don’t have far to go. The REV’IT! over jacket I always wear and crashed in (also their chino pants and Mohawk 2 boots): https://www.revzilla.com/revit?gclid=Cj0KCQjwxtPYBRD6ARIsAKs1XJ7paDFAwM8ePH_qUKxgbf07Ct88CDZoJMR2xYqQvFUd5E7oQfjFp7MaAiL9EALw_wcB . The Back Packs we all live out of: https://www.velomacchi.com . The Helmet I’m always wearing: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/shoei-vfx-evo-zinger-helmet?utm_source=youtube.com&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=Shoei_VFX_EVO_Zinger_Helmet&utm_term=6qzp08HiuAc . coms equipment I use https://www.sena.com. Cheers to everyone I got to hang out with: My Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/steve_kamrad/ ADVmoto IG: https://www.instagram.com/advmotomag/ Michael Linday: https://www.instagram.com/michael_lindsay512/ Jeff H: https://www.instagram.com/herzog1414/ BRENT JASWINSKI: https://www.instagram.com/j00py/ Jeff Allen’s kid: https://www.instagram.com/_evan_allen/ Cycle News: https://www.instagram.com/cyclenews/ Music by the: The psychotic monks


mknicley65 says:

Wasnt you just in VA? Damn brother, you do some traveling!

Braaping.com says:

I got to do an offroad day on one of those and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Need to save my pennies for one.

The Noble and Mighty Beaver says:

You folks drive like assholes on the road.

Marko Paquetty says:

sorry, i don’t like electric bikes !!

Lou Dogg says:

Do you need a motorcycle license?

Kelvyn Bettridge says:

You guys are so fortunate, the future (ALTA) is still a couple of years away here in Australia. Enjoy and keep the updates coming!

cyka blyat says:

the thing is the range and it doesnt have a clutch and gears and i hate that the brap sound i will miss but i can live without it but mad i cant live w/o gears and a clutch its just boring to twist and go thats it no gear change no clutch usage no nothing fuck that

Bobby Palladino says:


have a seat says:

RIP Alta Motors

XL Adventure Motorcycle Rider says:

that looked like a lot of fun

Michael Klaser says:

More farts!

ridetooblivion says:

Nice one!

solartherm says:

That bike with street tires would be the perfect city commuter/beer getter bike
when i rode the moto version i noticed,as my friends did that you focused on your technique more
yea wide open is when you are racing hard and spinning the tires
At my last race the pro class had an Alta rider get the holeshot

Johann karczewski says:

Can’t Wait to see it in France !!!

flashdrz says:

Where can I buy one of those test bikes?

Vegan Gains says:

is your beard glued on?

Chris Catron says:

The problem is that it’s heavy and on the dirt it spins the wheel more then a 2 stroke. What good is that? I can ride my dual sport 70 miles and hooks up all day. Sorry it’s just a fad.

Brien says:

Is this Deer Creek? Chalk Bluff?

Michael Bennett says:

I don’t like electric bikes on off road they seem better on the tarmac but that’s just me watching a video and never ridden an electric motorcycle.

Rikki lee says:

2 stroke was is and always will be the ultimate dirtbike. elec is cool but not 4 me. back in the 80s at district 3 ny i had a shirt that said better a sister in a whorehouse than a brother on a 4 stroke! this was b4 henry won. i think broom tioga?

D Melson says:

That looks like the future. Wow you could do some sneaky dual sporting on that..

murk mercenaryjobs says:

My question is regular people driving this professional drivers real profession workers. Don’t drive electric there’s a reason why I rather ride a bike that I can put gas in 2 seconds that I have to wait 4 to 5 hour to refill out the fuel

M. Medel says:

Funny electrifying… What a good time you are making me live today
Take care, do not run very fast, be good

Smith says:

Might help, if WE COULD SEE IT.. not really interested in looking at the dude talking..

Fat Enduro by Don Joy says:

I want one!

Adrian OCNJ says:

Is he from Philly?

jonny pilotfish says:

Bet you trailered those shits out to ride in the dirt. Those would be cool for dual sport, if you lived right by some trails. Most people don’t.

hreisig says:

Great review and video. Too bad Harley ran them outta business.
Yet another reason to never support those Harley corporate d-bags

gramatica189 says:

They suck in the technical stuff, a clutch is a tool that needs to be learned. I’ve even ridden one!

Czarek P says:

It’s the future… end of…

PLUMP MX says:

Alta owes Keefer money so they won’t be getting their bikes back unless they pay him what he is owed.

sadigov says:

bring to europe please!

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