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Kawasaki resurrects its liquid-cooled 250cc-class dual-sport dropping the ‘S’ and adding fuel-injection for the upcoming model year. Welcome back the 2018 KLX250. In this video review we go for a quick ride on and off-road to experience the capabilities of this affordable motorcycle. Come along for the ride!

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Thumbnail Photo: Drew Ruiz


poison 123 says:

Got mine last month

Dendy Julius says:

I got the KLX250SF 2009, fuel injected and engine just died last december but had a lot fun riding it off road and on road, last I rode 4850km with it without problem. But have to mention the wiring need a lot of upgrades because overtime the insulation deteriorates and the naked cable can touch the body and caused mayhem.

Slik Rick says:

13 hp wtf wr250 has 22-24

A. Whiteman says:

for 1,000 more, you get a DR 650. Old school yes, but lots and lots of torque.

zongo salam says:


Robert De Niro says:

Overpriced bike kawa is

Ovidiu Stetco says:

I’m 6’2 and 240 lbs. Can I tighten up the suspension?

AJ says:

13lb ft of torque not hp, 24 hp

zongo salam says:


stickloaf says:

my old klx300 is an ok little bike but really needs to be a 350 or 400…im a big fan of the middle sized dirt bikes

Ace of mercs says:

24hp and 13ft lb of torque

foo bar says:

great fun bike!

Joe Freckmann says:

I think this gets the job done

ossa60 says:

what better bikes in the class are there??? honda? not with those shocks! yamaha?? not with that price!! suzuki?? there is none! ktm?? unrelliable and extremely epensive….and not the same class.

Şeyimin Şeyi says:

again and again there is no kick starter, is it too much price, i dont understand

Canadian Dave says:

How’s the engine vibes?

Nightraid yourface says:

The Yamaha also costs 2k more

Eric Acosta says:

I’m in Irvine. Please tell me where these trails are in the video. Thanks!

kraniuz says:

Anyone know what maintenance intervals are like on this thing? I have a Husky FE501 that requires much love and attention.

J says:

Come on Kawasaki, soft as bread

Kevin Coulombe says:

Everybody saying that the fuel injection is good which it is but they keep saying that the carbureted system was hard to start even when cold I have a 2014 KLX I think starts very easily when it’s hot or cold so I don’t know where people are getting their information from

jessepitt says:


Mud Roost says:

13 hp at the back tire? You are full of shit. Credibility of Riders Domain-ZERO. The 2013 carbed version did 19.0 seen here. http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/photo-gallery/2013-yamaha-wr250r-comparison/

Tim of free thought says:

Should have brought it back as a 350 or 400 ! I really liked my 09 but wanted MORE power .

Paul Camilleri says:

Has this version been out on the market yet? Cheers

Godfrey Tomlinson says:

3:50 Nice Leatherman Skeletool 🙂

Evan Vance says:

Have you ridden the versys x 300?

D. Bjork says:

Riders Domain – where are those trails? I’m from the OC and would like to have some local trails for fun. I kept up with you on El Toro, but couldn;t figure out from there…thanks!

Roy Garfunkel says:

22 hp

Brian Trend says:

I had a klx 250 from 1981 carb never gave me any shit and I could lug the old lady on the rear porch …..and and …wait for it strap my surfboard on the side for the ride of my life.  the only thing that stops me from buying one now in my pension years is biking in the UK sucks, too many fucking libtards and toffee nosed lefty regressive OVERPAID useless police chiefs, and over charged bike insurance scams. so I ride my  trek fuel 2014 MTB and the chick disappeared . but this british pensioner would like to get one of these so I can ride some muzzies over and some libtards     GO PRESIDENT TRUMP please come to the UK then I cn ride over some antifa arse faggots too.   nice bike nice video  fuck I the libtards an muzzies

outbackeddie says:

I looked at one on the showroom floor. It’s a beautiful looking bike. I can’t wait to give one a test ride. It’s going on the back of my RV if I like it.

shadythereok says:

13 hp at the back tire, wow, does this thing have seatbelts or even a wheelie bar maybe?

Diogo Ressurreição says:

Just sucks you decided to record the voice while riding the bike at speed. It could’ve sounded a lot better if you had only used your shots and record in a better setup. Cool, other than that.

Robert Lamont says:

I have the 2016 KLX 250. Stock. I weigh 110kgs at 6’4 and ride trails only. Great, reliable bike with very low maintenance. Really got to push it hard going up steep hills but otherwise a great, simple and reliable bike. I would never ride it on the freeway, really struggle to get to 100kmh. Easy maintenance even for a hack like me. Good beginner bike

Jeff Ferguson says:

Suzuki really needs to update the drz400. give it a 6th gear , efi, a bigger tank and better suspension. they would sell a ton of them. Would anyone buy a crf 250l or a klx 250 if they did that?

boseisgood says:

Nice video and good review. Surprised Kawi priced it so close to Versys X, even though different bikes for slightly different style of riding. Love your channel!!

Charlie Tate says:

It’s a shame this bike doesn’t have more power, because it looks soo much better than the WR250R. Sat on both of them today, and while the Kawi looks better, we all know the Yammy takes the cake and eats it too.

chillydog72214 says:

Why not up the displacement to a 300 or 350. Give it some real power and make it work all over. I had a 2009. It was a pig. More at home on dirt roads at 40mph

hometownguy71 says:

13 hp….lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nightraid yourface says:

Would love to see a modded klx, full exhaust high intake airflow and a good tune

NickT says:

Kawasaki KLX250 vs Honda CRF250 Rally vs BMW G310GS for a beginner rider doing light off-road on weekends. Any thoughts? Thx alot.

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