In this video I give you a detailed description of my impressions of my 2018 BETA 390 RRS. My opinions are based on 30 years of riding experience on everything from Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki KTM and Beta motorcycles. I’ll make some direct comparisons to the 2018 Honda CRF 450 RX and the KTM xcf line.


j3printingcompany says:

What year is that gp1800 in the back ?

Lee P says:

Nice review. How well does Voyager gps work?

davemas70 says:

Great review. I’m looking into a 19 390. Did you notice the lower seat height? (Never mind looks like another comment answer that) .That is one characteristic I’m really looking for. That, plus smooth and easy to ride…which sounds like you’ve definitely confirmed! KTM 350 also sounds great, but Beta just seems like exactly what I’m going after. Ride on. Fish on.

Thane Davis says:

Does that Beta dealer you mentiion in the end ship new bikes? Did you drive there to pick up your bike?

andre pereira says:

nice review disagree abou the mirror though

raizlc says:

Looks like you traded in the smaller 2 stroke for a bigger 4 stroke. I thought the plan was to ride offroad more? Seems like you should have gotten the Xtrainer if you wanted that low end grunt on a light bike.

On Life & Things says:

Good video man. Thanks for the info on this bike. I’ve been on a husky 450 track bike fire the past two and a half years. Time for a change. I think this bike with a recluse would be amazing. Gotta do some more research though. Be safe. Rubber down.

Tom Boyle says:

Luv your video. I have a 2016 beta 300rr and thank it’s one of the best bikes out there.

Shawn Keene says:

I just got the 2018 250rr I think it is awesome. dude I love it

Thomas Tometich says:

Great videos. So, in your opinion, do the valve checks need to be done as often as often as the manual recommends? Thank you

Jake theCollector says:

Whats the stock size of the handlebars on these? 1 1/8 or 7/8s?

Tim Hardman says:

With stock gearing, how fast and how long a distance can you ride on the street comfortably (for the motor) for extended periods. I have been ADV riding for a long time, started with KTM950 due to I needed to ride 2K miles from Philly to Utah to do my adventure rides. That got old after awhile so me and my riding buddies downsized to Suzuki DR650’s…cheap, dependable, heavy uggh, nice low end grunt for easy off roading with smaller by one tooth countershaft sprocket with short occasional sections of technical riding that we sweated and muscled though. Even with smaller front sprocket can still do 65mph on road for extended periods and can still handle some technical spots with clutch slipping. For 95% of our riding the DR has been fine, not inspirational but smooth and dependable. 6 of us shared a single unit garage rental in Grand Junction CO where we kept the bikes for the annual 2 week ADV ride. Now I need a lighter bike, less than 300lb wet that can also do some occasional “road work”, riding for a few hours on the asphalt between trail heads. I’m willing to suffer a little physically on the asphalt slogs but I don’t want to damage the motor and I prefer not to mess around changing front sprockets just for the asphalt and then reinstalling lower tooth sprocket when I get to the trail. I’m thinking the WR250R and 390RRS are the front runners due to weight although they are both very different. I don’t like that the WR power is in the high revs thus the 390RRS is so much more attractive to me…just wondering what speed the engine can comfortably run at on the pavement for an hour or two occasionally. Most usage will be back roads at 55 mph or less and mostly easy trail riding. I assume Beta can do 55 mph for long periods but is that about it for a long haul? or can it run at 65 mph for an hour??? The higher performance of the Beta will be appreciated but I’m not targeting that, I am targeting weight and that’s what brings me to the high priced Beta and the performance just comes along with the low weight, high price.

The Falkor says:

Thank you for your video One of a few out there. Was that a 3rd gear power (no clutch) wheelie in the begining? Stock forks without the upgrades? I’m 5’8 and I think I’ll be ordering this with a 1″ lowering kit. It’s this or the 300rr. I saw your 300rr video. If I’m truly honest with myself, I am probably more suited for the 4 stroke. My current 2 stroke kicked my ass on a hare scramble last weekend.

appymarley says:

Bike looks great good review.. possibly buying a 350.. what’s it like on fuel it has a fairly small tank?

jack schitt says:

what is the maintenance schedule?

Terppazzu says:

”Its really thicc”

goodboy Maky says:

Point of the video is all right , only thing I do not like is technical point. The camera is crap, it somewhere on your chest or stomach and it is terrible to watch. I am in your age I do have the same style of riding.

Chuck Diego says:

I’m 62 and only 5’3. Raced Moto and big 6. Quit riding at 55. I just picked up 2018 390 RRS. 2” lowered and low seat. Can tiptoe. The balance of this bike is great. Very easy bike to ride. Suspension works great. Clutch pull is easy. I put a 14 tooth sprocket on my bike before I rode it. The bike is an absolute tractor. My buddies took me on a ride that I would say was intermediate level and the bike handled it superb. A lot better than my old body could. I am looking forward to many more rides ahead. Can’t go wrong with this bike. Keep it fun! I’m back

Neal Brooker says:

I had a chance to do a beta demo day and rode the full range of bikes. I think you nailed it, my two favorite bikes were the 390 and 300!

John Mccoy says:

thats how to do a review. thank you

Yes Sure says:

Any guess about what the horsepower is?

rich squillace says:

Can or are you able to comment on valve maintenance and longevity with regard to the beta 390 being used as an ADV bike.
Bottom end wear, replacing piston etc….

John Chafin says:

hard to hear the narration over the engine when talking about the forks. Did you say the Beta was really plush?

Samuel Chenelle says:

Great review! Thanks for sharing.
Any reason why a rekluse vs clake one?

Xterrential says:

I bought the same bike. After market hand gaurd, rad gaurds and skid plate from day one. 40 hours in and I am loving this bike.

myrandomlife says:

Just stumbled across your channel and subbed. Good vid. I want a 390 so bad. Why did you get the 390 over the 350 or 500?

HensonLabo says:

What are the oil change and valve adjustment intervals on this bike ?

Fat Chance says:

I dislike the chest mounted camera but, thumbs up for the review.

myrandomlife says:

Sweet bike I just rode it! And I rode the 500 a few weeks ago. The 390 seemed great but so did the 500. Lol. The 390 didn’t seem to pull real hard but it’s enough power I think. I only got to test drive it in the road. Keep the vids coming. Thanks

Charles H. says:

Excellent review. Thanks!! Although the KTM 300 is designed to be ridden fast without being on the pipe. It can lug all day long and is meant to be able to do that unlike most 2 strokes. That is why it is dubbed the 3 stroke. It can lug and it can rip. Excellent bike but I am looking for a small, dirt bike sized, adventure bike for a mostly off road trip in Idaho. Apparently the counter shaft doesn’t wear out on the Betas while being used on the highway like other bikes do. That is a huge plus for those unloved road sections. Once again, great review! Appreciated.

Thane Davis says:

I always thought a 400cc 4 stroke engine would be perfect. So I am glad to find the 390 4 stroke from Beta.

myrandomlife says:

I have an 09 crf 450x. I wondering what the power difference is? My bike is older heavier but had a little more displacement. Any thoughts? Thanks

Ferdp 18090 says:

Beta the best

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